News - Fallout 4: Warzone 2 Jokr (javelin) Weapon Mod Showcase


quot;G'day, this is Captain Ouch, and this is a joke." This is a weapon that has been ported from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the new one, of course, and it has custom sounds and animations as well, although cheekily it does use the standard vanilla game missile and lock-on animations, which we'll get to talking about how to use this thing later because it's pretty awesome how they've done it, and there's a little bit of quirkiness with it as well, which I think adds to the charm of this thing.

But anyway, what you're looking at here is supposed to be some sort of modernized version of the javelin missile launcher that exists in real life and existed back in the previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy entries into the series, but it's modernized now and has a bigger eye for seeking out Russian t90s in the fields of Ukraine, which is basically where this thing has seen a lot of action, the javelin of course.


Ukraine, and they've knocked out so many Russian tanks at this point that the experts are questioning whether tanks are a viable form of military strategy and gear anymore because you build a tank for. I don't know, 30 or 40 million Russian dollars only for it to be knocked out by a missile launcher and a missile made at a fraction of the price, so I feel like that's kind of interesting and the ATG might be the end of tanks as we know it unless they get some sort of crazy missile spoof system where they can stop the missiles from actually hitting them, but I don't think they've developed anything yet.

So the javelin itself was a weapon designed in 1989. So an early sort of 1990s weapon first made deployment in 1996 as an American-made launcher made by Lockheed too, so the ones that make all the planes and stuff, so, you know, it's made by a pretty hefty bunch of people that have the money backing them, and that's how they develop this thing anyway.

So this thing is a fire-and-forget missile launcher normally made for tanks, but there are no tanks in Fallout 4 -- at least none that actually will drive and shoot at you -- so we're going to be locking on to people instead, and what this weapon does at 5, is send the missiles on a parabolic sort of trajectory.

So watch the mouse over the number there; that's the launcher, and the current mods say the missile will fly like this. The function of that, of course, in real life is to hit the tank's top armor on the roof because that's where the armor is thin and because generally you don't engage tanks when they're directly above you.


That's crazy talk, right? That's how they do it. That's how they destroy all of the Russian tanks in Ukraine, and there are some modifications here, including a legendary effect, whose instigation would be nice, wouldn't it? and also sleight of hand to make the reloading excellent. Now you might notice that the damage here is only 43.

That is a big, fat lie. Pay no mind. That's what we get. You get a faster reload with this thing, and that's all you get for customization. Let's go, I guess, first, though I better show you where to get this thing. So welcome to Good Neighbor if you've never been there; the location is right there, and if there was any NPC in the whole game that would have this thing in the back of their store, who would it be?

call of duty

Yes, it would be Clear Shut, Up Robot, and it's right up here upstairs; you'll find it just there, and you get it for free; you don't even have to pay for it. Who's Laughing Now, five finger discount robot also a bad idea to fire it and shoot it in here, so we'll restrain ourselves from that. So let's go and shoot some bloodthirsty.

Merc Gunner dudes now Ryder, welcome to the immersive Gunners Plaza. Here is the joker in first person; it's got some animations bobbing and sprinting, and you could even gun bash with it, which is awesome, and it's got this little lever on the side that makes a thing stop existing; you push that lever up, and the weapon just fizzles out of existence.

Who knows where it goes, but at least you don't have to carry it around with you everywhere, obviously as a heavy weapon. It's not immediately compatible, at least without modification of, the classic horse's weapons, so it just goes away; that's fine anyways. Looking down the sights of this thing, it looks fairly genuine from what I remember of using this thing in the Battlefield games, and a quick look in third person, it's awesome.


That's what it looks like in third person. Let's start this off by finding a single target just so I can show off the flat trajectory of the missile because I think it's really something, and I don't know how they did this, but I reckon it's some of the coolest stuff we've seen out of a mod weapon for a missile launcher ever.

Speaking of missiles, it fires vanilla game missile launcher missiles, so it's amazingly cheap to run considering the power that you get anyways. We fire the missile, it flies up, and then comes down. Backing straight over his head, it hits him in the back of the head; he goes down instantly, and his brains are immediately turned into mush by the AGM.


Now I think in real life the javelin sort of launches the missile out of the barrel with a spring-loaded system, then the propellant actually makes the thing fire, and I think that's reflected here in the way that this thing fires. We're trying to get a centralized target here if we can. That'll almost hit the little guard rail there, but one missile and a giant nuclear explosion later, we find ourselves 6000 XP richer, and despite saying you're dead, the Gunners have ironically perished.

Now it's not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to this thing because I've noticed a few quirks with it if you decide to dump and fire it. It'll just go wherever the hell it was on that occasion it went behind me, so if I want to, like, flick the missile behind me here to try to kill another gunner, Well.

I somehow got something; I don't know who I killed there, but yeah, sometimes, if you fire it without locking onto something, it just goes wherever it wants, which is odd, but should I dump fire it again and make sure I don't hit any of these trees here because I will die? I've got to be really careful with this.

Sorry, it just wants to go that way. Normally there'd be a lot of them shooting at me by now, but that's simply not the case. So put a missile over there and see what kind of damage it can do. Another 1700 XP to my name—I see another one. We'll throw a fresh rocket in here before we stop blocking, and that should kill all of them despite their hiding under a roof.

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