News - Call Of Duty. Warzone 2. Part 12. Danger Close


Ghosts and soap prevented a disaster at the dam. They stopped moving. You need to do the same with Far and Alex. We will you and Graves are on the same team. John, don't forget that I don't forget anything looking good. Boys, we are going for pre-checks. We're going for it; Shadow Gold Eagle, the actual Shadow, is on station Shadow.

One ground team is at Rally Point Boneyard. You'll provide air conditioning while they locate the chemicals and hunt down macaroon copy, act, and sh. One ground team is holding at RP Boneyard to the west. We're marked with an IAS call. Visual copy stand by copy visual marking ground team we have visual on you copy our targets are the two hangers we move on your signal marking threats in the Boneyard, ground hold position we'll clear the area Gunner lay down to cover fire.

Take out those threats at the trigger time to get to work. Here. RIS for the Northeast crew's maneuvering near the Com to Tower, gun get eyes on that tower now, got a Sam site near the tower Gunner missile on that Sam, site con is targeting us hit that St site with a missile good impact Target destroyed took South Con's move into the Boneyard K.

One ground team is in contact with fire Cy there; we're on it. The ground team is pushing through the boneyard. Keep us covered, Roger, that Shadow's watching over, You get, Ground, the one Clon is launching a plane to copy con jet marking, Target hit that jet before it's Airborne crew. Let's get on it; enemy jets destroyed air superiority.

Shadows enemy's pushing across the tarmac ground multiple Cony on the tarmac, get to cover, and we'll clear your path. The copy ground team is holding Southwest. Keep that ground team secure. Do not fire on the hangers going hot on the 40. There, boom, baby, can't hide from the eye in the sky. You're clear to move copy ground, and the team is pushing to hanger.

One gunner covers them into the target, but do not fire on the hangers until the chemicals are located. We want to hand M up the wind ground teams reach hanger. One move was internal threats coming from those structures on the south side of the base. Mar Gunner, do not let Con get near that hanger.

Get cover get some sleep. One is clearly searching for the chemical. St, Copy that love from above. They're taking off-fire RPGs located in Tower South. One Shadow neutralizes those RPGs. Do not let Con destroy the hangers. Copy that nice document to the ground team. Give me a sit-rep. I want a dry hole, actually.

No chemicals our in's solid; Makarov's entire chemical stockpile is on that base; if they're not in that hanger, they'll be the ne. Just be sure before you push on copy; we'll keep searching the hanger. They keep us covered. We're not going anywhere. Kilo, clean them up. Shadows keep coming out of the.

Hang; do not let the con get near that hanger. Get some shadows. One first hanger is clear: searching for the chemicals. Now copy that love above enemies, closing in on hanger one. Taking RPG fire, you can run, but you'll just die tired. RPG is located in the tower south of Hang. One threat is advancing on the hanger.

One Shadow, neutralize those RPGs; do not let Con destroy the hangers; the actual ground team will give you a [__]. Right, in this dry hole, there are actually no chemicals; our Intel solid and Makarov's entire chemical stockpile is on that base. If they're not in that hanger, they'll be in the next one.

Just be sure that before you push on, keep searching for the hangers—the ones that keep us covered. We're not going anywhere. negative for the chemical hanger One is a dry hole ground team push to hanger two Shadow-keeping cover got Gold Eagle, we got you ground stop it moving to hanger two water fires incoming from the northwest Gunner Target those mortars and take them.

Out Shots Out took out their Mort team. Backov destroys his whole base to keep those chemicals; they'll be in the next hanger he might be too. RPG Fire coming from East in the H good shot Hit those RPGs; let's go gun. Focus fire on that, RPG. Put some [__] chalk around that we're taking RPG. Fire one, down hit that RPG.

All station Tang is clear. Be advised, we've located the chemicals; Marov is negative; he's not here. It could be close ground neutralizing those chemicals. Shadow maintains OverWatch. Keep the ground team secure until the job's done. Copy that gold eagle. All stations should be advised. Intel's picking up Cony Communications from off base.

They're scrambling armored vehicles and reinforcements, expecting heavy contact. Copy that—the actual enemy tank on the north side of the base. Do not let that tank destroy those chemicals. Gunner You eliminate that tank and drop a missile on that [__]; that's where the radio tower is. That's what the enemy tanks destroyed.

Good i hate those [__]. Thanks, enemy vehicles, Just North copy marking Gunner Target those vehicles they're pushing to hanger. Hang enemy tanks directly to our north. Shadow Don't let that tank hit the chemicals. Take it out, and let me have some quick triggers. Enemy missiles and vehicles are incoming; they're pushing in through the fuel depot to our North All-Stage Mountain to re-attack.

Let's bury them—this is the con's foothold—and wipe it off. Runway through, let's get on it. He gets airborne; we have big problems with jets taking off threats outside the hanger. Gunner, take out the jet; that's right. Jet number two is down. Keep them out of the hanger. Round's out look at him.

Let him know what hit him. Good hit stay down, Gunner, and push Con back from the hanger. Keep the ground team secure, Beauty; get one cover for the hanger; keep them. Up, all stations, this is actual. Sig confirms Marov is on the base; he's going to make a play for the chemical ground team. Are you ready to go?

Negative chemicals are still active; we need more time to copy them to keep them secure. Graves maintain OverWatch You see Marov. You put him down. Check Gole shadow is ready, and Hero, Eny Come down; we got your ass hookline, [__]. Saker, all stations, the enemy bird is down. Vladimir Marov is Ekia.

Copy the chemicals rendered safe, pushing them out of the hanger now. Graves Once the ground is clear, have your man drop a missile on that hanger. Barry Marov and his [__] chemicals copy that shadow one ground team is cleared level the hangers Gunner, Good effect, Hanger's down; that's how we get her done.

Shadows, do be down with you, Vladimir. There are three things you cannot outrun in this world, folks: death taxes and my pleasure doing business with you boys and girls. The actual MRTB is out here. Roger, that shadow—that's some big league work out there. Blue Sky, sir, I appreciate the assist.

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