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I hope you're well. In this article, I'm going to introduce you to the Luna VIP. The Luna VIP is a cheat for MW3 and War Zone 3. Let's get straight to the presentation. First, you have the Aimbot type. You have either a snapline normal silent or smooth visible check, which allows you to activate the aimbot only when enemies are visible.

The priority is whether you want to prioritize distance or focus. Aim is required if you want to set a minimum time before the aimbot becomes active; for example, you can set this as you like. Use aim key, so if you want to assign a particular key to your aimbot, for example. I've put my right aiming key, so my right click, then there's ignore down, which lets you use your aimbot to ignore down enemies fov checks.

This is whether or not you want to display the fov, so I'll show you that directly after in-game, the fov radius is used to set the size of the fov, and if you want, for example, to prioritize shooting in the head in the Torso in the knee, that's it. It's really up to you to set it up the way you want.

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You can use this configuration. It's pretty legit. As for the ESP, you've got the boxes. The classics are the squares that will be drawn around the enemies, their name distances, skeletons, the name of their weapon, the icon of their weapon, and the snap lines. These will be the lines that will be drawn.

The heal bar here means you've got everything you need, such as ESP on entities like drawing items, explosives, vehicles, etc. You can put them all on, so it's really up to you. You have ESP on the loot if you want to have the boxes—just the names, just the icons. It's simply displaying the loot for charms.

I'll just skip it because, quite simply, it's just an enhanced ESP, everything that's going to be visual, so Crosshair, you can choose the type of Crosshair if you want it to be cross Arrow Circle. It's really up to you. All that's going to be is a heel bar, so that's going to be your heel bar displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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You've got the info server, so game UI colored, which will simply, as its name suggests, colorize the game's UI. Custom light is the same as colored UI except that it simply modifies the lights in the game, so for example, you can have a multicolored map removed. So here it's going to be for everything that sets the intensity of no recoil, shell shock, and no fog in Miss it's all the extra options.

Fast reload UAV, night vision Auto-healing infinite dolphin dive, which lets you glide endlessly over the ground, stuck to get stuck in the air. Spam is everything you'd expect from a kill feed, except that in this case, you've got spam in the game chat. Auto-inspect: after you've made a kill, it will automatically inspect your weapon for scale.

Simply set the fov you want; for example, if you want a fov over 200, it's possible to unlock all, which will unlock absolutely everything in the game, including operator skins, weapons, etc. I've already made several previous articles, so if you want to check them out, feel free, and here are the settings.

If you've already made your settings and don't want to lose them, just make all your settings.

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