News - Warzone Mobile Is Getting Blasted With Hate. Cheaters Taking Over, Activision Is Worried


I've covered War Zone Mobile on the channel already, but the game since then has been getting blasted. With review bombs mostly stemming from Android users in different regions of the world because these reviews are claiming that the game runs horribly even on brand new devices; it's overheating people's phones; it's overheating people's tablets; and in general, the game just kind of runs like [__] according to a lot of people, and I've seen a bunch of people saying the same thing on the iOS side of things, but for me personally.

I had no issues. I play on an iPhone 14 Plus; that's the phone I have, and the game ran really well, with the exception of this one match. As you guys can see, it's kind of clunky; it seems a bit framing; and just things don't really feel all that smooth. I thought that maybe this was because the game was downloading the textures of the areas of Dan that I haven't been to yet, but overall, the game did run pretty well on my device, regardless of my experiences.

It seems like a lot of people are having a very hard time getting War Zone Mobile to work, while other people are saying that the game runs great on their setups. It's really a crap shoe, and as a result, Activision has a lot of work to do. I suppose the biggest thing for Activision and why they're probably going to try and get this sort out as fast as possible is right now.


It doesn't seem like War Zone Mobile is the cash cow that they thought it was going to be; it's still early on, and things are definitely subject to change, but reports are coming in that War Zone Mobile has earned $1.6 million in its first 5 days, which may not sound horrible, but then you consider that back in 2019.

When Call of Duty Mobile came out, it earned 4.2 million in its first 4 days, so basically, despite being out for an extra day in the war zone. Mobile has earned less than half of what Cod Mobile earned during the same window, but again, lots of people are having issues with the game right now, so I suppose we're going to have to wait and see if things are going to get better.

Speaking of getting better, it never ends with the drama over there in the war zone. Community, let's talk about ranked play within the war zone because, reportedly, people are sick of trying to get better at the game, and instead they're just going to pay the Chinese to boost them up to give them a top 250 rank, which is right.

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Ladies and gentlemen, just look at this. Here it is said that Chinese boosting services, which will just fill your rank lobbies with a bunch of bots that you can just run up to and kill and then get tons of kills and tons of Sr and rank up really quickly, may only pertain to like the Chinese or the oceanic regions of the world, but it is said that over 100 of the top 250 people on the leaderboard are using these cheating services, which looks really damn bad, for Call of Duty as a whole, so activation.

I'm sure they are trying to get to the bottom of this, though so far, they have not even commented. On the situation: Now, ladies and gentlemen, that is pretty much all for the news so far here today. There is not really a whole lot going on the multiplayer side of things. I know it sucks. I'm waiting to hear more about season 3.


You would think some leaks and rumors or something would be happening, but I don't know. Maybe not a lot of people are really interested in that kind of thing anymore, but season 3 is going to be right around the corner. new weapons, new maps, new modes, all that fantastic and fun stuff, but for right now, it just seems like all the news and all the drama is going on over there in War Zone.

I wanted to cover that here today because I just covered the news regarding War Zone Mobile and gave you guys my little review of it. Now Rebirth Island is coming back, believe it or not. I'm kind of excited for it; you guys know me. Have a wonderful

Today we quickly roundup a bunch of news drama surrounding Call of Duty right now.
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