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Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 is here, and in this article, we will be going over all of the most important changes affecting rank players in comparison to the previous season in-game examples on the amount of Sr gain according to the leaderboards, as well as the most ideal way in which you can boost your rank or division based on the changes they have made.

I have also added a timer so you can freely skip to whatever part of the article you like. Let's start off with what has actually changed with the introduction of season.

Maximum available sr changes (update 1)

2 The amount of Sr earned after wins early on in the player's rank-play journey has been increased even more in order to help players reach their intended skill division or hidden performance range rank faster.

The fact that stinks in this situation is that some of you, at some point, including myself, will not be able to play with your friends as you will rank up way faster than you did in season 1. Let's give an example of this so that you can visualize what's going on. Imagine you ended up in season 1 with iredescent as your actual and intended skill division.

With the introduction of season two, you will obviously reset Six Tires, meaning your actual rank will be Diamond One, and as a result, the maximum difference between your attended skill division and your current one would be 4,600. Sr, which is a lot, leading to more Sr earned per game, however.

Why i am getting less sr when my intended skill division is high

Why i am getting less sr when my intended skill division is high

I'm pretty sure that some of you will be wondering, although your intended skill division is much greater than your actual, why are you getting less senior? For example, as an IR decent player or a Crimson player last season, I should be getting at least 200 Sr in diamond, right?

However, here's the important part: in order to be rewarded with the maximum Sr value available to you, you need to perform well individually as well as have a good team performance. Keep in mind that if you fail to do this consistently, then your intention skill division, or HPR, will start dropping, making it difficult to keep INE interested in the future.

You can think of it as a KD ratio, where the more games you play, the harder it is for it to increase. So here are in-game examples from my account so that you can visualize exactly what I said moments ago. Keep in mind that I finished season 1 as a Crim 3, in which I was getting 60 to 70 Sr per win, meaning that my actual rank was close to my intended rank.


When season 2 comes in, I restart from Diamond 1, and now I'm currently in Diamond 2. In the first game for this example. I ended a control match first in the leaderboards with a good amount of kills and scores in comparison to some of my teammates, but the match ended 3-2, which suggests that team performance wasn't good enough, and as a result.

I earned 156. Sr out of 200, which is an estimate of the maximum possible Sr I can earn. However, in the next game of control, we won 3–0, again at the top of the leaderboard. Good team performance; therefore, I have earned 18–9 Sr out of an estimate. 200, so basically the SR tuning change that they introduce in season 2 increases even more the maximum possible Sr available based on the attended skill division of each player, and the only way to get fully rewarded is to perform well and have a good team performance, which in high divisions weighs more easily.

To remember, the greater the difference between your actual and intended skill division, the greater the amount of Sr that is available to be earned. This brings us.

Reduction of sr inflation (update 2)

Reduction of sr inflation (update 2)

To the second change that they have added in season 2, which is going to be to increase the competitiveness of the top 250 skill division and reduce Sr inflation, the amount of Sr deducted after losses for players who are beyond their intended skill division has increased substantially.

The main reason why they did this was to make sure that all of those who are in the top 250 or even the IR cent or Crimson ranks deserve and have the skill to compete in that division. A lot of people were queuing up with hackers to get boosted, while others were just playing 24/7 to get a higher rank.

Even though their intended skill division was way below that, with this new update, players who don't have a lot of time to play but have exceptionally good skills can still make it to a higher division before the season ends. Previously, the maximum amount of Sr that a player could lose was primarily based on team performance; however, now the same amount of Sr can be lost if you are well over your intended skill division. The way you can understand and figure out your intended skill division is based on the maximum points you earn when playing well, both as a team and individually.

Why i am getting 17-20 sr per win but lose 30 sr when losing

Why i am getting 17-20 sr per win but lose 30 sr when losing

For example, if a player's intended skill division or HPR is platinum and he's currently a Crimson player, then this means he will be receiving obviously much less Sr when winning approximately 17 to 20 and minus 30 Sr when losing.

You can clearly understand that this system makes it almost impossible for low-skilled players to go to higher divisions, and the same pressure is also PL on any top 250 player whose actual rank is much greater than his intended one. However, there are some things you can try to strategically boost your rank as the seasons pass.

What can i do to increase the amount of sr i get in season 2

how season 2 might affect your rank mw3 ranked play

By number one, avoid playing all the time with people that carry you or boost you because what happens is that you end up lasting the leaderboard every time, and if you do this consistently, your intended skill division will drop, making it difficult for you to increase it in future seasons. And you know what that means: a low HPR leads to less Sr gain and more Sr losses for players whose actual rank is much greater than their intended one.

Even if you are winning now, you need to know that in future seasons, it will be almost impossible to rank up. HP number two is to focus on your HR by playing well individually. Even though you are losing some matches, this means that when the new season drops, your intended skill division will be greater than your actual.

Therefore, according to update number one, the greater the difference, the more Sr you get. Even if you manage to achieve a higher division than your intended one, this does not necessarily mean that you will be deducted more points for losing. Remember, the developers have specified that this only applies to players who are well beyond their HPR rank.

modern warfare

Finally, tip number three: don't always try to finish at the top of the leaderboard; focus on team performances as well, because a large portion of the ASR gain from the maximum available comes from team performances, which correspond to Domino results. So that's all for me, guys. I am more than happy to answer them.

This is Shadie, and, as always, take

This video covers the 2 major SR changes in MW3 Season 2 Ranked Play! MW3 RANKED PLAY HOW DOES SR WORK.
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