News - I Got "exposed" For Cheating Warzone 3

100 proof zlaner cheating

I've been accused of cheating in Call of Duty: War Zone. Now that it's only been recently. I decided to start playing War Zone again because last time I did play. I was just kind of messing about and absolutely tanking my stats on my account, and then Iceman Isaac decided to try and expose me as a no-point something KD player, and I wasn't going to stand for that, so I started playing the game, trying to get my starts back up, and that's exactly what I did.

I decided to post a clip on Twitter to show how and if I managed to survive this situation. I got one on again. This [__]] on me and from that clip alone caused a lot of uproar. People were saying soft aimbot, people were saying VPN, and people were saying I'm a bot. So which one was it? Well, there was somebody on Twitter who decided to fully break down this clip and accuse me of cheating.

Let's take a look at what they had to say now. So this is the tweet here of somebody accusing me of cheating from Droid, and it's just a simple breakdown of him accusing me of using a keyboard and mouse with controller input. essentially saying I'm using an aim assist on keyboard and mouse. What if I told you one of the biggest cheating exposers, Bad Boy Ben, is cheating himself?

badboy beaman

I need you guys' real opinion on this Twitter clip he just posted. He says one man and a pistol. It shows controller inputs, deploy parachute boom controller, right X, but when you look at his posture, it looks like he's playing mouse and keyboard, and the only way you can do that is with a zim or a program on PC called RW ASD.

If you look, his arm is moving. Why is his arm moving? If he's supposedly on a controller, how does that work, and do people trust this guy? Maybe I'm wrong; maybe he is on a controller here, but according to what I'm seeing, it looks like his arm is moving. You guys can see it for yourself; it's on his Twitter page, and I think he's using a Zim, so he has aim assist on the keyboard and mouse.

badboy beaman zlaner

So that was it there where I was accused of using keyboard and mouse with a zim and aim assist so first of all let me just State I did not cheat during that clip and I have not done any cheat testing since the first week of War Zone 2.0, that was the last time I considered testing cheats because since then there hasn't really been any updates in the mechanics of the cheat programs, between then and now however let me tell you this I've been diagnosed with ticks which is a form of Tourette Syndrome uncontrollable tick now you might notice in a lot of my articles there's a lot of cut and edit and the reason for that majority of the time is due to my shoulder twitching or this or squ witing like this now these are some of the ticks that I cannot control however he points out about the way in which my arm moves during this article.

Fortunately, that was just one of my ticks. Also, one of the main reasons I don't like to live stream article games anymore is that the biggest tick I get when I'm playing article games on a live stream is my head twitching. Like this, anyone who has ever seen me play live will understand, and anyone who's been a massive part of this community for a long time will already know all of this about me because I've explained it numerous times in Jordan live streams when I used to do custom games and people used to ask me why and if I keep twitching my head, and I would give a solid answer, and that is because of the ticks, and it's unfortunate for me.


Yes, but I've learned to live with it, and I'm not here for no sub story, so I don't really bring it up very often, but when somebody's accusing me of using a keyboard and mouse because of the way my arms are moving, listen, it's unfortunate, and I kind of get what you're saying, but I was on controller for that clip, and on top of that.

I was on PlayStation 5. So guys, listen, I'm about to go and show you me sitting down and playing on the controller. I'm only going to go into the fighting range, but I need you to understand how I sit, where my arms rest, and stuff like that. I think this will help people understand that it wasn't on the keyboard and mouse in that clip.

badboybeaman caught

The fact that I even have to explain it's crazy, but I'm always willing to explain it. Things, Okay, so I'm hitting record now, guys, and obviously you've got that point of view, you've got this point of view, and you've got the game point of view. You can see the controller in my hand, and just by pressing the PlayStation button, you can see that it is the PlayStation I am on, which is tucked away behind this middle monitor, and yeah, we're going to get into it now, so obviously that's my last 10 game stats.

That's my overall stats, just to prove that I've actually been putting in the effort to actually get my stats up. If you want to actually see me perform like this, I can't; I just don't want to. I don't enjoy the game anymore. What I've been doing is proving the point that I'm not a 0.9k player anyway.

Let's go on to weapons for a second, go into the fire and range, okay, and this is all simply to prove that. Yeah, okay, standard controller, standard controller, and my arms are rested on my desk while I'm playing as well. yeah, you can see that my arms are rested on my desk here while I'm playing, and that's just how I play.

badboybeaman cheating

Unfortunately, maybe it's not everyone's taste but it certainly has nothing to do with the keyboard and mouse. My mouse is here, but that only operates on my PC. It has nothing to do with the game because, guess what? It's not plugged into my PlayStation, and it never is, and for the record, I cannot play on a keyboard or mouse in any way, shape, or form.

It's just controller gameplay on a standard controller with no buttons on the back at all, just the standard PlayStation controller that comes with it. Console, yeah, and hopefully that's enough to say that listen, that's all it. Was. Okay, so we finished recording on that one now, guys, and we're going to finish recording on this one here too, so that's it, guys.

I was accused of cheating by using a keyboard and mouse with a ZIM. And I sit here in state; I have never used a ZIM. I sit here in a state where I have never used a keyboard or mouse in Call of Duty: War Zone, and I'll sit here and state that I was not cheating in any way, shape, or form in the footage.

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