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G'day, this is Captain Noob, and this is a chimera, otherwise known as a honey badger in real life, but the chimera is the generically named Call of Duty weapon, possibly to stop them from paying licenses, royalties, or something like that to the manufacturer of this particular weapon, but that's what it's called.

It has custom sounds that have been ported in from Call of Duty, and the animations have been ported as well, possibly rotoscoping, so it's like the gun jumped right out of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and straight into Fallout 4, and slowly but surely we're turning Fallout 4 into Call of Duty, which I am okay with and approve of this so.

It's a PDW with an intermediate cartridge, the 300 Blackout rounds, which you can see here. The dimensions are just a little bit smaller than your 762 NATO rounds, but what they do is basically offer better performance with a shorter barrel than your standard 5.56mm rounds, and when they're subsonic, they're slightly faster.

More quiet, which I guess is their namesake blackout, and you know that's pretty stealthy and quiet right, but you get a lot of power out of these things, a lot more power than you get out of a 556; and that is going to be reflected in the amount of damage we can pull out of this thing, which we'll see later.


The honey badger was. I think, developed and produced from 2011 to 2020, so it's a fairly new technology and a recent gun in the whole scheme of things, which means it's breaking the law, so, dear God no, it also features this AR15 design, which is a swear word if you're from CNN, so pardon my French, but yeah, it's got that design, so it's going to be fairly interchangeable between the parts of the US forces already using the M4.

I suppose, so, you know, it'll make all of the weapons more sort of uniform, so if you pick up an M4, it'll be like this thing, so people who are using them for an upgraded to a weapon like this will feel right at home with it. With this short-barreled PDW thing, there are some customization options, and the receivers you can get are semi-auto or automatic, but they have different flavor texts with all of these instead of the Hard and Powerful Automatic. Whatever they've got in the single word there, the best ones that you want to go for are Advanced Automatic and Advanced Single-Curiously.


No, there are perk requirements here; yeah, there are requirements. For materials, but this is not level-gated to anything, so potentially if you find one of these things at level one, you could scramble together these resources and find yourself with an advanced Chimera. Fairly, early into the game that's 230 damage and we can only go up from here now there's a legendary effect if you need it I don't think we will but I think explosive would be pretty awesome on this but we'll move on right now we've got the standard barrel which is the integrally suppressed version you can throw a suppressor on this particular barrel here you can even see the thread on it this will actually give you an increased range in accuracy which is going to help out your damage over range and we've actually moved attachment points because we've gained the muzzle slot which pushed the thing a little bit but whilst we're on the muzzle slot we can throw suppressors, including giant Russian burrito suppressors where is it there it is there's one called Harbinger D20 which is a wrapped one so we'll come up Less on thermal scopes, right, we'll throw that one on.


Ha brinja, is that a topper? That's not what the reaper was called in Mass Effect 2. Anyway, you can have this rail attachment where you can throw a laser sight, either red, green, or even blue, which is great. Let's go with green, This hip shot is L20. You'll also notice that most of these have very flavorful text.

I've just been on the horn with the fam over at Wolf Fighters Workshop Discord, and they're just saying that most of this stuff is just flavor text copied verbatim from Call of Duty, so don't be reading into those too much. Just pick the color that you want, and, moving straight on, you can change the pistol grip.


I'm not sure whether this does anything, but this one sure looks comfortable, so we'll throw that one on, and on the lower rail you can attach a grip, including some angled grips and some vertical grips. This one looks cool. It's like one of those foldable grips, and, whether they actually do anything in comparison to each other.

I'm not sure, but there's also this grip pod here, which is not the weapon I'd want to use that for, but maybe that extra stability would be nice, and no, you'd like to prop this weapon up and make it look cool on your shelf or something with the grip pod. Let's go with that one. Why not next? Up we've got ammunition, and this is where it gets interesting because of Warfighter.

Generally, it lacks all of these customization options for the ammo types; obviously, they're already using the 300 Blackout rounds; they're not going to change that; you just get secret, extra legendary effects, including incender, which doesn't give you Skyrim flame damage; it just gives you standard energy damage.

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Cryo doesn't give any Skyrim frost damage, which stinks, but Hollow Point here gives us 422 damage. This one does have perk requirements on it, so you've got to earn it with gunner rank 4 and science rank 2 to get that, but there's also depleted uranium that's potentially useful against human targets but not much else in terms of sheer raw power damage.

High Point is definitely the way to go for deals that deal massive amounts of damage to enemy targets; you can bet it will, and, well. Once we get the 4.4 snake motor supplies going with this thing, I think it's going to be quite strong right now. I've got a standard magazine. You can throw a 20-round magazine here or a 45-round magazine for sustained fire purposes; always go for the biggest magazine possible.

call of duty mw2

You can wait; we've already gone over the bowels; that's fine; you can change the sights on this right now. I've just got standard irons, and you've got a range of over-ports. Call of Duty sites for your pleasure, including this one scoop, which I'm going to be utilizing on a semi-auto version, hoping we get some sniper knockdowns with that should we need them, although possibly with this damage we will not, but I'll quickly go through them all, just so you can see, that's a Russian PSO, that's a Cobra Red Dot sight, which is an American weapon, which I shouldn't put on, but I'm leaning towards it, and I think I saw an air attack here, perfect, we'll do that, and you can have a stock a TRX 56 or a ravage 8.

Let's try that one. Honestly that stock looks very familiar to some of the tactical real-life stocks that I've seen on other tactical weapon mods, so that's cool unfortunately. For me, there is no paint section here, but I'm thinking that might be coming along just a little bit later, so be on the lookout for that.

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