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The game is out, people are hyped up about it, and here's going to be my honest review and first impressions of the game as somebody who is not a mobile gamer really whatsoever. First things first, unless you're an FPS On mobile, just connect the controller to your phone via Bluetooth. My old man's brain simply cannot figure these things out, man.

It was embarrassing. I could barely even move when using the touchscreen controls. I then hooked up my wireless Xbox controller to my phone, and suddenly the game became playable. Once you're done with the intro tutorial, you're then thrown into Verdance for a couple of warm-up games, and here I really can't tell if the people I'm playing with and against are bots or not.

One teammate pinged that we Dro super stores, so I go in, and I basically just shoot a bunch of people who are either bots or perhaps real players that don't have a controller connected, and instead they're just as dumbfounded as me trying to figure out how to move and shoot while using the touchscreen controls.


After picking up a bunch of kills, we get to the final circle, where my teammate ends up dying. I pick off one of the remaining players, then I get gunned down by the final player, sadly finishing in second now in War Zone Mobile. Before you're allowed to edit your loadouts or really do anything, you have to first finish two matches of these beginner games on Ver Dance, so I then jumped back in, and my teammates and I ran around a bunch, and eventually we got a win.

I think I got one kill total in that game. I really didn't see any putty at all during the second match. After finishing my second tutorial game, I was free to create loadouts. Any crossover progression between Mobile, War Zone, and Modern Warfare 3 works pretty well in my experience, though not everything is here.

For example, you can have your Interstellar camo that will carry over into Mobile, but something else like my zombie ghost skin was not available, perhaps because that was a pre-order bonus for Modern Warfare 3. I'm really not sure why that skin was not available, and for some reason the beta skin has a completely different name within War Zone Mobile, but regardless.

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Most of what you have in regular war zone and Modern Warfare 3 does carry over into war zone mobile, and the things you do in war zone mobile will carry back into regular war zone as well as Modern Warfare 3, so with that being said, for my third match. I decided to jump into Rebirth Island to relive the glory days of playing Alcatraz back in the blackout.

My teammates were all over the place, constantly dying and landing in random places, though eventually they would prove themselves pretty confident by the end of the game. After getting a number of kills and not dying, the resurgence window closed, and of course that's exactly when I caught my first death of the entire match.

From there, I spectated my teammates, who, to my surprise, actually clutched up, and we won the game. I've got to say I don't know what's going on with War Zone Mobile. Are we actually playing real players? Are these bots, whose names look kind of body-like? I'm not going to lie, but they're also not the same kind of bot names that you would see in a game like Fortnite.


You know, in Fortnite, you very clearly know who's a bot just by their name. War Zone Mobile I'm having a hard time differentiating real players from potential AI players, but I do find it kind of odd that in my first three matches of War Zone Mobile. I finished in first place, first place, and second place.

That just feels off to me. I'm not even a war zone player if these are real players that I'm going up against. I feel like the vast majority of them are actually using touchscreen controls; they're actually playing on their phones, which is why they barely fight back whatsoever, so I feel like I'm cheating whenever I use an Xbox controller, but the game does have native controller support, and it's not hard at all to connect a wireless controller to your phone; literally, it's right through Bluetooth.

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It's the simplest thing in the world, but that being said, if you're out in the world, like you're waiting for your car to get worked on or you're on the bus or wherever it is you are, and you want to play War Zone, you probably don't have a controller at your disposal, so you're going to be using the touch controls, and you're just at such a disadvantage.

I feel like when you're using a touch screen, but maybe that's just me as someone who's never played a first-person shooter. On my freaking phone moving along after a quick game of Mini Royale. I finally had my four matches completed, which unlocked War Zone mobile multiplayer, and this is when things got absolutely silly because cross-progression works with this game.

I decided to take my Ram submachine gun in since I haven't finished leveling it up yet within the normal Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. My first match was on shipment, and guys, I cannot begin to tell you how incredible. Easy War Zone mobile multiplayer is not even joking. I'm sitting here at my desk, where I normally play all my games, hunched over, squinting at my phone, trying to see people while holding on to a controller, and I dropped 70 kills with like a 7 KD almost every single life.

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I was on a 10+ kill streak. It genuinely feels like I'm playing bots, and when I look at the scoreboard at the end of the match, virtually everybody is a super low-level player. If you want to talk about the idea of removing skill-based matchmaking, well, this might just be it. I do know that weapon levels go up pretty quickly, especially when you're playing the multiplayer aspect of the game, but challenges are a whole different thing.

Like, can you just jump into War Zone Mobile and knock out a ton of challenges really quickly for Interstellar? I'm not entirely sure, but what I do know is that regardless if these are like brand new Cod players playing on their phones or whether not their Activision AI Bots or whatever, what I do know is that this is an incredibly simple way to level up your guns, and honestly, it's kind of fun because you're just running through dominating, absolutely everything.


Now that I know Activision skill-based matchmaking may eventually catch up to me, perhaps not because the vast majority of the War Zone mobile community are just people on their phones using touchscreen controls, then maybe there isn't a whole lot they can really do to manipulate matchmaking, like they do on consoles and PCs.

I don't know; I'm not really a mobile gamer. You guys are probably a lot more versed in this. I will say that there are sweat lords in this game. Remember when I talked about my fourth match? I jumped into that mini-royal. Well, in that game, I got a number of pretty easy kills, but then when I was running up this mountain, I got dropped by a guy wearing all black skin.

Warzone Mobile released today, and I promised I would give it an honest try.
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