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With the release of season 2, they buffed a few of the Wonder Weapons. For example, they added a ton of damage to the scorcher, they increased the direct impact plasma by. 333, and the lingering plasma damage has been increased by 428. Because of this. I wanted to go in and do the quad P glitch to see how much crazier this scorcher might be because that glitch doubles the damage of a wonder weapon that has been triple pack-a-punched, and yes, this glitch made the already super-buffed scorcher stupid and strong.

I'll show you what all I can do in just a moment they also increase the ray gun damage and I tested that with the quad Pap glitch and I'll show you the results of that and then they finally made it where the vr11, will now damage the red worm and that is what this article is really about the vr11 with the quad Pap glitch is ridiculous and just obliterates so I was excited that I could finally try it on the red worm it's so stupid strong it just breaks the boss fight and because it's so amazing we're going to go do a special 24 player full Lobby red worm boss fight with quad P v1s, we'll be in tag 935s, stream tomorrow on Saturday.

On February 17th, we'll be starting around 300 p.m. Is actually great; you could normally never fight one of these with a scorcher. But when it's quad-papped, you can melt these megas. Look how crazy strong this is! I got the mega trapped in the lingering plasma beams, and it is just wrecking. This is extremely fun to do and very satisfying.


Also, we went in and tried it on the Storm collar because that's one of the tankiest enemies on the map besides the red worm, and again, we got it trapped in the plasma, and that health bar depleted instantly. You guys know how strong this thing is, so seeing that was incredible. However, I wouldn't use the unlit scorcher for the megas or the storm collar, even in their newly buffed state, but for the quad path.

Yes, that is fun. The quad paap scorcher is so strong that it turns the zombies into blood splatters because the damage is so high. Normally, there's a plasma-type death animation effect on the zombie when it's killed, but this just bypasses that animation completely and instead kills Tier 3 manglers and disciples.


Which is also fun, and given all that. I thought maybe there was a slim chance it would be useful on the red worm, but it is not, and shout out to Cam is the bomb we went in with two quad pop scorchers against the red worm, and it just wasn't moving the health bar like we were hoping, so this was a bust, and I would not recommend taking this thing into the red worm boss fight for the quad paay gun; it wasn't anything special.

Honestly, even though they said they increased the damage of this weapon, it was not apparent. I had tested this ray gun before on all the tier three enemies quad-papped, and when I went in after this buff, the ray gun seemed to be performing exactly the same; it required the same amount of shots to kill specific types of enemies.

Like before the buff, I do enjoy using it against the meas, and it does delete zombies in Tier 3, and it's great and super strong, but I would rather have the scorch or the vr11. If I'm going to bother quad-papping something now, let me show you the best weapon against the red worm and what all it can do.

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I am talking about the vr11 and quad packing it. This beast of a weapon is a two-shot on the megas when quad-packed. I like to shoot the megas when it's doing that laser beam attack; it allows for an easy critical hit on one of the mouths. Just two shots from the quad-pack VR11, and it is done. One shot takes half of its health, then the second shot finishes.

It's off for the Storm Caller; it's a three-shot, which is amazing. For zombies, obviously, you're just turning them and making them fight for you, and it doesn't increase the power of those enemies towards other zombies; it's a three-shot, and it mimics, and it's a two-to-one on Mangler. Body Armor.

After witnessing the sheer power this thing holds on even the strongest enemies, I was hoping it would be the redworm killer we had all hoped and wished for. On paper, it looked good, but you never know until you test it. I first tried with two players with two quad-packed VR 11s to see what they would do, and it was definitely a factor.

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The VR1 were taking massive chunks of health off the red worm. This is the most damage I've ever seen done to the red worm with any weapon. The quad-packed Wonder Wolf that I so love in this fight doesn't even come close to the destruction this vr11 does to this worm. We killed it in 59 seconds with two of us after seeing that I knew this had major potential, so we went and, with five players from TAG 935s, streamed all the wielding quad-pack v1s.

And we killed the worm in 23 seconds. After seeing that, we knew we could kill this thing in a world record time of maybe 1 second if we had enough shooters, so we will be attempting that tomorrow in stream again. Shout out to Purple Cow Killer; he has been helping with this, and he won in with three players that all had the quad-packed vr11, and they managed to kill this worm in 4.8 seconds, so this is probably the world record.

There was definitely one shot that seemed to have landed in a way that just deleted over half of the health bar. The theory is that range matters; you need to be close enough not to get wrecked but not too far away when shooting, and we're going to keep that in mind tomorrow for strategy when we go in.


So yeah, as it stands, the quad-packed VR11 is going to be the best weapon against the redworm if you're going solo. Yeah, I would take this in. The last thing I want to show you is the after-patches on how to quad-pack a wonder weapon. The method is pretty much the same as when you use the USB machines.

And it's all about timing. This method also allows you to hold up to eight weapons, but for this article and the purposes of just having an awesome weapon, we're just going to be focusing on quad-packing a wonder weapon. There are a few things I can do to make this easier. First. I don't buy jugs because they can make the timing harder for some reason, and I also don't buy a PhD flopper because you need to be able to get down and take fire damage, so you will need to equip Molotov.

And a three-plate armor vest makes it easier to find a weapon-safe stash. Have a wonder weapon in a case unequipped, have a legendary tool ready, and behold two regular weapons; it will not work if you're holding a ray gun. Now this will work if you're just picking up a wonder weapon that's already out of its case off the ground, or one that's on the ground in a case doesn't matter.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. There is now the strongest weapon against the REDWORM. You can kill it in 5 seconds. MW3 Zombies Glitch Glitches, Legendary, Pack-A-Punch, Crystals, XP, Rank, Duplication.
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