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Today's article is all about this one line from the patch notes. This was, I think, the most recent patch notes that came out, and if you see here, it says "Akimbo p890 X12," and the different pistols have received a damage reduction against armored opponents. Obviously, that told me that these weapons can deal different damage to armor in general.

So I jumped into live Warzone matches and tried to test a few different weapons. I didn't go super in depth; it was just maybe like three or four hours of trying to get in the same match with a friend, and then, you know, getting money to get weapons and stuff, so it was not very easy. But let's jump into it and see what I found, alright?



so I've got the clip of me actually testing this in the background while I talk about it. The first thing I did was check the X12, so this is just the pistol you spawn in with in War Zone 2, so I figured it'd be easy to just start with that, not a Kimbo or anything, just the pistol itself, and I did chest shots with it.

As I was testing, what I found was that at the longest range, it was doing 41 damage to the chest, whereas, if you look at the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer expected damage, it should have been doing 29 damage to the chest, so doing dramatically more damage to the chest again and again. I was checking for armor damage, so all of this was against the target that had armor, so right off the bat, that's weird; it's doing more damage when a person has armor plates on; that's kind of the opposite of what you would expect.

But then as I moved in, that 41 damage was constant all the way up to around 15 meters because this was a live Warzone match and it was very difficult to get this done quickly enough to not get killed and actually get the numbers, but somewhere around 15 meters it finally changed and started doing 52 damage to the chest.

So, normally, the X12 has four different damage ranges, so if you look at the second-farthest, it's 33 damage to the chest. The first drop-off is 36 damage to the chest, and then the first damage range is 42 damage to the chest, so all the way out at max range, it was doing more damage or about the same damage to the chest as it would normally do in multiplayer in that very first damage range, so just a dramatically increased amount of damage for this pistol.

Um, so right off the bat, this told me that I needed to check other things and see what was going on. Um, so as I got closer, that 52 damage to the chest that was somewhere around 15 meters at 9 meters turned to 62 damage to the chest—that's almost headshot damage to the chest when you're in a war zone—and then what was weird is that this didn't seem to have anything to do with plates, so as soon as the plates broke.

I tested damage as well, and it was the same, so there was no difference in plate damage or anything; this was just straight up the pistol doing a ridiculous amount of damage. The X12 does a ridiculous amount of damage in War Zone 2.

Other weapons

Other weapons

Like I said, because of those results, I wanted to check multiple other weapons to see what was going on and see if I could replicate this anywhere. To be honest, I'm going to say right now, before you watch the rest of this article, that for the most part, no, I didn't see this anywhere else.

I saw one gun, the M4, have a strange damage value, but I checked the TAC 56 and I checked the Icarus. I checked the Vel and the M4, and those four were all exactly the same as you would expect from the data we have for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. The only difference was the M4, which I think did 20 damage to the chest.

warzone 2

The reason I say "I think" is because this was a live Warzone match. The gas hit the person that I was shooting at the exact same time that I shot the shot, and it seemed to do two extra points of damage to them, and make sure that this is the damage that's shown on my menu screen, so it should be the damage that I'm doing, but I do know from experience from doing this in Warzone One that, for some reason, in Warzone One when the gas hit the player you were shooting sometimes it would give you that damage, so I need to you so I need to double check this and make sure that this was real, but that would just be too much extra damage in the longest damage range for the M4.

Really. I need to go more in depth with this, but it's just incredibly difficult to test because I have to get into a live War Zone 2 match with a friend; they have to cue into the same match as me; we have to stay alive; get enough money to buy these weapons; and then test them, so you're going to have to bear with me as I test this.

I didn't check any of the other pistols; I didn't check a Kimbo or anything; I just didn't have time. It took a long time to do this. I'll do that in the future. I'll go more in depth though. Yeah, it's just interesting that for some reason this X12 pistol is just doing insane amounts of damage.

warzone 2.0

It did like 93 damage to the head, so it's like "pop, pop," and you kill somebody if you get one headshot or two headshots. It's just crazy how fast you could kill somebody who only has 200 health with the X12 pistol. So like I said. I'll go more in depth in the future; this was more of a preliminary This is something weird that I found and wanted to get it out there and make it known so people knew that all this inconsistent ttk stuff was making them feel I don't know; I'm not sure what that's about.

I was thinking that maybe I was going to find that in this. Like maybe there's some extra plate damage or something that could create an even more extreme difference between regular health damage and plate damage and cause these inconsistent ttks that we're feeling, but unfortunately I didn't really find that; I just found extreme damage on the X12 pistol, so I'll go more in depth, but I just wanted to get this information out there; that's all I wanted to cover in this article.

I do want to mention that TGD 2.0 is coming extremely soon. I know I've been saying that for three months, but it's actually really, really close now, so hopefully within, I don't know, a week or two we'll have TGD 2.0 out. It's basically a complete rework of the entire website, if you don't know what that is.

The functionality and the features are going to be very similar with some slight changes and some slight improvements, but overall it's the same website just completely redesigned to look better, flow better, and edit weapons way faster. It should be a massive improvement over the current TGD website, so I'm really looking forward to its release.

We've been working on it for, I don't know, probably five or six months at this point, and it's been a ton of work, but we'll be releasing it pretty soon.

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