News - Streamer Caught Cheating Warzone 3 By Ricochet Anti Cheat

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Today we're going to be talking about Team Ricochet and their new implemented features in the anti-che and how they may well actually be working. We have actually got a content creator, a streamer, and somebody who plays Call of Duty being CAU out by Ricochet's new feature called Splat, which they implemented.

For those of you who don't know what splat is, here's a quick example. Surance got him a team. There's one on top of the building, I think, so be careful; there's another one; we can't stay here. Anyway, down on top of the building, there was smoke. I downed because of that, guys. It's all right.

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I got to. I got, go you guys go, so that right there is a prime example of what Splat looks like it gives you extreme fall damage even if you were to jump off the cave of a Pavements so as you can see in that example from the streamer YouTuber by the name of Jay skills who is clearly cheating he jumps out of a window which shouldn't cause really any damage at all and instantly gets down this happens if you jump off a wall off a brick, off a roof like honestly it causes major damage and also on top of that it actually stops people from being able to deploy their parachutes, as they've fallen in so this was a prime example of that and the reason why J skills has this feature attacking him why Ricochet antiche is actually attacking that specific guy is because he is clearly running cheats and just in case people who watch his articles and streams actually believe he's legit here's a clip of him accidentally showing his cheat menu check it.

Happened what H happened so yet again another clear example of splat happening to somebody mid game or at the very start of the game in fact so we saw him plummet from the airplane straight into the ground well straight into a roof and then even after putting on his self-revive and his teammate finishing the res off he then decides to just sort of leap off that building which isn't far and if you done that in any game and you're not cheating you certainly wouldn't take any damage from it but he actually downed himself again, and showing full well that he is clearly being detected by team Ricochet for using something, now I wonder what that could be has he got cheat running in the background like we saw with Jay skills, it's a possibility.


But it could also be a possibility that he's running over types of cheats, such as certain scripts on DS4 Windows, which are definitely cheating, or maybe an external device like a cronis or an apex Sim either way, that didn't stop this St from trying to claim that a certain part of his game is the reason why he was.

I don't know, reported in the game, causing him to be shadowbanned and having Ricochet affect him. Check this clip out now that he decided to claim was the reason why he ended up with splat, hating him in the game. So do we actually know what the STOD was using in the game? No, because the majority of cheaters will just come out and claim to be something that it isn't.

I don't know; I'm just too good at the game. You download the program, and guess what? All cheats like that have an unlocker tool integrated into them, so I decided, right, I'm going to go and take a look at some of his old gameplay. He's got a YouTube channel and a Twitch account, so let's go and take a look at what we found over there.

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So I headed over to his Twitch account, 127. Followers have a look at the article. Section, the St streams ex defiant, right there is a YouTube and a Twitter, and something strange that I found about this account straight off the rip was the Twitter account because when I click this Twitter account, it loads on to an account that doesn't exist called Jell Cod or Gell Cod, so why and if it's this old account no longer existing or have I just stumbled across the wrong Twitch account?

So there's no Twitter account link to the twitch, and there's no YouTube account link to the twitch, however, on this YouTube account, as you can see here. Twitter. Com. Theod, so we click on that, and that takes us to none other than your boy D, who has just been caught by Ricochet anti-che for being a diry little cheater and now has Splat as a feature in this game, unlucky.

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That means the world to me for real now, compared to a year ago. Where, where is it? There is no content; he does, however, have multiple accounts here linked as goats, so maybe all these accounts here are people we might have to look into as well. If somebody who's just been caught by Ricochet is in fact vouching for all of these accounts, then maybe they're up to no good as well.

Why is there absolutely no information on his Twitch account saying no articles were found, and why is there absolutely no information on his YouTube channel? Even if we go down here, there is absolutely zero information about the new YouTube channel. So this is a guy who is clearly not whitelisted with 127 followers on Twitch and maybe 500,600 subscribers on YouTube who has now deleted all footage, all articles, and all past live streams, so we can't go and do some digging.

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The fact that he's not whitelisted is probably the reason that Ricochet Anti-Cheese has been able to detect whatever it is he's running. Do we think that he was running cheats just like Jay Skills was with Aimbot, wall hacks, the unlock tool, and all of that other stuff? Either way, the sto has been caught by Ricochet Antiche as well as J Skills, which means that Ricochet Antiche is actually incorporating the new feature Splat, and it's working.

So you don't miss our future uploads, and if you guys want to contact me about a stream you believe is cheating, hit me up on Twitter at bad boy Beaman. One last thing before we go. So guys, as you know, I'm partnered with Supreme CBD, which offers some absolutely amazing products. They've got these CBD cu, which is something that I hadn't tried before.

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