News - Screw The Pros. Here Is The Best Signal 50 Build For Dmz And Warzone 2


I see that you don't like the pros either, so please consider subscribing for more DMZ and Warzone loadouts. Now today I'm going to be bringing you a banger sniper that I've been using for the past two days. It's the best sniper in the world, better than the Victors (unless you want to start hitting shots at long range, then use Evicted), but anyway better than the big disc.

Okay, you probably already know the drill, so let's get right into it. It's the Victus, ah, I'm joking, you really thought I was addicted; it's the Signal 50. This gun is so much better than the Signal 50. With the Signal 50, every time you shoot, you've got to jerk it before it can blow again. With this, it turns itself off.

Always ready to go again This is a reliable sniper for consistent downs and finishes. This is a snapper you should be using in the DMZ, and if I catch you wrecking with the victors, I'm going to beat the shite out of you. It doesn't matter if you're friendly; I'm going to beat the snot out of you if I catch you with the victors.


Man I'm beating the shite out of you with this gun, so let's get on with the loadout right now because I know you're dying for the attachments, so first we gotta go for the muscle and the muzzle gotta be the Bruin counter-ops now. Usually. I'd be going with this one because it looks like the assault rifle one from the Lochman 556, but it's the worst suppressor in the game for the snipers, and don't go for this one because the 50 gives you more damage range and accuracy.

So choose the Brew encounter Ops, muzzle now the barrel; obviously, it's the DMZ you're going to, picking fights at longer ranges. The underbarrel you always have to go with the f-tack Ripper 56. This underbarrel is going to be universal, except if the gun doesn't have it on all the attachments, for the underbarrel of course, and for all the guns because the F-tack Ripper 56 is just the best underbarrel in the game now that the base magazine is five shots and going to need seven.

signal 50

Okay, your five-shot load ain't going to compete with this 12-shot load from Invictus XMR; you're going to need seven rounds, man. Yeah, you're going to need seven rounds if you don't use seven rounds, you're dumb, you're stupid because if your team goes down and you're the only one left, it's a 1v3, and you're not going to hit shit, you're only going to knock one person down, and shit, one mag is almost like one guy and a half, which is one guy and plates off of another, so you're going to need the seven-round mag for more shit ammo capacity.

I don't know why they didn't add a 10-round magazine because the game is stupid as shit. Now, the stock is going to be the FSS Echo stock because of the aiming stability and recoil control. This one gives you crouch movement speed, but we're not really going to use that, and a mocking speed is enough, so you're going to need the best accuracy at range since this sniper is built for range.

Now let me show you the ACT. Let me show you the action of the signal 50 without the tuning, because without the tuning it's all right, but the tuning the tuning makes it makes it like the best sniper in the game. Look at how it goes up; change the snap. Here are the tunings for the Brew encounter.


Ops muzzle You're going to go a positive 72 on recourse movements and from bullet velocity. It's going to be a positive 74. Now for the barrel, it is going to be plus 34 on recall steadiness, and it is going to be plus 32 in damage range. Now for the underbarrel, it is going to be plus 31 on aiming idle stability.

The pros ain't giving you these bills that I'm giving you; shit the pros; they are not giving you these loadouts; you really think they're about to give you the signal 50. No, they're going to gatekeep. Stop trusting the pros, and with their shite MP5 RPK builds, this is what you should be doing and using on DMZ.

The pros are not going to give you the best builds cause if they do, they will have competition. Here I will give you the best build for DMZ and Warzone 2. Dont trust me.
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