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Make sure you get on this glitch immediately, because they're going to patch it super fast. This is a God Mode glitch; this is an XP glitch; this is a camel glitch. This is so many glitches in one. Let's get right into it. I'm your boy; no lago. Let me show you how to do this dope glitch in Modern Warfare: Zombies right now.

If you need schematics or anything, my Discord will be down in the description so we can help you. There are thousands of people that will help you, and I'm going to go live in probably 30 minutes, or I'm probably live right now. Go check i'm going to help you now. Let's get right into it. The first thing you want to do is go to your settings and put your settings on tap to slide very important me I got my settings on slide only, but with this glitch, you need to put it on tap to slide.

I'm going to change mine back to slide only; that's later, so I can move around like in War Zone 1 now. The second thing you want to do is go to Tier 3 and purchase some Jugger Knuts. We're going to need about four, probably three or four juggernauts, because you're going to fail this glitch probably once or twice before you actually hit it.


This is super easy. This glitch was out before, but it was hard to hit, so I never posted it. Me and a lot of other YouTubers never posted it as well, but this glitch is super easy now. The first thing you want to do is start up your contract, so I'm me. I'm going to start up the Outlast. The Outlast is not patch; no more, you're going to throw it down a juggernaut, and you're simply going to lay down by the juggernaut, and you're going to run away and try to equip it.

That was a failed attempt twice, as you can see. Now let me try it again to hit this glitch perfectly. You're going to literally drop a juggernaut. Once you drop a juggernaut, you're going to lay down. You're going to lay down. You need to be able to sprint. You're going to sprint away. Once you try to run away, you're going to try to equip it as you're running away.

That's another failed attempt. You see, I just failed it twice, so I'm going to do it again. Smack all the zombies up. Once you smack them up, you can do this while they are running at you. It doesn't matter how you do this; you're going to lay down this work for all consoles and for every single person.

Once you try to run away, you're going to equip the Juggernaut as you're sprinting and running away, if everything is done correctly. As you can see, I'm under the map, and I'm glitched out. From here, you're going to wait till the Juggernaut runs out, so continue to smack the zombies up. Once you continue to smack the zombies up, you're going to basically be Once the Juggernaut.

Go away You're going to run away and dive twice; simply run away and hit the dive. Run away again, hit the dive, and then, as you can see, go full-blown. God mode right here by your boy; no Ling onone now. This glit is a little tricky, so you need to listen up. We're not done yet right now. I'm in full-blown god mode.

At this moment, when you're moving around, you're not in god mode. I noticed when I was moving around that I wasn't in god mode, so you can continue to be in god mode with this, so let's say it's a little troller. Let's be like a little weirdo around you. You can just run around. You're like, right now, as I'm running around, if you move around, they can still smack you and damage you, but the moment you dive again, guess what?

We're back in full-blown god mode. You could use this in Tier 4. You can use this for the red worm. You can use this for the regular worm; you can use it for Big Worm; you can use it for the new Santa; you can use it for anything that you need. I'm going to be using this; you already know, get them camels quick.

I don't have all the camels yet, but my crew does. Some of my crew does, but guess what? This glitch will save you right here in the Tier 4 red worm. Big Worm: anything you want to do in Modern Warfare Zombies right now This glitch is super easy, and like I said, it was out before, but now it is back working and is consistent.

All you have to do is drop a jugger knot when you have a contract started and run away and equip it at the same time, and you'll be glitched out under the map just like this. I'm your boy; no laaz on my Discord is down in the description to help you out with anything you need. This glitch is super-dope.

I'm going to be using this for all the new tiers. Simple and very easy. I'm probably alive right now. Make sure you go check. Merry Christmas! This is your boy, and I'm gone.

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