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So we are halfway through the first weekend of war zone two, and if you're anything like me, you have noticed that there is such a big difference between warzone 1 and warzone 2. So in today's article. I want to give you some brilliant War Zone 2 tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the competition, get more wins, and improve your overall improve, a war zone 2 almost immediately.

Now, before we go too far into the article. In the past, especially in the dance, vehicles played an absolutely huge role in the end game and could be super annoying.


However, in Warzone 2, we have so many incredible tools at our disposal that allow us to take care of vehicles and make them less of a nuisance.

Now, the first thing that I want to talk to you about is your lethal humor. The grenades in this game are going to be so important, whether you're pushing buildings or trying to attack from a different angle. There is one thing that is particularly lethal that you want to take over all of the rest, and that is going to be the drill charge, and I'm going to show you why in the clip behind you, where I see a squad in a car. This car could be a serious threat to us because all it takes is for one of them to just hit the interact button, and they hop out of the car without you noticing, and then they can mow down your whole squad, so you need to dispose of these vehicles quickly.

Drill charge

Drill charge

Now with the drill charge, it works like a semtex whereby it will stick to the vehicle, but it will drill into the vehicle, and unless the people get out of that car, that means that they will die or get downed inside the vehicle.

What this allows for is that it gives you the option to either kill them outright or be prepared for them to jump out of the vehicle and dispose of these vehicles quickly, making sure that all of your team knows what's going on so that you can focus on the enemies as well as what this allows. Another good thing that you can do in War Zone 2 to deal with vehicles is that vehicles now take specific damage to areas of the car.

best warzone 2 tips

This means you can shoot out the tires or shoot off the doors, so if there's someone coming in like a big Bertha, which was traditionally almost impossible to kill unless you add loads of C4 or RPGs, you can shoot out the tires and completely destroy that vehicle's mobility. And quickly moving on, the next mechanic that I want to talk about that is going to seriously help you win more games is the interrogation feature.


So many people in battle royales are so used to thirsting their downed enemies, whether it's because you want to dispose of that enemy so they have no chance of coming back or you just want to make sure that you get that kill because that little number in the right hand corner of your screen is all that makes you feel worth something either way, the thing is if you can help it, try not to thirst the enemies.

If an enemy has been stupid enough to push on their own and their squad is back, say 100 or 150 meters, trying to snipe you from a distance, make sure you do not thirst the enemy. If you go up to a downed enemy, you can interrogate them, and it will give you a UAV on all of the rest of their squad as well as outlining them for a second so you know exactly where they are.

This helped us in a match we played yesterday. We interrogated someone, and then I was able to quickly dispose of their friend before they could even know what was going on.

Easy loadouts

Easy loadouts

Next, I want to talk about ways in which you can get easy loadouts. A lot of people in this game, instead of going for the loadout drops in the middle, like in Zone 3, or whenever they drop, are opting to buy their loadouts from the buy stations.

Now obviously, you cannot buy your whole loadout, but you can buy your primary weapon and your secondary weapon, which is great, but this does mean that you are lacking one vital thing: perks. Namely, ghost I am noticing that in final circles in this game there is hardly anyone using ghost. This means that if you're smart and you hold a UAV until the end, you can see exactly where the other teams are.

There are a number of ways of getting your perks and getting them into your loadouts, and one of the main ways of doing this is attacking strongholds. However, a lot of people are shying away from this because it seems like it makes a massive target on your head and it's very obvious what you're doing, so a lot of other teams will come in third. You, however, know that as soon as anyone has cleared out a stronghold, you will be able to go into that stronghold and get your own loadout.



This means you can get all the rewards without any of the risks of these strongholds. Just make sure that the other team has already left and that the building is clear beforehand, because if the team is nearby, they will have a UAV around that location.

Just be careful, but this is a super easy and consistent way to get your loadouts while maintaining an element of stealth and not giving your position away to the entire lobby. Next, I want to talk about how you start your games. I did mention this in a article yesterday where I was talking about how to get your solo wins, but it rings true for squads, trios, or duos as well.

Safe crackers

and that is to make sure you choose safe crackers. Now, it's no secret that in the old days of Warzone, scavenging was the best thing to do. However. This means that the people who are left in the air can fly straight down, and you'll be able to get upwards of 10 to 15, 000 before the last person's even jumped out of the plane.

Sincerely, make sure you get these safe crackers and get them quickly so that you can get your gun as soon as possible. This means that you're going to be able to absolutely dominate the early game, and then finally. I just want to say that if you're serious about getting wins and you really want to take what's in you seriously.

Proximity chat

Proximity chat

I would highly suggest that you turn off proximity chat or at least turn it to push to talk. I cannot count the amount of times where I've been running around looting and I've heard someone talking to their teammate in proximity chat.

This is such a massive disadvantage. You are putting yourself at risk. Everyone in the lobby can hear you, so there will be no sneaking up on people, but you won't be able to communicate effectively if you're worried about people hearing you. I know it's fun, and I know it's amazing to be able to talk to all these people, but realistically, the Call of Duty community is full of old men dropping hard eyes, and no one needs to hear that anyway, so if you seriously want to get more wins, turn that off, and I promise you you'll have a better experience.

We are midway through the first weekend of Warzone 2. 0 and today i've got a warzone 2 tips and tricks video to show you how to get better at warzone 2.
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