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Mw3 horde hunt event challenges & rewards showcase

Mw3 horde hunt event challenges & rewards showcase

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I have for you guys is the fastest way to complete the brand new horde hunt event that has just gone live with the season 2 update. Call of Duty has mentioned that this event will last all the way up until March 6th, which is going to be right before the brand new season 2 is reloaded.

Update: You've got plenty of time to do it. I'm going to show you guys the fastest way, so that way you don't really have to worry about it in the upcoming weeks. Before we get into that. I want to remind you guys that I posted a article earlier today covering all the brand new patch notes, all the new features, and everything new in the brand new season 2 update, so if you missed that article, be sure to check it out.

all horde hunt rewards mw3

I have a link down. Below is the description for you guys, but let's go ahead and let's talk about this brand new event. This is called the Hord Hunt event, and it says to kill zombies and collect their bones to unlock zombie acquisitions. Additionally, every week, hunt down new featured zombie types and collect their skulls to unlock exclusive undead rewards.

Surprisingly, there are some pretty good rewards with this event, which is a total of 12; eight of them are going to be zombie exclusives, which are going to be schematic acquisitions. And those types of things—if you don't count those—you're going to be able to get four rewards. The first one is the tiny screams and weapon TR for completing the first featured zombie challenge.

The second zombie feature challenge is going to feature the Dogs of Hell calling card, and the final one is going to be a cursed ammo, and from my understanding, that is actually going to be a blueprint for the ammunition and box. The final reward will be mastery. By completing all three of the featured zombie challenges, you will unlock a new operator skin; this one is called a killshot.

fastest way to complete horde hunt event

And it's a skin for Swagger. This is a full showcasing, of what this operator it looks completely different actually looks pretty sick and it definitely looks like a reward worth the grind for all these challenges are going to open up on a weekly basis so as of right now you have the armored zombie that's the boss that you can currently defeat and get rewards for and then next week after that which is probably next Wednesday, the blood hounds are going to open up you'll be able to complete the challenge get the rewards for that and then the following week after that will be the mimic that will open up and once you complete the challenge for that and all the other ones you'll be able to get this brand new operator skin and complete the entire event for the first challenge it's going to be collect base zombie skeletons.

fastest way to finish horde hunt event

And that's going to be a total of 10, 000. In order to complete the entire thing, there's a total of eight rewards. All of them are going to be zombie schematics and acquisitions, with the first one being an epic ether tool that will cost you 75 bones. The next one doesn't tell you it's bugged out for some reason; it's just an empty square box.

I went ahead and checked my reward section; it looks like most of them are probably going to be perks, so some type of perk like stamina up Juggernaut. Something like that will be the reward for these empty boxes, and then the next one's also an empty box at 310, Bones. Following that, you get an epic ether tool at 625 bones, then you get another item; maybe it's another epic ether tool at 1,250 bones, then you get a legendary ether tool at 2,500.

And then at 5, 000, you get something else, which could potentially be a legendary ether tool, and then the last item that you unlock is 10, 000. Is going to be a ray gun case, which is going to give you a one-time use to use the ray gun in zombies. Just a disclaimer. Collecting these bones off the base zombie is not going to progress you for the event or to get the operator skin, but this is just the first challenge, and it's currently open, so you might as well do it anyway.

The second challenge is going to be the armored zombies. You'll need to collect 600 skulls, and that will unlock the tiny screams charm as well as help you with one of the featured zombie challenges for the mastery reward.

Zombies fastest way to complete horde hunt event challenges

Zombies fastest way to complete horde hunt event challenges

You can do this in any mode that you want: multiplayer, zombies, or war zone. I'll do it in the order that I think will help you and is the fastest, with the first one being zombies, obviously because it's zombies.

You can find the regular standard base zombie at any Xville. So all you have to do is head to Xville, activate that it'll spawn a bunch of zombies; you're going to want to eliminate those, and once you do, they drop bones and collect the bones, and that will help you out earlier this morning. The challenge was not tracking, but they did do an update and actually fixed that, so zombies are now easily the best method.

But with the amount of zombies that really doesn't matter, I wouldn't really focus too much on the zombie-based challenges, the ones where you need to collect 10, 000 bones. Focus on the featured ones first, and in this case, that is the armored zombie. What you want to do to find the armored zombie is head to the medium zone.

free operator skin mw3

Have a higher chance of spawning in there; eliminate them; they will drop these skulls, and once you grab these skulls, it'll count towards your thing. There's also no limit to how many you can get per match, so you can get as many as you want before you decide to quit. There's also the tracker that will help you out with tracking, so that way you don't have to worry about if you've collected enough or if you haven't collected enough, and you'll know exactly how much you need as you continuously progress.

It's pretty straightforward for the armored ones in the medium-threat zone. For the regular ones, you can go to any xfill or any low threat zone, and those will spawn; they're like the regular standard zombies. And then the next one that will open up next Wednesday is going to be the bloodhound. For those, you will usually find them in an xfill in the later stages of the game, so around 20 minutes deep into the game, when you call in an xfill, it'll start spawning in blood hounds.

horde hunt guide

In this clip right here that you see. I tested it out; it spawned in four different blood hounds, but because the challenge is not available as of right now, they didn't necessarily drop anything, but you will be able to collect things from them once the challenge is available for you to do as recommended.

Take advantage of the XFI rather than sitting there driving around the map looking for them. You probably won't find as many as you did to get into the XVI. After The Blood Hound, the next featured zombie will be a mimic, and in order to find the mimic, I would recommend you go to infested strongholds.

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