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Here is how to earn bones and skulls quickly in the new Hord Hunt event for Monday in War Zone in order to unlock some cool rewards, including the new Kill Shot skin for the Swagger operator in season 2. As part of this hord hunt event, this hord hunt event is a new limited-time zombie-themed event in season 2.

It brings some cool bundles and rewards. Spanning across Mod 3 and War Zone, they're all around for a limited time, so you want to earn them before they're gone forever, as shown in this article. I explain how to earn bones and skulls incredibly fast by showing you several different easy bone and skull farming methods, similar to the Souls event we had for The Haunting in season 6, so if you find this article useful, be sure to drop a like and check out my other season 2 guides, like how to level up weapons fast and the battle pass , before we carry on with the article.

Mw3 horde hunt event challenges explained

farm skulls

If you're looking to permanently unlock the new monifer 3 Master camos or play in bot lobbies to max out your guns and unlock camos quickly or get your hands on an instant delivery premade account then be sure to check out Mitch cactus. These are just the normal zombies, and basically you need to earn up to 10, 000 bones to unlock a bunch of ether tools and a ray gun case as well, so you can earn a ray gun case and give yourself one in-game guarantee without having to unlock the schematic if you haven't got it unlocked.

And even though 10,000 bones sounds like quite a lot, it won't be too difficult with the method I show you. Similarly, there's also armored zombies, and for these, you need to earn 600 skulls from killing them to earn the tiny screams. Charm skulls are a bit harder to come by. I explain how to get them as well, and later on in the next 2 weeks, because this event was around for like the next 3 weeks or so, there'll be other enemies, including hellhounds and the special zombies, which I believe are the mimics.

I think you're going to need to earn skulls from them as well to unlock similar rewards, but I'll explain that later on. At the moment, I'm going to explain the main way to get the bones and skulls across multiplayer zombies and War Zone, and then I'll talk about which mode is best at.

How to earn bones & skulls fast in mw3 mp

How to earn bones & skulls fast in mw3 mp

In the end, starting off with multiplayer, you won't be earning them in normal modes, so the mode you want to be playing is hardpoint.

Now this is obviously like hardpoint but it's zombie themed so when you go into that mode it's the armored apocalypse. Version and basically there's going to be many maps including medium to large base maps from the game there's also going to be some new maps so Stash House meat departures, and Rio and grease from season 1 as well so most of those are older Maps but some nice close corders ones including Stash House and meat which are good now when you're capturing the hardpoint in those Maps zombies are going to spawn nearby and you want to keep obviously shooting them which will drop bones specifically, each zombie kill you get is going to drop 10 bones, so 10 zombie kills is 100, and so on.

farm skulls mw3

When you kill armored zombies, they're not as common, but when you kill them, you're going to pick up one skull from them, so each armored zombie kills one skull, and obviously, what you want to do is go in and kill as many zombies as you can in one go, you know, using the instakills. And the nuke powerups.

And you can also run over bones and skulls from zombies that other players have killed, as well, and if you're running near the objective a lot, you really need to kind of push towards that objective because that's where they spawn; they spawn in little circles. Around that hardpoint area, you'll see where they are.

There are also certain guns that they drop that you can use to kill them. They have a lot of health, I'd say, so I'm sure you have a good weapon with lots of ammo. That kind of thing might be worth putting on some attachments that are armor-piercing as well, but if you're getting lots of kills, you're pushing to the objective, and so on, you can get a lot of bones and skulls.

I mean, I played a match on Stash House, which is the new season 2 map. It's quite small, like a shipment, and if you're rushing near the objective, a lot of you can earn well from that match. I earned over 700 bones and about 60 skulls easily, and that's on the smaller maps, so you can get less on the larger maps, but you still get a fair amount per game, so it's not too difficult at all to get that 10, 000 limit of bones, and that was only like a 5-minute game or something, and likewise, the skulls won't be too difficult either.

Now that's it for multiplayer. Let's talk about the other two modes, and then we'll talk about which mode is.

How to earn bones & skulls fast in mw3 zombies

How to earn bones & skulls fast in mw3 zombies

Best overall, so for zombies, killing a zombie gives you a chance to drop 10 bones. Not all zombies do, but a lot of them do. I'd say maybe one in two, one in three, or something like that. So what you want to do is just get as many zombie kills as you can.

Obviously, the best place to do that is to farm xils. You keep calling in the xville, Chopper, and that will get a lot of zombies spawned. You can kill them, then it will take a little while to replenish, and you can do the same thing again and again. You can also do certain contracts with lots of zombies.

The thing I like to do as an example is the Outlast contract, so you can obviously do the Outlast contract and get some kills. With that, you activate the p and get some kills while you're in that area, and then when it gets to about 90 to 95%, there's a glitch going on, which is useful for XP, weapon XP, and also for this challenge too, so what you need to do is basically activate the p and get the capture rate to about 90 to 95%.

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