News - Call Of Duty - Warzone 2 - Final Mission (ending - Spoiler Alert)


CE to watch the train It is clearly advantageous to cross over. Copy and advise using the ventilation passage to get to the crossover more. Bravo, this is 07 Take an effective fire ton out hostages and secure them. We're working on it. Watch it we're seeing dead civilians. They may be the first of many Bravos, unless we stop.

Garage clear civilian casualties here. Captain, get the survivors to this. We're at the crossover now. Watcher, that's Mra's last known position. Six, stay sharp and get ready. Marov may be on these goals on your go, Clear. So let's move. We don't rest until Makarov's in the dirt. He's not getting out alive this time.

Sir, I have a threat. We're pinned down. Watch your back. They've got shooters at every turn. Roger the No. SE snake, Cal right sfe, out, I'm in, talk to me, so bomb's dirty. Captain C4 and the radioactive powder PL hit the tunnel and hit Europe. How do we this hel it I need the manufacturer logo on the large circuit board.

Give me something, sir. The logo on the board and the logo on the circuit board are bear copies. The bear cutting the wire got it, which took us some time, right? spear advised Marov is in the channel; he's heading your way, soap. You hear that I'm not leaving this B, Captain, so here you got up.


For my leg, Captain, cover me. I need pressive fire here now. Down in the tunnel, push through them. Then stay down and finish. Him, we clear, please. I need you back in that state. C Captain 07 to 6 We're punching through now. Get here what's next, so locate the blasting C bottom left-hand corner and copy blasting C at s to the SE4.

Hi, there's a serial number on it. Give me the third. Number three, Captain, find it. Number nine, copy. Good work this bomb has two fuses; we need to cut both at the same time. Red wire got,

This campaign was good but felt too short. They didn't put much into the ending. Could've been better. 11 Hunnid.
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