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Please make sure you guys go down and check to see if you are subscribed to me. Hit that notification. BT, let's see if we can bump that up to like 50–60% of the people. Help me reach my goal of hitting 100,000 subscribers. I have made three builds for the ram 7, here in Modern Warfare 3, and each time I keep saying, It's gotten better, and I haven't lied about that.

Every single time I've released a new build, it's gotten better. However, I'm going to say it again. I think this one's even better. Now, it doesn't have as good recoil control as the last one, but this isn't a weapon you should be taking long-range fights with. Let's be honest: a super-fast fire rate and a more aggressive style of play.

That being said, by eliminating some of the recoil control, we made it a little faster. Let's get into the attachments.

Meta setup

best ram 7 class

So for a stock here with the HS 3.4. Pad for gun kick control and recoil control, you use this thing; it's got a lot of recoil; nothing you can do about it; you need a pad just like this one: 20% towards the gun kick control, 99.6% toward the horizontal recoil control, and 11.7% towards the vertical recoil control for the rear grip.

We have the Reort 90 grip tape for fire aiming stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. This is an attachment. I've said this in the past. It's basically on every weapon build I put out on the channel, simply because it's probably the best one in the game. No handling sacrifice With a ton of recoil control gained there, that's going to give you 10% towards the recoil gun kick, 7.4% towards the horizontal recoil control, and 7.9% towards the vertical recoil control for magazines.

best ram 7 class mw3

I have the 40-round mag. You don't have to go with this if you don't want to, but it is my preference. I like to have those extra bullets in the magazine, for sure. Here's where the changes start. We have the brewing and heavy support grip, and I chose this one for the gun kick control primarily and the horizontal recoil secondly, because I'm sure you've used it.

Or the ram here if you're looking up a setup and you're trying to control that freaking crazy shake on your screen. This attachment does a very good job of doing so. A lot of that shake is down to the horizontal recoil, along with gun kick control. So, looking at it here, we're gaining 10.3% towards the gun kick control and 12.9% towards the horizontal recoil control.

It did say it took away some vertical recoil control, but as you can see on the stat bar, that's not the case, and the last attachment is the L4R flash hider. This has started to make a lot of appearances here on the channel, and I think this is the best muzzle in the game. We are only sacrificing a little bit of aim-down speed for a very large amount of recoil control, as you can see at 133% across the board towards all of your recoil controls, with only 7.2%.

Sacrifice towards your aim-down sight speed. Like I said. I don't really have much more to say. I'm going to let the gameplay speak for itself on this one. As always, there's the rest of the load out. Feel free to copy it down if you want. I highly recommend playing on some faster-paced maps with this thing to find the most success.

You're not going to want to be taking, like I said, super long-range gunfights. You're not going to want to play maps like Invasion or Estate; you're going to want to stick to maps like FLLA. Meat, you guys get the gist in a smaller size. Maps for closer-range gunfights, like medium-range, are where you're going to find the most success.

Close range obviously due to the fire rate; it's a banger nonetheless. As always.

Slanging some meat

Slanging some meat

I hope you guys enjoy It does seem a bit appropriate that I'm about to use the RAM on both of the new seasons, additions to the game, and this weapon does item meat just because of the Fast Fire rate. I don't like knifers, though I expect nothing less out of a map like this, and honestly, I don't know what else I should have expected, and we got okay.

I just killed that person, and they spawned there. Good to know about to say we got some afkers. I was about to get on a streak already. But clearly, that's just not the case. Clearly, this is not the case. I saw the knifer right there. Wait, this was not. Okay, I mean, I'm in their spawn; it is what it is; it's 30 to one, though some need some push, back need some push back from the enemies.

Here, let's go time to tease up. Time to tease up. You guys are in a game, and you're in a game that I plan on smoking in, but I need some I need some people to push it.

the META RAM-7 Setup is OVERPOWERED in MW3! Best Ram 7 Class Setup -Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer.
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