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Today we're here to level up your War Zone mobile experience by tackling those pesky lags and performance issues, especially after the update. Don't sweat it. Our first tip might just be the solution: try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. Sometimes updates can throw things out of whack, and a fresh install can work wonders.

Now let's talk about overheating. It's a major culprit behind FPS drops and graphics glitches. Consider investing in a quality cooling pad for your device. It'll help maintain optimal temperature levels during those heated gaming sessions. Sessions next up resist the urge to crank up those FPS settings, while it may seem like a shortcut to smoother gameplay.

Uncapped FPS can actually overwork your device and lead to overheating. Stick to a capped FPS setting for a more stable experience, and let's not forget about those new weapons introduced in the latest season. While they may look cool, they might not be fully optimized, leading to crashes and lags.

Be cautious when trying out new additions to Arsenal, and keep an eye on the pinned comments for the new weapons added this season. Running out of storage space is another common cause of lag. Always keep some free space on your device, delete unnecessary files and apps to free up memory, and keep your device running.

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Smoothly, and lastly, make sure you're not running any other apps in the background while playing War Zone. Running the game alone can significantly improve performance by allocating all resources to the game, and there you have it, folks. Follow these tips, and you'll be dominating the battlefield in no time.

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