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Free ghost condemned operator skin coming soon

Free ghost condemned operator skin coming soon

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to talk about how you can get the ghost condemned operator skin as well as a bunch of other rewards. There's going to be a couple of events, including the new marketing for War Zone Mobile and pretty much everything else that you need to know in regards to this brand new upcoming update.

A quick reminder: I did post a article covering the entire season 2 reloaded update, so if you don't know about this update that's going to take place in literally a week and a half, make sure you check out that article, which covers all the upcoming events, the rewards, the brand new modes, the weapons, and all the details that you need to know in regards to this next big title update.

I have the link. It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more.

Warzone mobile marketing & release date

condemned ghost skin

It looks like the official marketing for War Zone Mobile has officially started. A couple of days ago, they released a couple of posters, and here's what they showcased.

It says to take over Verdansk in Battle Royale, and then it shows a battle going down by the dam. The second photo says more real players, and then you see a photo of players landing on Rebirth Island, pretty much indicating that we're going to get a variety of different locations. And then another photo says Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile; the original content drops, and then you see these different operator outfits, one of them being the ghost-condemned operator skin.

I believe none of these as of right now are released, so it looks like they're going to be coming in straight through War Zone Mobile, and we're going to talk about how you can get this ghost condemned operator skin in just a second, and then another photo that they provide was sort of like a photo of how it looks in the game, but the photo itself is not really the best quality because I guess they were leaks, and it doesn't really do it justice, so we got early gameplay footage of what War Zone Mobile is going to look like, and I'm not going to lie, it looks like a console.

The quality of it is amazing. Compared to the first couple trailers we originally saw, it went from looking like a mobile game to actually looking like a console game, and the quality of it is amazing. This is probably one of the main reasons why they kept delaying it, which was originally supposed to be in November 2023.

And let's talk about the release date. Within this upcoming update, which will be a part of season 2 reloaded, let's go ahead and talk about.

Free ghost condemned operator skin reward & community event

Free ghost condemned operator skin reward & community event

This ghost condemned operator skin, so just to give you a recap, originally Call of Duty, when they were going to release War Zone Mobile back in around November 2023. They did a community event that required members of the community to pre-register their phones for Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile, and upon doing so, they would calculate the number of pre-registers that they had, and depending on how many we got, we would get rewards, so there were 5 million pre-registers.

We would get the vinyl for the flame emblem and the dark familiar emblem at 10 million downloads. You would get the X12 Prince of Hell, which was a weapon blueprint for Modern Warfare 2 at the time; that was the new Call of Duty. At 15 million, you would get the M4 Ari weapon blueprint, and then at 25 million downloads, there was the ghost-condemned operator skin.

free mw3 ghost skin

At 35 million, you have Shoe House, the map coming in, and at 45 million downloads, we get access to Rebirth Island, and if you take a look at their website, every single one of those checkpoints has already been achieved, so you're probably wondering why we haven't gotten this operator skin yet. Well, that's because they promised that they would give us all this once it officially releases.

And although there are some regions that are able to play pretty much everyone but North America, and for those of you guys who are playing it early, you're pretty much a part of the early beta testers, you can call it, and you got early access to the game, but it doesn't officially release until it actually launches in North America, which was supposed to be in November, but then a whole lot of time passed by.

I guess they decided they're going to take their time making it a very good game, optimize perfectly, and have the quality increase before officially releasing it, and now we're at that time where there are going to be releases, so that means if you are pre-registered. Before the official release comes out, you will unlock the X12 blueprint, the M4 blueprint, the emblems, and the new Ghost Condemned operator Skin.

How to preregister for warzone mobile

How to preregister for warzone mobile

Now let's talk about how you can pre-register so that you don't miss out on these rewards. The first thing you want to do is head on over to the App Store, so it's the Google Play Store if you're on Android, or the App Store for Apple.

And you want to click on that and do it once you are completed. There should be a check mark letting you know that you are now pre-registered. The next step is to patiently wait until the game is officially released. When it is and your download begins, it will ask you to log into your Call of Duty account.

Make sure you do that so that way the same COD account that you play on either console or PC will carry any rewards that you get or any progress that you make will carry on into your console or account, and you want to make sure you do that so that way the ghost condemn skin is not given to some random new account that you made or an unconnected one.

Account One of the biggest questions that people have also been asking is: will the ghost condemn skin carry on forward into our main Call of Duty accounts, or will it be something that's war zone mobile exclusive, and you'll only be able to access it when you play war zone mobile? This is a question I can't give you a 100% accurate answer to, but I can give you some of the information that we have, and some things indicate that we will be able to carry it forward for the main reason that I don't think they will market a free reward like this to not give it to your main account.

On top of that, when Modern Warfare 3 was originally released, the ghost-condemned operator skin was actually added within an update for Warzone as well as Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. And as you can see here from this footage, leakers were able to find them in the files of these big updates that we got previously.

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