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bad boy beaman

So I recently put a article out on TikTok and Twitter. This article's purpose was only to bait out some of the symphony fanboys who will defend him at all costs, and just as a little reminder, here are some of the clips of symphony genuinely locking on to enemies through the wall. I got you. I got you out of the building.

Tag up havoc come back back down i got no F for him. Okay, got the 40 comprom one's right in this building on me right, now, one more on meing, Forrie, Elimin, Wow, the seven kill fast. So those are all Symphony's real gameplay from his live streams where he's locking on to enemies. I decided to grab a little bit of his cam footage and overlay it onto a article to see whether or not his fans would defend it.

This is the clip that I ended up posting on TikTok. Who was clearly rage-hacking? This was the moment he died to the che, And then, through the game, we see moments of this guy cheating. You can see RFA's reaction here. But I took clips that insinuated that this guy looked like Symphony, you know, like locking onto enemies through walls, you know, because Symphony just does this on a daily basis.

badboy beaman

Also rafa did report the guy numerous times, which you know rightfully show this guy was blatantly rage hacking. But there are so many moments throughout this that look just identical to Symphony cheating, even the moments where this guy tried to snap and lock through a wall and didn't get any hit markers, which I did include in the article I edited with Symphony's face on because I knew that would be the one that would be the reason why people would defend it because they would believe it's Symphony he does this all the time on stream and he only hits shots a couple of times, but this guy right here that RF is spectating, is 100% rage hacking, and still can't hit all his shots even when he's loost walking onto enemies through walls.

Certain walls in the game are not bangable, or maybe the person is four or five walls down—you know, a couple of buildings over—and this is what I'm trying to point out: Symphony does the exact same thing live on stream, and people defend it. People defended the clip I used, which was of this rage hacker here.


Right here, Rapa is spectating. Let's go okay, so remember that some of these comments are from Tik Tok and some are from Twitter. Okay, we're going to go through the Twitter ones. First, remember that this is a clip of the cheater that we've just seen Raf spectating in the game with Symphony's webcam on it's.

Dr damon says it's called game sense. My Evan says Sim is about to liar it up for defamation. Callie says your attempts just got worse. Just get more and more pathetic, IG. I, Mr nova, say show the UAV. Beamon, I wall bang like this all the time, Mr. Nova do you now do your wall bang like that?

Do you wall bang just like a rage hacker? I'll be taking a look at your game play. Then we've got Billy BNG Jr. Saying he's so good that he seems like a cheater is quite a fair response. Justin says once again he shows no mini map while accusing him of what the mini map has to do with the aim because these guys can't comprehend the fact that when somebody snaps through the wall, that's Aimbot locking on.


It's got nothing to do with whether there's a ping on the mini map or not. If these guys will defend a rage hacker, then we've got J and LMFO. The wall banged on the door. How is that? cheating, Because he literally locked onto the enemy through the door and then the wall and then snapped onto him as he got into the room, multiple instances of Aimbot were being used.

It wasn't Symphony, but it was a rage hacker that this guy is defending by saying he wall-bangs the door. How is that cheating showing again that these guys don't really understand the difference between legit gameplay and cheats, which I can understand because if they're watching Symphony on a daily basis believing that is in fact legit gameplay, then of course their minds are going to be manipulated into believing that real gameplay can look like rcks?


Then we've got Eagle, who says if you want to accuse someone of cheating, show the mini map and show it with no music in the background. You and Be on the Box would make a great couple. I don't know who Beyond the Box is, but one thing is for sure: you are literally defending a rage hacker. Mr eagle FPS, brilliant, It's good to know.

Then we've got Dr. Xent on YouTube. Says corny article corny music Sim isn't cheating; it's your fan base that cheats because they stink at the game or don't want to put time in to get better. Then we got Yank up here, who says bad boy, bman. I mean, that's just somebody insulting me to try and defend their favorite streamer.

Fair enough we got Cypher, who says you're honestly pathetic at this point—not really, because the pathetic ones are the people defending a rage hacker. Clips are just the most out of context horrible for Impressions; this had quite a lot of context to the point where now I'm able to make this article showing the symphony Fanboys will literally defend, a rage hacker.

streamer caught

So that was the context of the clip I'm here now explaining, that and then we've got quickie who says now show the full Clips where they are on the UAV and when he misses doing this whole stream I mean listen the guy in the clip literally missed three times shooting through walls and didn't get any hit markers three times but he was literally rage hacking you can see him snapping onto enemy heads but then again hey but Symphony does this all the time or how about he just does it and realizes, some walls can't be banged and that's why he doesn't get hit markers so he doesn't miss his aim's probably pinpoints accurate on the enemy but the walls not bangable so he doesn't get hit markers but in some cases, walls are bangable, and he gets hit markers.

But yet again, Quickie is defending. A rage hacker Ma says he is doing the same thing he used to do to get MFS like you to speak about him. You effing clown; there's only one clown, Bel. No, there's a couple of clowns here, and it's your lot defending, rage hacker. I'm not talking about Symphony at this point, although in my opinion.

streamer cheating

Symphony rage hacks, and the point I've tried to make today is that you guys, his fans, will definitely, 100% without a shadow of a doubt, defend a rage hacker. If you believe it's your favorite streamer. Symphony. And it's been proving here today. Now these are the comments from Tik Tok. Joey here says you're a bot, and then I can't read that.

I think it says crypo, says isn't cheating, just plays the game 24/7, and has done for years. I mean, no one can play the game 47, but these are the types of dumb idiots who will defend the streamer who is clearly rage hacking, so he says he isn't cheating, even though the clippers of somebody are blatantly rage hacking.

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