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Vel and 46 lovers unite I made that build, which works in the current meta and will be even better with the update. The great thing about Devel is its super-good movement speed, and with a 40-round base Mac that you could technically increase to a 60, you don't want that, though it also has six and eight different barrels.

Let's take a look at which one is worth it and which one is absolutely overrated. As always, in the tuning screenshot at the end, if you spice it up a little bit, there's an amazing ending with the vowel and the signal 50 together as a lowdown. One just climbed the ladder onto the roof, okay. I think these are from the same squad.

I think they're moving to the left. I'm going on top of our roof here of the next building already because you can be on the lower look that's not that whole. Squad, you can be on the lower side here, boys, and correct one guy. Yeah, I see him running around there; they're going from right to left, correcting one guy.

I air-strike him; they're all going to jump; they're jumping into this; they are on the bottom floor of this one; this one is jumping right side through the gas, okay, this actually is not bad for us. It's all right; they're in the gas tanks down here. They'll be underneath in that warehouse; that's wanna just come out of my house now.

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There's another one, yeah, there's one more in there. It's time to go inside, yeah. Let's go easy; that's nice; there's like a very cool one already, and baseball already has an incredible damage range of 10 meters. very, very good. Now let's put on the important attachments and then the optional ones.

First, we'll start with a laser that's the vlk lzr, standard, one Sprint fire speed 180, as speed, and then for the rear grip, we're also going with the Schlaga soldier group spin the fire speed aimed at side speed, and that one goes towards Sprint to Fire and Fire, also aiming down side. Now again, you could put on the 60- or 50-round mag, but you got 40 bays, and these both reduce your movements being aimed at side speed and sprint to fire speed, so you do not want to look at that.


What you want to look at is the under barrel, and here we have actually a very amazing one, and that's the OP X9 grip, which does hipfire accuracy and mark movement steadiness. Rico steadness and hipfire recoil control are used, and it only reduces the ad time by 20 milliseconds; it does less Ricoh control than a pineapple, which does 40 milliseconds, but the good thing is that if you put on the OPA script and tune this towards aiming on side speed, you do not feel any detriment to your ad time while still getting up here a big amount of hipfire recoil control on top of that, which you will do in between, and you will just hit if the opponent is extremely close.

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We could increase our effective damage range with the barrels the Tango, for example, has—24 plus, which is huge on 10 meters—but it also reduces our ads. time by 66 milliseconds; that's huge; same goes for the schlaga; it's 24 but 130 milliseconds; then we have 33 milliseconds and only 12. Plus, with a schlager barrel, all of them are not really worth it in that regard if you have this many barrels, but none really do an amazing thing, so I do settle for ammunition here, and I'm going for hollow point, which cripples the legs, and then I tune this towards damage ranging, pulling it all the way out.

It's a four percent plus, but a four percent plus to have or not to have? You can even do some bullet velocity if you want, or go towards Rica steadiness; that's on you because you're using it as an SMG, so you have enough bullet velocity to hit your targets anyways, and then, last but not least. I'm going for the Carter compensator because the main problem that SMGs have is always horizontal recoil, especially when you're doing an over-10-meter shot where you then really wanted to have or not, if you wanted on or went for again kick control and, also, recoil stabilization, for 65; all of this together leads.


to a very good vowel that can just do These shots, and worst-case scenario, you could attempt to do these shots as well, but obviously that's where your sniper comes into play or your long-range beaming rpk if you're looking at it as the recoiler. Yes, it just goes straight up; there's some jitter but no jitter you actually feel in the gun, and that's the most important part.

Just can beam it away like that, paired together with this signal 50, that using the Brew encounter helps for maximum velocity together with a 29-inch barrel, then the high velocity rounds the Carrizo last laser here. You can also choose the FSS OV; it's just green versus red, whichever one you prefer.

Then you can take the stock, which makes a minimal improvement in ad time and aiming stability, or you can put the stock off and choose one of these two scopes: the Cronin zero optic or the Forge tag delta, which actually reduce the ad time tremendously. And, still, it will give you a very good zoom, and there you can play this with a Vela; it's kind of like a mid-range sniper where you're then shooting also people on 50 meters easily; give it a try and tell me how, when both guns are absolutely amazing and they have helped me tons trying, to go for nukes right now.

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