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Done all right. So a few things you're going to need You're going to need a laptop with an Ethernet cable slot and two Ethernet cables. Your controller, the PlayStation Remote Play app, the Rew ASD app, and some Bluetooth headphones—it's going to look just like this. You're going to want to go to your Bluetooth on your computer.

Now you can use a wire, but I'm having trouble connecting the PlayStation controller using the USB cable. I've had trouble using it that way, so I just use it through Bluetooth. So what you want to do is let me disconnect. So what you want to do is hold the share button and the PlayStation button, so that's the top left button on the controller, and the plac button.

You want to hold it until the blue light starts flashing on your controller. Once that's flashing, you want to go add Bluetooth or another device. Bluetooth and then you want to look for should come up in one second. Here, you want to click it, and then So you should see this now, and it should say PS4 M at the top.


So what you want to do first is click this little PlayStation icon right here. You want to click on that, let's say virtual controller, settings, you want to check use with remote, play, then you want to go to your settings up here in the top. Corner, preferences If you go to the game pad and you want to uncheck the physical controller when a virtual one is created, uncheck that m is already unchecked, as you can see, then you want to go down here and hit.

Apply now keep in mind that R eWSD is a paid program, so you will be able to use it on a trial, but it does cost about $30. I would say for everything that you need, so now you should know that I'm going to click this again to bring you back to this page right here. Go to your controller settings.

Okay, so now you want to just test the game out to see if you can move and if it's working initially. What initially initiated Initially, when I started using this, it wasn't working, so what I had to do was I had to go back into the Rew ASD app, and I actually had to manually map every button. I'm not sure there's a quicker way around it, but that's what worked for me, so to do that, you just want to click the button and go to the first one.


There are different options for what you want the button to do, but for this one, you want to just go to single-press and map it to the button that it is, so for Circle, you would put Circle, and for X, you would put. X x for up, left, down, and right on the analog stick, you would just click right there and then left, and R WSB mapping to up, down, and so on and so forth, and then you want to hit apply to slot.

One, go back in the game and check your controller to make sure it's working. Okay, cool so now, once you've made sure that your controller is working, I'm going to show you how to make the macros. So currently, this is 2K. I currently have a 2K macro on the down button, so when I hit down on a d-pad, as you'll see, it'll automatically do a dribble move for me, a combination that's really quick.


Every time I hit down, this is just me hitting down on the d-pad, nothing else. Let me show that again: just down on the d-pad, nothing else. It does that for me every time that is on the d-pad, nothing else. and then you can just map the buttons how you want to map them, then apply the slot. Click here again, right-click on it, and then rename it whatever it is you want it to be.

I already have one for Call of Duty and one for 2K, so as you can see here, I have a couple macros. I have a slide cancel macro; I have an autoing macro; and I currently do not use the YY macro, but I'll show you guys how to do that as well. Well, first, let's start with the slide cancel macro. You want to map that to the circle button or whatever button you slide with, and for me, it's Combo, and then you're going to want to click Circle and then L1, and it should bring up.


It'll automatically bring these up to add to the pauses you just want to click right here. Add pause, and then you drag it in between. As you can see, I already have one there, but you drag it in between. Well, for the sake of the article, let's just do it clean, so Circle. L1: Add in one move; you can't add in; don't do it multiple times because it's going to build it up, so you don't want that, so you just want to do it once; add it; move it; add another one; move it; so for these values that I felt that worked for.

Me For the slide cancel. I have it set to 78. It looks like it's on the first, 39-1 on the second one, and then 78. Again, you also want to make sure that the delay between keys is zero milliseconds. It's going to ask you if you're sure you want to do it. Just click yes, make sure it's on zero, then once you're done with that, hit apply to slot 1, then you want to go back and click the second button, long press, and you want to just add.

If you want to go, you want to click the Circle combo again, but this time instead of clicking. I want you to click hold into release, and you just put a circle put a circle add a break or pause, and then you put 851. So this way Now you have the ability to crouch SL dive or per as well with this macro, so of course what you did with that applies to slide one, and that's your slide cancellation.


Macro for the auto-ping macro Now to get to the R2 for the triggers, you want to click this right here on the back of the controller, click the R2 button, and then you want to go over here. To start pressing, basically every time you squeeze the trigger, it'll auto-ping you if you want to click the mapping up on the d-pad.

Look for the d-pad. Also, you want to click these just so that they don't have things for the PC, so you only see PlayStation buttons, so you want to go up. Look for the d-pad. Click check, Turbo I have mine, and you can probably drop it down a little bit lower, but it pings a little bit too much for my liking, so I just got it about 1, 000.


For now, I'll probably drop it down to like 850, though maybe even 800. Apply the slot, and for the y-y macro, I found it better to set it to L3, so if you go to L3, you could map this anywhere, even on a triangle button, but the same thing applies. You just want to change it to triangle, and then turbo, put it at about 50, and then apply the slot, and as well as the turbo, you can either have it on turbo so you hold the L3, but that's kind of uncomfortable, or you can put it on toggle for one sec.

Sorry, yet you have to go to combo. Put the triangle in there, put it on, apply the slot, go back, and then put it on TBO, so that way when you click the anal loti, it automatically stops. If you click it again, it stops. I'm not a big fan of the YY because it keeps switching my guns at the end, so I personally don't use that, but that's how you would do it if you wanted to.

In this video I will be showing you how to get macros on the PlayStation 5 console using ReWASD. I also will show you how to create macros such as the YY Macro, Slide Cancel Macro, Auto Ping Macro and More.
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