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150+ free mw3 season 2 rewards to unlock!

150+ free mw3 season 2 rewards to unlock!

Welcome back to a brand new article, and in this one we're going to go over all the free rewards that you can get in the season 2 update. There's so many different types of rewards and so many ways that you can get them that you might be missing out on or forgetting about a lot of them, and I'm going to section off the article so that way you know about every single thing.

If you don't know about it, you can feel free to skip to that section, so that way you can save yourself some time. Before we get into it, a quick word from our sponsor, {549}. It's a store that can get you the most exclusive.

Free gift pack , calling card, xp tokens & more!

Fortune weapon sticker. Every couple days these gift packs will rotate out and new ones will replace them so be sure to check the store every couple days to make sure that you claim your free gift packs there's also a free 1H hour Double XP token that you can get right now you just want to click on launcher go down there's a new tutorial section available click on that there will be five different articles this will take a total of 2 minutes to do and you will get yourself a 1hour double XP token, upon completing it a lot of people don't even know about this menu page and it's just a free way to get an XP token the next set of rewards that we have are going to be the new viewership rewards for the month of February.

Season 2 cod viewership rewards & free blueprint

Season 2 cod viewership rewards & free blueprint

This is going to be available starting on the 16th, which was yesterday. You can now earn Double XP for watching; simply every hour that you watch will get you a 30-minute Double XP token as well as a Double Weapon XP token, and this is unlimited, so the longer you watch these streams, the more rewards that you get, and these are available at Youtube.

Com/, and League. They're usually live around the weekend, so Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are when they go live. They will be live this entire weekend. They start at 10:30 a.m. M pacific Standard Time, just make sure that you have your YouTube account connected to your Activision.

cod mw3 season 2 camos

You just need to go into YouTube settings, click on connected apps, and it'll be the first one. Click on Activision, log into your Call of Duty account, and then you should be fully connected, and this will be going up all the way up until March 17th. The good news is though that at the end of March, which is the 21st, starting on Thursday, there will be other viewership rewards that you can get, so it starts off with a 1H hour Double XP token for watching 1 hour, you watch 1 hour 30 minutes, you unlock the 1 V1 me emblem, at 2 hours you get a 60-minute double XP token, at 2 hours 30 minutes you get the clinic calling card, then you come back the next day, which is going to be Friday.

March 22nd. After viewing for 1 hour, you get a 1 hour Double XP token. At 1 hour, 30 minutes, you get the man's tilt calling card. At 2 hours, you get a 60-minute Double XP token. At 2 hours, 30 minutes, there's the present emblem. On Saturday, once again, at the same exact time, 1 hour Double XP token 360, a no scope sticker at 1 hour 30 minutes, a 60-minute Double Weapon XP token at 2 hours, a Double Nade calling card at 2 hours 30 minutes, and then finally, on the last day, which is usually offering the best rewards.

Sunday at 1 hour, a 60-minute Double XP token at 1 hour 30 minutes, you get the GG sticker. At 2 hours, you get the smoke blueprint, and at 2 hours, 30 minutes, you get a 60-minute, double-weapon XP token. These actual rewards will come in towards the end of March. We still have a month away from this, so I will make another article and remind you guys once we get a little bit closer so you don't forget about it.

Free operator combat pack bundle

Free operator combat pack bundle

The next set of free rewards is the new decomposition. Combat Pack: This is a free operator bundle that you can get that brings along a new operator skin called the groundbreaking.

It also has a SMG blueprint called the Red Eye for the WSP 9, a pistol blueprint called the Kleptomaniac; for the Retti, you have a charm called the Blaze of Glory and an emblem called self-portrait; a sticker called the Fourth Wall Blast; and finally, a calling card called The Escape Artist. This bundle is free for all PlayStation users.

You just need to go into the PlayStation Store in order to claim that, and just as a reminder, these combat packs come in every single season, so that means during season 3 this will be replaced with a brand new one, and then you'll be able to claim that one, so you just come back every season and grab that combat pack, and that is only exclusive to PlayStation.

cod mw3 season 2 rewards

I believe Golf War is not going to have that anymore, so this is going to be the last Call of Duty title with any sort of exclusive. But take advantage of it while you can.

Free prime gaming bundle & operator bundle

There's also another bundle that you can get right now. This one's not exclusive to PlayStation; this is the Prime Gaming Free Pack, and this one is the Raceway 280.

Which is available right now it has two different weapon blueprints one for the fenic 45, the other one for the SPX, 80 and then you get a large decal a loading screen and an emblem unfortunately no operator skin but the good news is this bundle is going to be replaced in the next 4 days so starting on February 22nd, that will be the last day there will be a new bundle coming in to replace it and usually it will be an operator bundle so that means you can probably expect to get a free operator skin on that day if you don't have Amazon Prime you can create a brand new fresh Amazon account start a free trial access you will need a real credit card but it won't charge you unless the Prime trial expires. Before it expires, you want to claim the bundle and then cancel it, and you will get it completely for free and one thing I would recommend you do is wait until the last day of this bundle, so that way you can claim this one once it updates and the next one comes in you can claim that one and then cancel the trial so you got two different free Prime bundles for the same exact trial but I will make an updated article on this once we know exactly what that bundle is but expect it to be coming in under 4 days for the next set of rewards that we have come in for multiplayer.

Season 2 multiplayer ranked rewards

Season 2 multiplayer ranked rewards

Ranked, and there's a couple different ways that you can get some rewards. The first one is going to be the challenges and rewards; these are going to be available every single season exclusively. So right now, season 2 has some exclusive challenges, and you'll need to get these. At five wins, you get a weapon sticker, and at 10 wins, you unlock a new weapon blueprint for the MCW, called the pro-isue, and then at 25 wins, you unlock a weapon charm called the farm.

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