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True onard the plane are president bki and his daughter Elena the Russian president is flying to Hambur to negotiate a peace treaty with NATO delegates truth, it's just a matter of perspective however many Russians still blame America for the massacre at Z of airport the duty of every soldier is to protect the innocent and sometimes that means preserving the LIE of Good and Evil that war isn't just natural selection played out on a grand scale but for now it looks like the world may finally know peace the only truth I've found is that the world we live in is a giant Tinder Box all it takes is someone to light the match.

Let go This is the command point on the road to Hurg. Skies are clear, all teams report to Team One, the president's office is secure, Team Two's lower deck is clear, and Team Three's forward cabin is secure. We land in Hamburg in 2 hours, and Team One remains with the president until touchdown. Vasil is waiting for you, father; he's expecting an answer from me, Team One Moving Curr.

I don't like him; no one does. That's why he's good at his job. What will you tell him about the truth? He won't want to hear it; he has no choice. Mr president Bili Hello, Mr. President, gentlemen we have only two choices: peace or war, life or death. For the sake of our children, we must seek peace with the West.


Mr president, now is not the time to appease our enemies. We destroy our enemies when we make friends with them. If we cannot end our differences, at least gunfire hijackers are taking the plane. The G's have been broken. President, get down; team three, start reporting. We need backup and neutral security.

They had to be someone on the inside; they needed to hit the cor room first, secure the daughter, and move her to safety. HOV with me, we got to find the president, all team secure sectors Evac is on his way to Team Four to report that the president is injured but stable and moving to your location.

Now secure the area for Evac Parker to come. Mo area, this is Team 4; we're taking heavy fire and multiple enemy vehicles are inbound. We have to move the president, which is unseen secure. We immediately have team two get the L out of here, and all other agents hold in on the president. You know who I am, yes, and then you know what I want.

You're insane russia will take all of Europe, even if it must stand on a pile of ashes. I want the launch codes Mr. President never gets; every man has his weakness. Find the girl teams that are secured and repeat.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 "Turbulence" Description. "Protect the Russian peace delegation en route to Hamburg. Turbulence is the fifth mission of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The player starts off as Andrei Harkov, an FSO agent, on a plane with the Russian President, Boris Vorshevsky, speaking to his daughter about the peace conference in Hamburg.
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