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Ladies and gentlemen, it is very rare that I wear a button-up shirt, but today is Good Friday and it is Easter weekend, so happy Easter to all of you who celebrate. Things like that and talk about what is good for this season and what is bad, and by the end of the article we're going to come to a decision whether or not what we are seeing from season three is good or not, so without further ado, let's dive into it, starting off with the multiplayer.

Surrender guards to multiplayer, we have a bunch of different things that are coming here first off we have Maps so the 6v6 maps we have are paleos Lighthouse and, black gold which is a night map now my one worry about these Maps is that both take place at night one of which you're going to need night vision goggles the other of which is just kind of like a rainy stormy kind of thing there, isn't really like a bright and vibrant map which people tend to really like when it comes to DLC maps which we are not getting here now the weird part about this is the battle maps that we are getting are Rohan oil fields and the city cave, complex now if you know anything about the satiq caves it's Afghan from Modern Warfare 2.

modern warfare 2 season 3

And when it comes to Afghanistan, that is a 6v6 map, but we are not getting Afghan as a 6v6 map whatsoever, so that's a little bit confusing. And then in the mid-season update, we are getting the alboran, Hatchery, as a map. We don't really know much about it, but it looks a little bit more bright and vibrant, so that's kind of more of what I was expecting.

On top of this, we are getting four gunfight maps. Black site exhibit, shipment, and alley, all of which look pretty good. The one that's coming out at launch is Cranked. This is going to be followed up in season by Ground War Infected, a new co-op. Mission and the raid, so as far as multiplayer goes.

I think we're getting a pretty good offering; it's much better than what we saw in season two, and that was one of the main complaints with season two: multiplayer. Was kind of getting jibbed, so from what we are seeing here, this is definitely better. What I would like to see added in are gunfight tournaments and some rewards for playing gunfights, which we will probably not find out until this season starts or even mid-season.

modern warfare 2 season 3 good

I think they're just going to kind of launch it, see how people like it, and then take it from there, but overall, this is like a B in my books. The only thing that they could have done was add maybe one more 6v6 map that took place during the day and wasn't so dark and dingy. Other than that, I like what we are seeing here moving over into Warzone.

The first thing that we have coming at launch is Warzone El Mazda, Resurgence, so there are going to be 150 players on El Mazda with Resurgence active. This is pretty cool. I like this. This will be a lot of fun. People are going to get a lot of kills on this, and I think people are really going to enjoy it.

The downside to this is that one of the things that they announced at the season 2 reloaded update was that Warzone ranking was coming in season three; actually, they might have even announced that in season two, as well as plunder. Now, these are not coming out with season three; they're coming out with season three reloaded, which has me a little bit worried about how the development of it is coming along, but what they did announce is a bunch of quality of life improvements.

modern warfare 2 season 3 review

First of all, UAV towers are being added. If you've played DMZ, you know how these work: you go over them, hack them, they go online, and you get a temporary UAV within that area that'll speed up the game. On top of that, tempered plate carriers These are essentially a different type of vest that you can pick up that'll make it so that you can only equip two plates instead of three, but you have the same amount of health, so you can equip plates faster.

More plates, less of them It's a big thumbs up in my books; this was a perk, and the Warzone one is coming back as a different thing. On top of that, the redeployment of drones coming to Almazra is very good. A new Gulag is deployable. Fly stations are coming this season, as are perk packages, which you can buy at buy zones or find in the game now.


These are mostly quality-of-life improvements. So the game is going to get better; it's going to play better, but the worry I have is that it's too late. People have already dropped off of War Zone 2, and with these updates coming in, are people just going to be sick of the game and not even give it a chance?

I'm not saying it's happening; I'm saying it might be happening, so stay tuned for that. We will keep you updated. As far as this offering goes for War Zone 2, I think it's a big thumbs up. I really wish Warzone ranked or even plunder was coming out at the beginning of the Season Resurgence. Is fun, people will enjoy it, get lots of kills, and it'll be a lot of fun, but Warzone ranked.

I think, is going to be the bread and butter for Warzone moving forward, so it's a shame that it's not coming out of the launch of the season, but at least we have it to look forward to again. I kind of give this a B+ in my books because all of the quality of life improvements that they are talking about are definitely good.

mw2 season 3

The one thing that was not mentioned whatsoever is ttk ttk, which is really fast within Warzone 2. There was no mention of it whatsoever. Now, quickly going over the DMZ, there are going to be new missions. The workbench is being added with active duty slots, which I kind of understand a little bit better; basically, you can use one character if you're on an x-fill streak.

You can continue using that character, but if you're going in to do a mission that you might die on, you can use a different one and not ruin your streak. That's pretty cool. And then bartering, so you can bring items to the buy zone, and when you do, you can exchange them for other items. This will help you with challenges and things like that.

Also, new backpacks It's something that I didn't read but is on the road map, so new backpacks are coming. I'm assuming they'll just be bigger. I don't know; maybe you can carry more weapons in certain types of them, but those are coming as well, so. DMZ, big Plus, in my books, they're not wiping this season, so you don't have to worry about that whatsoever season, for maybe we don't know; we'll have to wait and see.

Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has now been fully revealed.
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