News - Warzone 3 Ban Wave - Artificial Aiming Detected

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Actually getting hit as well, but in a different way, let's take a look at that now. So this is another tweet I put out, and it says war zone cheap provider. Interwebs has been reportedly shut down by Vision. We have received a legal notice regarding our products, and we have made the decision to comply with the legal notice and end existing services, so I've actually had people infiltrating these types of telegrams and Discord savers of the cheap providers for as far back as I can remember.

Not necessarily people have sent out information there, but there are definitely people in there who send me information. My recent post about artificial aiming got shared on the internet. Regarding cheats being detected, they end up getting hit with what looks like a lawsuit from Activision, supposedly reportedly whatever way I'm meant to say there, but this image they put out the important announcement says Dear users, we have recently received a legal notice regarding our products, and we have made the decision to comply with the legal notice and end existing services.

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We know many of our users will be upset about this, as they have come to trust our developers and community during the time we have been around. We wish there was another way to deal with this solution, but sadly, we don't have many other options available. Now, what's fascinating to me is that I remember a while ago, now I believe it was Jordan Cder, a lot of cheap providers were getting hit with lawsuits; they were getting hit with cease and assist orders, and some of them did comply; I couldn't even tell you the names of them at the moment.

I believe Golden Gun might have been one of them, but I do believe it was just rebranded as well. However, there was a couple that decided to step away, just like this one here on the interwebs. And but there was one who stood out, and that was engine owning, and I'm sure a lot of you guys know that still to this day, engine owning is providing them cheats.

Yes, you will probably get detected every other day, but they're still providing the cheats. So why is it that these guys are stepping away from what's changed and what's different? That's something I really want to focus on now, so something feels different. It's almost like some of the big developers of cheats are being hit.

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We've got artificial aiming getting hit with a band wave, and now we've got webs also being shut down with what appears to be a cease and assist or some form of legal action being taken against them, so this is definitely something that Activision seems to be working on in the background; they're not being in public about it.

I've not seen anything on any of their social media about this, however. We've seen cheating developers overcome this type of thing in the past, so does this necessarily mean that we're going to have a clean gaming experience? I don't think so, especially with the DMA cheats that are going on at the moment and that we have proof of being used in War Zone on an account that is Crimson in rank play.

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