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Season 3 update

Season 3 update

Welcome back to a brand new news article today. What I've got for you guys is that we're going to be talking about the full season three road map. Button, it really helps out the channel, but anyway, let's go ahead and let's get into it. The very first thing is the date; it's going to be set on April 12th, which is just under two weeks from now, which means next Wednesday we are going to be getting the official blog post.

Season 3 battle pass content

Valeria is going to be the operator, so just like Ronan was for this season and then the season before it was Zeus, this time around it's going to be Valeria; apparently even the intro cutscene is going to be based on her, along with the Mexican sicario theme, so that means she's going to be the face of Modern Warfare 2 Season 3, which means she's going to be tier one, and then there's also going to be another variant of her at tier 100.

In terms of other content, we're not exactly sure what we're going to be getting; we'll know when the trailer drops, but there are usually over 100 different rewards in the battle pass. There's most definitely going to be some operators that we already have that are existing in the game just with brand new variants to them; there's going to be different blueprints; and there's also going to be Cod points and double XP emblems.

Season 3 weapons

Season 3 weapons

The third one is going to be the MCX. Spear, and then the last weapon that we have is going to be the Uzi. Apparently there's also going to be a melee weapon, but I'm not exactly sure which one it's going to be. There are three: a spear, the Cali sticks, and then a scythe, so one of these three will most likely be the melee weapon.

For these weapons and how to unlock them, typically you're going to see two of them in the battle pass, and one of them might be available through an in-game event challenge. We're going to talk a little bit about that later, and then we'll also have one that you'll have to do in a reloaded update, another challenge, and then you'll be able to get that one, so that's how you're most likely going to be able to unlock these.

Usually, you can get them in War Zone, and in multiplayer, it doesn't matter what you play; you should be able to unlock them without any problem.

All season 3 operators

cod season 3

On to the next section that we have. These are going to be the brand new operators that we are going to be seeing this season. So typically, with a season, we get two operators, and then we also get a licensed one, for a total of apparently three in the data breach that we ended up getting in December.

Back in December, they said the same thing for season three, and we're going to follow the exact same pattern for the next card. Who's going to be available for the battle pass? As we've mentioned, the second one is going to be Alex; he's going to be available in a bundle, which we will have to purchase, and then there's a very likely chance that when raid episode 3 drops, he'll be the free reward that you'll be able to get by completing it, and then apparently there's also going to be an Alejandro, operator bundle, so if that is the case, then it could either be Alex or Alejandra; you'll be able to unlock one of them by completing raid definitely, do believe it's most likely going to be Alex because we haven't even seen Alejandro.

Make an appearance yet. There's amazing artwork that has been created, and they've made him a model Warfare II operator. A lot of people have upvoted it on Reddit, and they agree that they really want to see this brand new movie that just dropped. It would make a lot of sense, so if Call of Duty really wanted to get that cash, I would think that it would probably be John Wick, but at the same time, it could really be anything.

I mean, Shredder—who would have thought Shredder would be the brand new operator? But if you go based on the fan base and what every player wants to see, as of right now, John Wick is the top contender for the next potential license operator. That hopefully everyone wants to see, and if Call of Duty did listen, then there's potential and there's a chance, but as of right now, we have no idea what it's going to be, but there will be a license operator. So expect brand new operators this season.

Multiplayer maps

Multiplayer maps

Now let's jump on to the map. So when you look at this little road map thing that was leaked, they said they were going to be getting three new core maps and then one battle map, but Matt Expo is actually supposed to release in season three, and they ended up, but due to a lot of player feedback suggesting that we just keep getting remakes that we haven't gotten anything original, they ended up pushing it up and they ended up releasing that in season two, so that means we lost the map for season three, and as of right now, we will be getting two core maps and then one battle map, so the two core maps honestly.

He has no idea there are a lot of different map code names in the files right now that they have and are working on, and he can't really decipher the code names as easily as you can with the weapons. You really won't know, but there are maps like Afghan, there are maps like Terminal, and there are things that we've seen on Almazra that are labeled as 6v6 in the file, so that means they could be recycling one of those for sure.

They're going to do that with battle maps, so battle maps don't really take a creative approach as much with them, so they're probably going to be taking something from Almazer. Or Ashika island more than likely, and then bringing it in as some sort of battle map, but in terms of the other maps, definitely expect something remade.

Gun fight & other modes

Gun fight & other modes

And then hopefully something original, but as we do know right now there's going to be two of them if they do surprise us, we could be seeing two in the beginning and then one in reload loaded, but as of right now I expect one for each season anyways, let's jump on to the next thing, and that is going to be the new mode, so with the modes as of right now there's a lot of leaks, but the one that is guaranteed is going to be gunfight, and that is going to be coming in with four brand new maps, so it's going to start off at 2v2 and then with the re going to be probably introducing 1v1.

Warzone 2 patch notes

Adjusting and slowly updating it to make sure that the game is as smooth as possible. A lot of players are going back to Warzone One, and a lot of people are going back to Caldera, and they are playing that, and they're saying that the movement is way better on there, so they're slowly reverting these movement changes and making diving and sliding a lot more useful, so these are the patch notes as of right now that we do know of the next thing that we have is going to be ranked mode, so Warzone 2 is going to be getting ranked apparently.

FULL MW2 SEASON 3 ROAD MAP UPDATE! Battle Pass, Operators, Warzone 2 Ranked. - Modern Warfare 2 the new season 3 new battle pass operators weapons valeria in season 3 with alex and alejandro. warzone 2 ranked update with plunder and more in this call of duty modern warfare 2 season 3 road map update.
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