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Strange source reveals potential warzone 2 and dmz updates

Strange source reveals potential warzone 2 and dmz updates

Recently treyarch ended up tweeting out saying that they were hiring a bunch of different positions at the studio if you were to look into it feel free to do so they list a ton of different public job descriptions on the Activision website and curiously enough if, you were to go and search up some of them that are active right now you'll, see that a couple of them actually list that they are looking for a senior level designer working on Warzone as a part of Treyarch now up until this point, you know.

MW2019 in both Cold War Vanguard and now in MW2. Treyarch really has not done all that much with Warzone specifically; yes, they made Cold War, but a lot of the Cold War content within Warzone was, you know, led up by Raven; Raven was fully in charge of development with that; you know. Phoenix and Toys for Bob have been the ones who have also helped out with making some of the other maps like Rebirth and Fortunes Keep and whatnot.

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So Treyarch really hasn't had their hands in the Warzone pot, if you will, all that much, at least on a large scale, but according to this job listing, this appears to be changing. Do you find yourself thinking of ways to make the space better? How could you improve it and make it a more engaging player experience?

Treyarch is looking for a talented level designer to join our war zone team. As a senior level designer, you will work on production content for Call of Duty: Warzone, outbreak, and other large map experiences. So this is interesting because of some other leaked information that we actually have from a while back talking about the future of Warzone once we move on to the next Treyarch title.

Keep in mind that it's been rumored by a lot of industry insiders that in 2023, we're not going to see that premium title from Treyarch: Modern Warfare 2 is more so going to be a two-year experience with premium DLC and premium add-ons happening, in late 2023 and then in late 2024. That's when the next official arrives.

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A full Call of Duty game is going to be released from Treyarch, whether you know that's Black Ops 5, Black Ops 75, or just Black Ops. It's something else. I think Gulf. War is something that's been talked about as well, according to various leaks, but presumably. In the 2024 update year with the next Call of Duty game, we're going to see that major update for Warzone that would be our first full-on extension with that new studio, and Warzone 2 would find itself under the development of Treyarch at least in some capacity, with a map here again.

At least according to this job listing, it also mentions outbreaks. So in theory, this could be returning as well in the next Treyarch game in 2024. They also say other large-map experiences, which to me is likely to include ground wars or whatever they want to refer to them as in the multiplayer for COD 2024.

Launch So it's very interesting information that's sort of teased by a job listing. I've seen a lot of people asking, "You know, what's going on with the future of Warzone Maps?" We've talked about it a bit recently, but I thought that was an interesting thing that. I know you might glance over if you were just reading a description there, and of course not many people are going to look for job descriptions as to, you know, a place for hints for future Cod updates, so something to keep an eye on for sure.

Future content for mw2 seasons

Future content for mw2 seasons

Now as we move on into some pretty major content leaks for likely future seasonal updates and hopefully some very near future war zone updates. MW2. It would be really appreciated. Let's try and go for 2,500 likes on this one now that it's pre-launched. Curiously enough, for Modern Warfare 2, we were seeing major leagues for Warzone.

DMZ for multiplayer, and Spec Ops all from Warzone Mobile, and, within all these leaks, we started to get information on modes, and it certainly seemed like Modern Warfare 2 was going to launch with a ton of content across the board, but that turned out to be not so much the case. We have a decent amount of content—obviously, tons and tons of weapons to go through and level up—but as far as maps and modes go as far as modes go things are a bit lacking there, and through our seasonal update initially with Season 1, we didn't expand much.

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Season Two season, so on and so forth, we don't have any intel there so far, but we do have a lot of different game modes that have leaked, some of them highly requested, and you would think would be pretty basic for Kyle bunches now but really aren't, at least in recent years, so a few of the initial party games.

This is a big mosh pit that I know a lot of players have been asking about. I see a bunch of different comments about this constantly, you know, over on Twitter or on the articles here, so some of these leaked modes stem from the ghost of Hope and then also the ghost of Saba over on Twitter from a bit ago.

Gungame and the infected were both found in the game files and likely will be coming to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. In the future, with a new seasonal update, the big one here is especially strange. But as of right now, that is another future seasonal update that's still to be talked about officially, even though it was confirmed a long time ago.


A few other modes have also been found in the files. which I would be curious to see how that plays in this game just because, obviously. Running around like crazy is oftentimes punished with this TTK, and the general sort of Sentinel, like gameplay and play style, seems to be favored a lot, so that could be interesting.

Uplink is a personally favorite mode that I really like and was also found in the files drop zone as well. Another interesting one that's not currently live in public games but that you can see in private matches is the cyber attack. This is something we had back in MW2019 also, leaked via the game files, but now.

I think after the Season One update, it started to appear in private matches; you can see it as a mode; you can select it as a mode; but in public games, you can't search for it; it's not a part of the quick play filters, so presumably, that's something that's probably going to be coming pretty soon, maybe with Season One reloaded again pre-recorded here.

So this could have already surfaced, but you know. I'd expect to hear some news on that officially since it's already partially in the game and readily accessible for anyone who goes into a custom game.

Warzone 2 plunder update leaks

Warzone 2 plunder update leaks

Then, of course, all these are focused on multiplayer, so we shift over to Warzone here, and there's really only one main mode that was leaked from the Ghost to Saba quite some time ago, and that, of course, is plunder.

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