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That we know it's a very organized process, but these guys are really good, so we've been able to do it multiple times it's been two weekends in a row that we've done this and we've been able to run multiple games and every time we go in we're like testing different weapons and trying to max out the lobby to get the most players as possible the whole goal was to get 24 players into the red worm boss fight and you can have only 24 players on this map so we wanted everybody, in this boss fight and we had gotten up to like 20 last weekend, so this weekend tag 935, really wanted to shoot for that 24 player red worm boss fight goal and we did it today it was really awesome I'll show you guys that footage.

I also want to show you some of the other things we did where we killed the red worm in 22 seconds, and there seems to be a trick for lowering the health of the red worm, making it a whole lot easier to kill. Some people may know about this, but some people don't, and it's really important information.

I'll explain all of that in a moment and show you what we figured out, and right here is the footage of the full Lobby in the Red Worm boss fight, and we all have quad-pack-a-punched Wonder WS. This is something I've been wanting to try, so thank you to everybody who participated. I think we had like 15 or 16 people in the lobby with the wafs.

I think there were like 18 to 20 people total, but yeah, almost all of us had a quad-papped Wonder Waf, which makes this thing incredibly powerful. I was hoping this was going to melt the worm with having so many players with this Super Wonder WF, and it absolutely did. We killed this thing in 22 seconds.

I think we had almost 30% of its health taken off before it even showed its health bar, and even though this was 22 seconds, we think we can beat this. We have some ways that we think we could get this done in around 10 seconds. So far, we've been making this like a weekend event, and we've been live streaming it on tag 935s.

Channel, and we're going to try again, like maybe next weekend or the weekend after our goal next time is to go in and beat this 22 seconds, and we think we can because. We were not prepared for this; we didn't know we were going to kill it this fast, and there's things we can approve of where we can make this time quicker.

In addition to this boss fight, we did two others today, so we did three total with full lobbies. I'll show you guys the other two that we did, and when we did these boss fights, we were testing something to see if it was true, and it seems like it is again. There's going to be people that know about this, but there will be people that don't, and I'll show you guys what we figured out.

Right here, we are on the way to one of the boss fights. We put everybody in a cargo truck, and yeah, these are all the people we know that we play with, and this was hilarious. We've also put the full Lobby on the blood burner bike, and that was hysterical, and I think the only vehicle we've not used is a boat, so in this boss fight here, everybody's just got regular weapons.

And we are going to go fight the red worm in a tier one area, and right here we have like 18 to 20 people, so it's our standard max-out lobster in this game. Here, we had four different people pick up four different USBs and place them in the four different seismic machines. Before we started the fight, the information that we received was that if four different players place in four USBs separately, it's going to make the worm a lot harder to kill, like it increases its health.

The game thinks you have four teams there, and it needs to increase the worm health to make it challenging, so in this fight here, we did have four different people in the USBs. And we had like 18 to 20 people just shooting regular weapons, like I said, and it took about 2 minutes to kill the worm to have this many players shooting at the worm.

That's a standard time of like 2 to 2 and 1/2 minutes, which is what you would expect for this many people. We've done this multiple times, and that's about the time that we always get like 2 to 2 and 1/2 minutes, but then we did a run right after this where we maxed out the lobby and had 24. people, and this time we had one player place all the USBs.

We did that on purpose to test this, and yeah, it's supposed to lower the health of quite a bit of the worm. Also, on top of this, we are in a tier 2 area, whereas before we were in a tier 1, and remember that boss fight took 2 minutes, so you would think that you know a tier 2 area is going to be a little bit more difficult, and it is like the enemies around you are more difficult.

The worm is definitely supposed to be more difficult, and we killed this thing in about a minute and 20 seconds now. We did have four more players than we did last time, but that is not going to make this kind of impact. What's changing here is the fact that one player entered in all the USBs instead of four.

As much as we have gone into this red worm boss fight and seen the different times, it definitely seems like that's what's going on now. Some of you might say everybody knows this. You're late on this information. We feel confident that when you go into this red worm boss fight, you're going to want only one player putting in all the USBs, unless you want that extra-added challenge.

I suspect that if this were back in the tier one area and we had done one player with all USBs, we could have killed it in probably one minute. I think this extra 20 seconds is probably because we're in Tier 2. We're going to keep going into this boss fight with a load of people and keep testing it, and you know we'll report if anything changes, but that's kind of where we stand with this.

What in the world are you doing? Sorry, but there's a cat-boss fight going on in my office right now, but yeah, we are going to keep testing this with a lot of people. We plan on doing this for the next few weekends, I think at least. And seeing what we can learn, we'll definitely report back to you guys.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. We went back in with a FULL 24 player lobby and fought the redworm. We tested a theory on the worm and it worked and it is important to know. MW3 Zombies Glitch Glitches, Legendary, Pack-A-Punch, Crystals, XP, Rank, Duplication.
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