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I actually like it. It's not Rebirth Island, but it's really good. And today I'm going to be showing you the top five best guns you want to use on this map. In this article, those I think are better off on Warzone itself; they're great on the Chicago Island, don't get me wrong, but I prefer the ARs and the SMGs.

I like getting around the map nice and quickly and stuff, and these guns are great, so we're going to get into the class setups. I got a lot of them right here that I want to show you guys, and the first one actually. I don't think any of them back here are that important, so you know what, yeah, let's just start it off with one of these ones right here, the TAC 56 attack 56, which is great, but it's a disgusting gun, and this class right here.

I was actually using it yesterday. Is it good, is it bad, and not bad like bad in a good way, if that makes any sense? So you take it, you aim down sights, there's barely any coil on it, and it is a power shooter. It's going to kill people really fast, as you guys can barely see right there. Any bullets that are two, three, or four shots at most are dead, so the first thing is the echolus, 80 for the muzzle; it's pretty great to get that sound suppression, that recoil control, and that damage range.

ashika island

We're going to put the ad weight at 0.45 and the bullet velocity at 0.55; that's what you want on this one right here, and then we got the barrel, which is the 17.5 Tundra Pro Barrel. I don't know why I'm losing my words, but today I'm going to go to tuning, and we go to 0.29 for recoil steadiness and 0.30 for damage range because you want this gun to be really good at long range as well, and if you put it higher, it kind of takes away more mobility, more handling, and other stuff you don't want to do that.

This is perfect. You get the maximum amount here anyways, so it's really nice that the optic is going to be the AIM OP V4. It's good, it's nice, and it's solid, so we're going to put the Flinch resistance on and close; we're going to max those both out all the way. You don't want any flinching when getting shot at; you want this gun to stick on the target, and you want to drop them easily.

ashika island best loadout

We got the 60-round magazines because we don't want to run out of bullets while shooting at long ranges, and then we got the F-TAC Ripper 56 for the underbarrel. Now, this one's really good because, like, you get hit by your accuracy, which is great in case people come up to you up close while you're holding this.

You also get aiming idle stability, so if you're trying to, like, track someone at longer distances, your guns are not going to sway as much and you could stick on them and hit those shots, but you also get recoil stabilization, so we're going to tune it to 0.62. And we're going to tune the aim for idle stability to 0.25.

I'm going to get both guns, but I just want to make sure I have Ghost on when I'm using these right here, so the epi5. Again, another amazing class. You only get vertical recoil control, but the MP5 doesn't have practically any horizontal, so I wouldn't worry about that. The tuning is going to be at 0.28 for ads and 0.19 for gun kick control, and then we got the vlk-lzr 7 megawatt laser.

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I think that's what the MW is—megawatts, or the Modern Warfare 7 modern warfare laser. Yeah, ads aim for stability. Sprint to fire The sprint to fire is going to be at 0.27, and the ads are going to be at 19.74. Now, this is awesome because you could tune them. Finally, man, you could finally tune lasers.

I'm just really happy about that. I can't wait until they put tuning on my stock list. That's probably never going to happen, but it would be nice. That's what we're running right now. We got the ads from Sprint for fire movement speed and hip recoil control, and then we got the lockman, tcg10.


For, the actual rear grip and this one right here are going to be at 0.35 inwards toward the ads and 0.20 toward. So the muzzle is the F-TAC reaper; this one gives you sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness, so if you're holding that hard scope at least the gun won't kick too much just to re-center; it's going to go really nicely recoil, smoothness at 1.40, and smoothness at 1.40 we want that to come back to the center as soon as possible in case you could hit a second shot, and then bullet velocity, obviously, you want it to hit the targets as fast as possible, so shoot that all the way up.

Then the barrel is going to be the 22-inch O MX456. For more bullet velocity, more damage range More recoil control and hip-fire accuracy are things I don't really care for again. Recoil steadiness and damage range Shoot those all the way up. We don't care about ads on this gun. We're not using this gun.

I'm close who cares about that now? You could put a different site on if you want. Honestly, it's up to you; it's all up to your choice, and stuff I like is some of them where you could change the site, like this one right here, where you could go from a four-time to an 8.7-time magnification; that's the DS Far Side 11.

best class setup

I use this a lot on multiplayer, actually; uh, you can go ahead and do that if you want, but we don't need to. The rear grip is going to be the Cronin Cheetah grip; this is for Sprint, Fire, and ads. Now, you might be saying, Why'd you do that? You don't want that. Well, you don't want it to be too slow, so definitely throw that on ads and sprint to fire.

Max it out and do what you've got to do with it. The next one is going to be the Cronin smooth bolt for a re-chambering. Speed, which is pretty great as well, and then the five-round mags, which, come on, these five-round mags are good, they're fast, and this gun's not going to be like too heavy or anything like that; it's an awesome class going, to the number four spot, which, by the way, is not in any particular order.

I actually say these are my two favorite guns, so I saved the best for last; technically, these are my two favorite guns to use right now on Chica Island: the cast-off 762. And the Fenik 45, so the 762 and not the 545, is a really, really good gun. I mean, you could use the five for five if you want, and if you do.

best guns ashika island

I would recommend an optic on it, but this one right here, like. I still recommend an optic on this one; you might want to take this off and switch it for an optic, maybe the Slimline Pro or something, but let's just get into this class quickly, so the Castovia, dx90. For the muzzle, we're going to increase recoil smoothness and bullet velocity because we're going to be going for long shots with this igk3406 millimeter barrel.

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