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30 operator quickscope kills with recommendedbattle rifles

Welcome back to another Crocher article today, season 3, week two, talking about how to get 30 quick scope kills with recommended battle rifles in Mod Warfare 3. Of course, you guys know the drill. I'm going to show you how to do this in one simple game. We're going to be playing hardcore. 100% you have to play hardcore in order to do this you must you must play hardcore okay I recommend small at MH bit so you get more engagement, you see more enemies hence you have more chances for quick scope kills and in order to get quick scope kills we need good class set up so let's get to that all right everyone load out time you guys know what we're doing first of all you must use a recommended battle rifle with the fire symbol above the name, you could use the SOA subverter as well, as long as you're using a weapon that has the fire symbol.

10 longshot kills with the kv broadside

When you're watching this article, use that weapon. All right, moving on. So for the attachments, when we go for quick scoping, which I'll show in just a second, you must increase your handling of your mobility. You want to aim in as fast as possible and be able to shoot quickly, so that's what all these attachments are for.

Consider copying them. You know, I mean, you can choose whatever class setup you want, but if you don't know how to quick scope, essentially, it's going to be pretty simple. Okay, we're just going to go up to someone. We're just going to aim in like this you have to shoot as you're aiming in so see how I'm not like fully aimed in then shooting it's more of like a aim and shoot, at the same time that is what's known, as a quick scope okay all right now knowing that the rest of the class up that's up to you Marksman and stalker boots help with reduce Sway and Flinch while ads and this is also strafe and ads movement speed which is good for quick scoping so consider copying, all right everyone let's talk strategy gameplay real life examples first of all I do want to preface this and say I haven't played Mar for three in like 5 days so the lobby I got was a little bit easier sorry not my fault game's fault okay but the point still stands right you need to shoot.

As you're aiming for, I've done multiple quick-scope articles on my channel. If you haven't subscribed yet, you should, because I post every single how-to article for these challenges that you won't want to miss, okay? But regardless, really look at these clips, okay? Notice how I'm shooting. As I'm aiming, I'm only shooting one bullet despite the battle rifle being an automatic weapon because I'm really trying to emphasize the quick scope of one bullet kill, okay?

So really watch these clips, and of course, by the way, you will miss shots.

20 operator clean kills with recommended shotguns

20 operator clean kills with recommended shotguns

So fast, and I'll explain how to do it in hardcore. It is so easy, so I highly recommend the small MCH pit. Trust me, it's going to be perfect, and of course we need a good class setup, so let's check that fire symbol. Right above the class setup, it's going to be fairly simple, okay? But first of all, you can use whatever shotgun you want.

I say this in every single article; it's denoted by that fire symbol. Right above the gun name, now you can use whatever shotgun you want; it actually really doesn't matter for clean kills if you want my attachments. Here you are. You can copy this attachment. It's blocked by my camera, but it's just the express.

And you'll get this done in literally one game. If you guys need more help with season three challenges, I'll put a playlist on screen for you guys, and don't forget to subscribe. What's going on, everyone?

20 operator kills with a scope equipped to a suppressed recommended shotgun

20 operator kills with a scope equipped to a suppressed recommended shotgun

If you're watching this article, chances are you'll help with getting the 20 operator kills with a scope equipped to a suppressed, recommended shotgun in Modare 3. I'm going to show you how to complete this in one simple game. You guys know the drill, and in order to do that, I recommend hardcore.

For any type of shotgun challenge, that's up to you, though you could play core for this one, but if you do play hardcore or core. I just recommend the small map mosh, but playlist as always all right, and of course if you watch this article and you haven't been subscribing. Why haven't you subscribed?

15 operator double kills

Click that button. Suppressor is the only attachment P that is suppressed all right, so use this one now. Second, you must use a scope, and a scope just means an optic; that's just another word for it. I don't know why they just say with an optic equip; they always just try and make things more confusing than they need to be okay, but all you have to do is just equip an optic all right, so make sure you have an optic, make sure you have a suppressed muzzle, and you're all set.

The rest of it doesn't really matter; it's hardcore; you'll get kills very easily. And then here's the rest of my setup copy. If you want, that's up to you. Let's get into it. All right, everyone, let's talk strategy. Just kidding, there really isn't one. All you have to do is literally go around the map and kill people, and that's why I love hardcore because your shotgun is going to take 99.9% of the shots, most of the time, especially the Lockwood.

As I'm showing you here, however, there's one important thing is that you don't actually have to aim in the challenge doesn't say to aim in it just says you have to have a suppressor and scope equipped doesn't say you have to use the scope just says to have it equipped so as you're watching I'm getting kills without using the scope barely at all and you're going to see that I, the challenge so don't make it too hard on yourself I mean this is probably a very easy challenge go around the map kill people make sure I have a suppressor and scope equipped and make sure to check out this playlist with all the other Moder Warfare 3 season 3 challenges.

10 operator longshot kills with the kv broadside

10 operator longshot kills with the kv broadside

Call of Duty game to play You're probably level one with this weapon like me; however, if you're max level, just put on long range attachments, damage range recoil, you know, mobility like strafe back and forth long range or camping, you know. Put long-range attachments on, but if you're like me and you don't have this gun leveled up at all, you're going to want to use this Jack Jawbreaker conversion kit because this literally turns it into the AK-74 U assault rifle.

You know, it's literally crazy, and if you don't have this, you can actually get it from Week two right now. If you complete five challenges from this week this current week, you will get this aftermarket part, which you can use to make this challenge a breeze, like a walk in the park. So I have four other articles on my channel right now.

MW3 SEASON 3 IS HERE! This video is a How To guide Completing ALL of the MW3 MULTIPLAYER SEASON 3 WEEK 2 CHALLENGES! Chapters.
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