News - Secret " Grau " Setup Warzone 2. 0. Best Lachman 556 Loadout Season 2


Well, ladies and gentlemen. I've got this set up for you; it's going to be the Lachman 556. And it feels just like the grounds have great iron sides, and most of all, they have no recoil. Let's jump around to the setup, and as well, a special shout out to my newest members who give me a huge extra boost of support for the channel, and you can become one for as low as 99 cents a month.

We're going to put The first one is going to be the muzzle, and it's going to be the last as a silencer. If the gauge 9 model is available in any of your weapons, this is the best muzzle to put on now. For this one, we are going to put the Regal smoothness almost all the way to the top, and then below velocity again, we're going to max it out until it stops moving there with the range.

Next up, we are going to add a barrel to this, and that's going to be the 16.9. Sorry, the 15.9 Lochman, wrap this barrel right here, giving us bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil. Control all the things that we need in the gun, so next up we're going to go with the Ricoh steadiness. We're going to increase it just a little bit, and then the damage range is also going to increase.


It doesn't increase that much, but we're going to move that up. Next up for the underrail, we are going to go with the Edge 47 grip, but there's a little catch here instead of going for Ricoh stabilization. We are going for the ad speed on this one, so just increasing that one until it's right there, and then we're also going to go with the aim walking speed of moving this one a little bit right here, so we're going for the Regal control, but then we're also tuning in just to make it a little bit faster.

No ammunition on this one; no, we are going to run it in a magazine. You can run the 60-round magazines, but in my opinion, she's going to be way too slow, so for the gameplay, I was running the 40-round magazines. For the FSS. Next up, we want to make this gun just a little bit faster, so we are going to go with the laser, and that's going to be the FSS.

Only five things—Laser has added speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed—that we need for this gun. Next up, we're going to go with the Sprint of Fire speed and pump that up, and then the ads speed as well and pump that up. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the loadout. Trust me; it is a smooth gun, I feel.

season 2

I mean, you are not going to get anything similar to the growl in this game unless you use this setup for the ultimate, buttery smooth experience, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the gameplay,,

Want the OG Grau in Warzone 2. This is how to make the lachman 556 ar into a NO RECOIL menace in Ashika island in season 2 mw2. Play Live With Me EVERYDAY at 130 PM EST and 930 PM EST on YOUTUBE.
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