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You, YouTubers, in today's article, I'm bringing you guys the best settings in Warzone 2 for the season 3 update. A lot of you guys have been asking what your settings are. This is an updated article for the new update to have the best frames, best audio, and best visual controller settings. All right guys, starting off with our settings, we're going to jump right into what everyone wants to know about controller settings.

Best controller settings

Those of you guys that do watch me know I'm a rocket controller. Those guys that always ask, I rock my own, ride a PS5 and controller, can go to {242}. You could just write it all out for Big savings and shipping. They made them fully customizable, with different colors and directions for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.

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They're absolutely goaded, and this is how I shoot so straight without further Ado {242} board with our controller settings for the button layout. I'm going to play on the tactical layout for those of you guys that don't know what tactical is. It's going to move your Crouch and prone to your right stick and your melee to your circle button with that being said on my controller.

I do play with three paddles: the bottom left paddle is bound to an X, which allows me to jump to the top right; the paddle is bound to a triangle, which allows me to Plate up and switch weapons to the bottom right; and the paddle is bound to a circle, which allows me to melee. This allows me to look around with my left stick and aim with my right stick without taking my fingers off the stick.

I can jump with X melee, switch weapons with triangle, and reload with square, so I'm able to do that with the paddles on the back of my controller. That's why I am playing on a tactical button layout; for flipping L1 and L2, I have digital triggers and bumpers. On my ink controller, what does that mean?

best mw2 season 3 settings

I have mouse-click bumpers and Triggers on my controller. Here's an example of what they look like: That's all it takes for me to aim down the sights. This is all it takes for me to shoot my weapon. So I have Mouse clicks. I don't play with flip L1, and if you guys want to play with that, by all means, play with what is most, comfortable for you, so jumping on board here again, we're playing a tactical layout buffer, ping.

This is going to hinder your ability to aim; it's going to hurt your aim. You don't need vibration on; turn it off and on according to the sensitivity. In my opinion, this is what I stuck with when I switched to a controller 10 months ago from a massive keyboard. I stuck with 1375 because it was what was most comfortable for me.

best season 3 mw2

I love this sense, and I'll never change it. This is my go-to. I think with Warzone 2 being such a fast game, you need something where you can move around and look around fast and quickly. 75. Ads, since multiplier, so whenever I do 80s with weapons. I can Beam at long ranges on the controller for six multiplier play on one all across the board for third-person ground vehicles, air vehicles, and tablets, since for the vertical aim access, all this is on standard.

My gameplay, my ad behavior, I'm on hold, Zoom shared input, Sprint, tax print, and Focus—I'm not sure what that means, but I just left it at that. Again, I want to reiterate with you guys that these settings Are what I play on, what I love to use, and what I play on every single day. I think these are a good basis to start with, and you can make a few tweaks here and there to make your gameplay better for automatic sprint, also known as ATS.

You guys see me a lot. I'll turn this off and, and turn it turn it off and on. I don't think it's a very big deal in the Warzone either because there's not a lot of movement, but there's a lot of good akimbo. Weapons that you can't use with ATS are why you guys see me rocking it off and on, but for the most part, we're going to call it behavior hold weapon, mount activation ads, and melee interact reload.


This is a really big setting, so please pay attention and prioritize. Interact: What does this mean? A lot of you guys ask Rhonda how you loot so fast, so what prioritize means is that you can tap your square button, To loot, and you can hold it to interact with it, Reload. So when you're running through a building and you're grabbing plates of ammunition, A weapon, it's tapping the square button.

You pick it up, you shoot the gun, and when you go to reload, you hold the square button. This makes looting and playing the game way better; it makes it faster so you can get to more killing, so you're not wasting so much time or getting caught off guard. To pick things up or reload, finally, is our last option.

In the controller setting for armor play behavior, what does this mean when you hit triangle one? When you put on three plates, you put them all on with one triangle press. If this setting is on Plot 1, you're literally going to have to hit Triangle Three times and put on three plates. This is a big one as well.

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Jump on the board to the advanced setting of the controller. I do play with aim assist on. If you don't play with aim assist on, you need to get your head checked. That's the reason why you use the controller, And it is absolutely broken. Turn it on and use my settings, and I promise you will be beaming.

People, hey, what's this type of game I play on default? Black Ops used to be meta, but it got nerfed in my opinion. Okay, linear is all right, but Dynamic is absolutely broken, and trust me, this is the sticky aim assist that you do want by default: Aim assist Dynamic. The aim-response curve—trust me, just try it.

The hit multiplier is again at 0. 75, AdSense transition timing is instant custom per Zoom now. If you don't need to change this, I just do it because of OCD. 75 all the way from low Zoom all the way up to high Zoom input Dead zones, this is important. Please pay attention to your left and right stick minimums that are controller-based.

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Based that is controller based if, you have stick drift, that's where you need to adjust your left and right stick dead zones. At the bottom here, for the left trigger and the right trigger, these need to be on zero; the more they are, the worse it is. If that makes sense, they need to be on zero so it is immediate when you click.

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