News - Stop Playing Warzone 3, You Will Get Banned

banned console warzone 3

Everyone, today we're talking about something that's kind of serious. Basically, you can get banned instantly just for logging into War Zone, and this goes for both PC and console, and you don't have to have anything that you've done wrong, like hacking, modding, or anything else. Just banning people for no reason now.

The game you guys are watching right now is 3 days old, so I'm safe right now. I have not logged on since the news dropped, and I highly recommend you guys don't log on either. You guys can get banned for no reason. Like I said, many innocent people are getting banned constantly right now, and people keep logging on and finding you know messages on their screen saying You' have been permanently banned from Call of Duty, and when they try to appeal, they're getting denied, so it's as if they're actually banning actual cheaters.

This is not the case because there are a lot of players on the console. Or just players that are like level one and have not been playing the game for very long. We actually had issues like this back on Isika Island, but this one's way worse. Before, they were just getting people to get information stolen and DS players, but now you're just straight out getting banned together, and yeah, I know Call of Duty's ban.

banned warzone 3

At least their appeal system is very flawed, so if you do get banned, it can be very hard for you to get your account back if it's even possible. For some reason, the Call of Duty system is just very, very hard to get around, so if you guys are trying to play today. I highly recommend you guys not go ahead and wait maybe a day to see if they're going to address it.

Another issue is that you're not actually able to progress Sr. and ranked, which is kind of broken the entire progression system is pretty busted right now you're also losing your level your weapon levels it's like the game just had a reset and nobody owns anything anymore you might also lose operators and skins.


Which is pretty broken as well, so like I said, there is literally no reason to risk playing the game right now. This is a very bad state for the game. If you guys stay tuned to the channel now, for those of you wondering how long it's been going on, there was a small update that dropped yesterday, and this has been going on for about 18 hours now, so if you played any time between then you could already be banning your account.

It's just really no telling that you would expect the developers to shut down the entire game and stop players from getting banned, but they're very hungry for money, and I doubt they're going to do that, so we actually have to use content creators like myself to genuinely warn the community because developers won't do it; they're not going to say anything; they have not said anything about the situation since it's happened.

I had some guide and coaching articles planned for today, but I had to make this article instead because I genuinely don't want any of my viewers to lose their accounts, so with that being said. Guys, bottom prison; full team, bottom prison. They're like, all you see are these guys; they're all next to each other.

I'm scared i'm scared of this. I'm going to die. They're all in this room. No, they definitely got proxim Min right at 110%. I don't think I want to be what I'm going to be.

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