News - Assault Russian Nuclear Sub. Hunter Killer" Call Of Duty Warzone 2. 4k 60 Fps Gameplay

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This is lightning 31. Guidance systems are back online, standing by with a full payload of jams requesting clearance for Lightning 31. You are cleared to engage, break the heart, and do five-second weapons. Away, verify initial strikes on the predator feed, sir; it appears all sights have been neutralized.

Good work sandman We've regained air dominance over Manhattan and pushed the front line back to the river. What's our next target? The Russian command vessel is an Oscar 2 submarine carrying enough cruise missiles to level the Eastern Seaboard. We need to strike fast before they can launch a counterattack.

Roger, what's the mission? Infiltrate The vessels take over the bridge, then turn their weapons against their own fleet. I need you to link up with the seals and get it done. Good luck get up, boys. Where's our infill? Point Brooklyn Battery Tunnel I thought it collapsed; it did, in position STV Team 4.

This ismetal 01 radio checking the blind over Roger 01, we have you on a 5x5 phase line. Echo Secure: We have executed Authority; we're one minute out of copy that just don't start the party without us, almost through. Mine's armed clear up Good job! We'll prep the fill. Going explosive, hit it.


Overlord This ismetal. 01 sub is surfacing, commencing assault. Roger 01 To continue our primary objective, we need control of the subs and to secure all rights I got the launch. Keys Overlord This is metal. 01: I sent the checkpoint Neptune over to Roger. 01 copy Neptune I have the missile key, and I'm accessing the launch codes now.

The grid coordinates follow. Tango whiskey 05 6 6; 28 coordinates confirmed firing on the Russian Fleet in 30 seconds; Frost got on the. Overlord mission complete, all Eagles accounted for. Roger Medal 01 missile strikes confirmed on multiple Russian hard targets in your AO, all primary threats neutralized, good work team, best one for the books, easy day.

Overlord Sand Man.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 "Hunter Killer" Description. "Assault the Russian submarine. "Hunter Killer" is the third campaign mission of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The player takes on the role of Sgt.
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