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The captain almost died on the train. I'm here as well. Attract fire missiles to an abandoned bunker complex, built during the Cold War. We know those bunkers so well. Farah, why does Con need a silo for portable missiles? Exactly we'll split up. I'll leave with Farah, just off the egg, spread out, and sweep the complex to get those missiles back.

I'm heading to ask for a contact who may be able to help us at the Covian military base. How are you getting in there alive? I'll report back when I'm able. Good hunting bravo 6 to Coast at the Valley Point. What's your status on target? Charlie, you got Alpha Kilo takes Bravo. Ro stands by [__].

sake, phoh head on a swivel old. Man Russia's back in a contract. Cony group P static chemicals from up north yesterday stole my missiles at Sunrise, all less than 24 hours after Vladimir Marov walked himself out of a prison. He works quickly; he's making up for lost time in letting's move. Who sent you the missiles?

Shadow company Shadow company that has that kind of firepower; they're Aaron boys with tacvest; they're allies. They carried out a hit on my men. Commander Graves did this, yeah, well, he had his orders, yeah, from home, General. Shepherd the che Shepherd sent you those missiles. My weapons are my business.

He's a very dangerous man. Farah, we are all dangerous. Captain, look, I never want to lie to you, but I can't tell you everything that you call classified. I call them secrets. My country is under siege again. My brother warned us to do well, then let's help each other like always. I hope you trust me implicitly.

All in all, stations kilo set Copy your drones on station you and far have the con thought lot of Russians con's brought an army into his extent no missiles in sight they're in the bunkers then call me missiles are in the bunker Captain, you'll need a key card for entry, and you know another way in; copy well.

When it comes, I'll see you. 6 to station con's placing Ulf fingerprints on the base, Makarov's launching a false flag attack, those missiles are American. He's pinning far in the west. He wants the W to think I'm the enemy. We need to find out what the target is before it's too late. Mon cleared the perimeter, and the captain will have a key card to track him down.

He wears a red beret. Roger Red Beret, be advised, soap and ghost are in spotty signals underground. Copy, find the missiles, and relay when we can. Clear the missile; they're going to launch it, Captain. 06, come in, Captain, you copy go for six C Makarov's chemicals into the Warheads; they're going to launch my missiles.

My flag, my country—he wants the world to think you did this. If these missiles launch, they will. Chemicals—this missile has them too. Farah, these are your missiles. There has to be a way to disarm them. There is a button on the control box. We can do this. Together, I'm ready to stand.

It's too late to disarm; we have to let it launch. We close the blast door and detonate the chemicals in a bunker. Yes, get to the surface, find the blast door controls, and close them. Captain, where will you be? I'll get to a safe position and hold the launch as long as I can. Kilo Farah, do you copy Farah?

A complete missile contains dead chemicals. Ro Bravo! Give me sitre. We're too late. Captain, call the controls, guys. What do he me two missiles launch him now from your northwest

PS5 Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 - PAYLOAD. Welcome to Crazy Kids! Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience as we dive into "Modern Warfare 3" on the PlayStation 5.
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