News - Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 Stealth/action Kills (deep Cover, Passenger)


Watcher The Yankee eyes on the base are approaching now. Watcher It's about to get real. Keep a low profile concealing my sidearm, smart. I doubt suppressors are a standard issue at night; they will get you spotted on the way to Yuri. R has to walk onto an enemy base without a gun ready. Got a problem?

You need a security key card to access it. Good thing you're a spy. Let's snag a card from an officer; anyone entering or exiting likely has one. Look for an officer leaving the building; see a major leaving the entrance. He's not alone; wait till he's alone and do what needs to be done for his key.

Bravo Your signals are weak. Come again, the BL. We have two missiles incoming for the Arlo base. They have their own warheads. If you are there, get out, be it's. Not, there's another one coming; we have to go canot three together. Come in for now, missile attack chemical Warheads get to the high ground.

Look for a way up to the roof coming up down there. You hear now that people are dying down there. Hurry lwell, is JY with you negative? We went SE way you almost to you. Nick, stand by. I'm here i won't here, the Russian delegation suffered massively when they suffered an estimated 158 deaths at the Covian base, with more than 200 injured.


Several explosions and an apparent chemical attack were seen by witnesses from miles away, whom the Kremlin blames for what they call a brutal and unjustifiable attack. They are asking world leaders to join them in denouncing the Ulf as a terrorist. Organization Zstan has been a terrorist hotspot for years, yet what has been done about it is absolutely nothing.

It's clear the Ulf remains at large, and for all we know, they have weapons within striking distance of Moscow. How do we know we're. History, get this off me. You [__]] son of a [__]] will be a hero for what you're doing here, Samar. No one will believe you. I am not a terrorist. No, you're a citizen soldier inspired by Farak Karim to fight Russia.

You're a freedom fighter. You're Russian this plane is full of Russians. How could you kill your own people? No, I'm not killing them. We need to update you on the breaking news of a Russian passenger jet that crashed into the passengers and nine crew members. The rec voice recorder, which is a crucial part of the investigative article from passenger cell phones, could also shatter after a missile attack.

Massive casualties, whens to be a possible terrorist, tolerate terrorist MOSC is investigating its intentions. I haven't got Ma written all over it. He's done more damage in 72 hours than Con did in 5 years without him. That airliner went down in my country. It was no accident. I need to get to that crash site and prove it.

IO Data shows that it was a flight out of Covia Bound for SOI; they lost contact in this region. That's all I need; you'll have to get there before the authorities arrive. It's not the authorities. I'm worried about good luck.

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