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I'm going to show you exactly why you can't win a game of War Zone 2 by breaking down a duo win that I had with my friend just yesterday, and I promised that by the end of this article you're going to be able to win so many more matches, so today you find me in a duo's game with one of my friends. We have been having quite a slow game to be honest, we haven't found many people, we haven't even had our Gulag yet, and both of us are on zero kills as the zone is split and it's going to move into one single zone, and we know that this is pretty much where the game is going to end, and as a result, we need to clear this area in front of us before we advance into the new zone to make sure that when we get to that new zone we don't end up getting third party, in the ass.

I'm making sure that we're clearing every single one of these rooftops, and if I can't see the rooftop. I'm going to go into that building and wait for sound cues to make sure that no one is camping above us. So me and Chris are clearing these buildings, and we head through this big building because it's going to give us one of the last vantage points in this zone.

Kicked now as we approach this final zone, you'll notice that the zone is actually going to be on this bridge. This is really great positioning for us because it means that not only are we going to have a little bit of high ground on the majority of the playable area that is left, but also the zone is going to close in on our backs, making it impossible for someone to get up on that bridge and flank us from behind.

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This is going to be absolutely paramount. Winning the game means having this final zone, a position I get Crystal into with his UAV, and we notice that there are a hell of a lot of people left. No one that has a direct line to this bridge and no one is left on this screen when we see the UAV on the map is going to be headed towards this bridge because they're already on the other side of the water.

This means that the majority of players that are left are going to be funneled into a choke point, and this is going to mean that the amount of people that we actually have to engage and the amount of people that we actually have to kill is going to be dramatically dropped. So now a lot of people, when they're crossing an open bridge like this, get scared of getting peaked by other people, and to combat this is their most natural instinct.

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They're going to have to just army crawl the whole way along, prone. This might seem like a good idea because it means that you're not going to get spotted, but you're missing out on valuable pieces of information. Like I've said in a few of my articles, if you do see people that you know you can get a few shots on, the chances are it's always best to take those shots because the information I got from that is that yes, he had purple armor, and it also means I'm taking valuable plates away from him, meaning that if it comes down to me and that guy in the final zone.

I know that I've taken at least some of those plates away from him, which could mean the difference between winning and losing this game, as mentioned from the rear. I'm making sure that no one has flanked us and that no one is going to be coming along that bridge. As soon as I see that the majority of the bridge has been covered, I know that I'm pretty much safe to continue along the bridge and let the gas close in behind me.

There are no ladders on this bridge, and there's no way that anyone is going to be able to come up and follow me now. Chris and I noticed that this house here on the left is going to give us a great overview of the rest of the playable area. This final zone is not in the zone, so it's not a power position that we can continue to hold.

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However, what it does give us is a great line of sight across the rest of what is in play as we approach the house, which I enter through the top window. Nine times out of ten, players are going to be camping stairs if they are camping in a building, so coming in through a window or an unexpected area is going to give you the best chance to have the element of surprise, and it means you're not going to be camped as soon as you enter that building, luckily.

For us, this building seems clear; out the window there, to the northwest, I spot a guy on the roof, and I tag him so that Chris knows he's there. As soon as you see people in these late-game situations, you need to make sure that you're tagging them or your teammates. This is because they need to know how they can rotate they need to know how they're going to be able to move now.

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One thing that I want to point out here is that Chris and I are never in the exact same room. It's a very bad idea in these late-game situations for you and your teammate to be exactly in the same place. You could throw a drill charge in there, and anyone could cook a grenade and kill you both in the same instance, and you do not need that, especially in the late game as we walk into this building here.

I notice that there's a cluster of minds on the other side of the building. This is going to stop mining Chris's rotation, and it means that we're going to have to at least camp here for a second and just see where the zone is going to take us as Chris rounds the corner and is caught off guard by an enemy notice.

Because I stayed in the building and Chris rotated on his own, only Chris went down. This allows me to get the call out from Chris myself, go around that corner, and finish the guy as he is running away. This is another great tip: if you're following someone, make sure you don't turn your back to the direction that person is facing.

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If that person had slowly backed into the building instead of running away, he would have got the shots off of me, and he might well have won that engagement. Now, as we approach this building, the zone is on our back, and we know that if we wait a few seconds, no one is going to be coming to flank us.

However, someone busts in the door, and Chris has just told me that he has no plates, which means that he is going to go down incredibly easily, so I put my body in front of his and took out that guy with my fennec because I had plates, so I was able to absorb more damage than Chris, and if Chris had gone down there and died if that guy had thirsted him while he had gone down, then that would have made our odds of winning this game extremely high.

As we push out of this building, we're going to go from cover to cover whenever you're moving, especially in these late circles, and you need to make sure that you're always looking for your next piece of cover. Here, I see a guy cresting the hill in front of me. This is an extremely bad play on this guy, whenever it is.

In this video, I'm going to share with you some warzone 2 tips and tricks on how to improve your skills in Warzone 2 easily! From strategizing to playing more defensively, these tips will help you become a better player in no time! If you're looking for ways to improve your skills in Warzone 2 and how to get better at warzone 2, then this video is for you.
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