News - How To Play Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile On The Odin 2


All right, what's going on mobile Gamers today I'm going to show you guys how to play or try to play Call of Duty war zone on your Ayn Odin 2 so let's jump in level up our gaming knowledge play, do whatever we want to do to our OD 2 in. 2024, all right mobile Gamers so I'm going to forewarn you before we actually get into this is your device do with it what you want I am not responsible if your device, gets damaged locked out of cod war zone your account gets frozen, anything like that it shouldn't, and I'm just giving you a heads up because I've been playing Cod war zone for a day and a half now not consistently obviously I have other things to do but I've played maybe like 15 matches and never had any issues, and this isn't just for COD war zone, the big reason why cod war zone isn't working well it's not because of what people say on Reddit cuz redditors are full of misinformation, if you ask.

Me so, that aside, we are going to be certifying our Odin 2. The reason for this is because Ayn hasn't uploaded their custom ROM to Google to actually get it certified, so we go to the Google Play Store, click on our profile icon, go down to our settings, go down to about, go down to the bottom, and it says play protection certified right there.

That is telling us that. Ayn, for example, has not sent this off to get certified by Google so that certain games and applications will actually be able to run. Now there's something else we have to do as well, and I'm going to show you this today. Another thing you need is root access. I do have a article.


It does take a few minutes, so go watch that article before you come here because you do need to have your device rooted, and I do have a article specifically for the Odin 2 to root it on any version, which brings me to my next thing. This is already rooted; I'm going to go down to about handheld. And show you that I'm on build number 2778, which is the latest firmware.

And let me let you know that this is the firmware that we're going to be working on today. Now if you remove your rout access and remove everything that we're going to be adding today, it's going to get rid of that certification and that spoof, Certification, saying that we are certified. Now, this shouldn't get you in trouble with any of the games, applications, or anything like that; it's basically certifying your application or your Android device.

Properly, it's just using a different method to do so that we can play games like COD War Zone games like Mario Kart U. There's Recfest and Terraria, like right now if I go to the Google Play Store and type in Terraria, or Terraria however you want to spell it, it's going to say this app won't work for my device, but we're going to fix that, so what you need to do again is root your device.


I'm not responsible for anything that you do to your device. I'm going to show you that Call of Duty: War Zone doesn't work for me just by rooting the device. I know a lot of you are curious as to how this works, and yes, it does just crash, and this is how we're going to do it, so root your device.

That's the very first step. One is called a Play Integrity test file. I have mine inside my documents folder; it's called Play Integrity Fix 15.9. Point6, and the other one is called app-release. Now this is a bootloader spoofer. We're going to install it, and then click done. This is always going to be on our device at this point, and this is the method that I use, so you might not need this app release if somebody says otherwise.


Then, whatever, but I am showing you how I successfully did this in bed, then ran to my computer and took a article showcasing it. Now the next thing we're going to do is we're going to open up our Magis application, again you do have to have a rooted device so go to magisk, the first thing you're going to do is go to your settings, you're going to go down to zist which is right here or zist sorry, and you're going to toggle the toggle switch on you're going to go to enforce deny list toggle that on as well now make sure you pay attention to what the little toast message at the bottom said we need to reboot our device after we toggle these on don't start doing anything yet go back click the reboot icon click reboot again, and wait for it to reboot, again you guys have asked me what the advantage of rooting is and I didn't really want to go into all this kind of stuff I did this a few months AG or not a few months ago about a month and a half ago to my device and got it going and I just didn't see a point in it at the time because I don't really play Terraria anymore that much so I didn't really care until.

Everybody wanted to play War Zone, so now that we ended up rebooting our device, we're going to go back into Magisk again, we are going to go over to modules, and we're going to install from Storage. We're going to go down to wherever you downloaded yours; it'll probably be in your downloads folder.


If you copied it from your computer, I copied mine over to my documents. We're going to install this; we're going to click okay, wait for it to install, and then we're going to reboot. Like it says, for any modules you install, you should reboot your device so that they load onto the device's internal storage properly.

That's all I'm going to say about that. Now that that's installed, we're going to go back into Magisk again, and we're going to go to our settings icon. Every time you see my one hand move away, I'm just trying to make sure the camera focuses properly; sometimes it doesn't want to focus, and we're going to scroll down to configure the deny list.

We are going to click search on the search icon, and we're going to type in play, so type in play, just like so click search, and click back, click the three dots, and click system apps, and you're going to search for. Google Play services You're going to check that off. You're going to check off the Google Play Store.


You're going to click back. Click back again. Keep going until you're all the way back out to the home screen of Magisk. Click the reboot option again, and we're going to reboot this, all right now that we're rebooted again. We are going to go back into Magis one more time, and we are actually going to go and enforce a Deni list on Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare, or War Zone I keep calling it Modern Warfare for some reason, so we're going to go to configure the Deni list, check that off, and then we're going to go back and we're going to hide our Magis application. We're going to name this. Whatever we want, we can name it. Fancy, fancy pants Fancy pants, that's why I'm going to name this and I'm going to click Okay, so what this is doing is basically hiding the package name for Magisk and creating a new application.

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