News - Buffed Akimbo Wsp Stinger Deletes Warzone. Close Range Meta

Where akimbo wsp stinger fits in the meta

Where akimbo wsp stinger fits in the meta

Even though everyone has their preferences. I think most people do agree that the HRM is kind of like the all-around, pound-for-pound best, close-range option, with a lot of different weapons competing for that same slot. We even did a recent article where we kind of broke down the close-range meta and kind of talked about some of the different ones that maybe are worth trying, but one that we left off is a little bit surprising; it did get buffed a few weeks ago.

We really hadn't tried it yet, so I didn't really feel confident, including in that, but I think after using it for a few hours. I can say that it's definitely a good option and it's very fun, and that is the WSP. Stinger, regardless, if we look at true game data, we can see that you're going to get on average 13 shots to kill unless you somehow manage to get six shots to the neck and the head, and that'll bring it down to 12, which gives us a 480 ttk, and we can see that their sim is back, so we can also see it there.

We have another 480 on the screen, or you can go ahead and bookmark the spreadsheet, which also highlights it in the description that I generally keep updated. Right after an update. I'll do some basic manual testing, and then once it gets data mined or whatever. I go ahead and update it if there's any issues, so it's pretty up to date right after an update, so we can see right here.

Pros and cons akimbo wsp stinger

Pros and cons akimbo wsp stinger

the WSP, Stinger , It goes up to 480 in a Kimbo, and I already talked a little bit about this on Twitter, but I want to go and kind of give you a breakdown of where the weapon sits. Like I said, I already used it for a few hours with the kimbo, but you do have to play in a completely different style.

It's different from using a shotgun, which obviously you want to get point blank, but typically with the shotgun, you get into line of sight, but you get out of line of sight in between the fire so that you can go ahead and take advantage of the fire rate, where you're limiting your ability to get shot while you're getting ready for the next shot while also being able to get your shots on target ahead of time so that you get those WIS.


With the Kimbo, it's a little bit different because you do have to barrel stuff; you do have to get close, because even though the range on these goes up to about 10 m, the problem is that your accuracy might fall off a little bit when you're in the hip; you're not going to be nearly as accurate, especially if you're on the controller.

Aim assist doesn't really work the same in hip fire; it does, but while you're aiming down sight, you're not going to get that same slowdown. To the extent so keyboard and mouse, you could definitely have Advantage I know a lot of people were like, Hey, can I have a hipfire build? We'll probably work on some hipfire builds now, sim.

In G's data mine, we can actually kind of max out a day kind of going through and looking at various stats, but at least with this, we got, you know, this to work with, which is a pretty solid option that kills. Fast under 500 milliseconds, which is faster than the netti when it was broken a couple weeks ago.

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This kind of stole the shine a little bit, from this gun on top of it being a harder play style, so it's not going to fit everyone's skill, but you definitely will delete players. The movement on it feels pretty good, which is always nice when you need to get in and out of bob weave. Make yourself a hard target, especially while you're hip-firing.

You can actually chase someone down, like we see in this clip when I go ahead and jump out on this guy. You really can't hit and shoot with most SMGs. This way, at least not at that distance, you wouldn't feel comfortable; that's the only option with these, but when you jump out, you can see I go ahead and shoot, and then I go ahead and take them out from that distance, and while he's running away.

I would normally have the ads, which would slow me down to hit the target, so it is a little bit of a trade-off. But also, if I had to aim down sight, it probably could be more accurate, so you get a little bit of a trade-off. Off there, the 32-round mag sounds like it's enough because you got two of them—that's 64 bullets—but you do bleed through bullets pretty quick at the 750.

RPM i think if it had a 40, it would play way better, be more reliable, and be a little bit less weary about your ammo situation. But it could also be incredibly broken, so since they're probably not going to change this. I don't really see this getting nerfed despite it having a pretty broken ttk; it's a very niche scenario to play with on top of that you kind of have to have throwing knives as a must because you're not going to be able to take on multiple people especially if you're playing rebirth or something like that where a lot of people are stacking, you're going to get one throwing knife, and then maybe you have enough to break the person, but it's going to be a little bit hard without getting a reload in two people, full downs.

And then you throw a knife at them pretty solidly. That's kind of what you're going to expect to get out of these guns.

How to build akimbo wsp stinger class setup for warzone

How to build akimbo wsp stinger class setup for warzone

So they could be particularly fun, especially on the LTM that's going on where you take the gummies, you get the speed, and the reload it's even crazier because now you're going to be able to do it faster, which you could take advantage of with these types of mobile guns that stuff with these types of mobile guns that distance and Excel.

So here's kind of how the build goes, and I'll go and explain how this works. So in terms of mandatory attachments, you kind of want the biggest mag, and you kind of want a Kimbo. What I did beyond that was kind of look at the different lasers, and when we look at the lasers here, we can actually go ahead and look at the individual.

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Intel. And the main part we want to look at here is if we're looking at the various stats. The main one we want to look at is Sprint of Fire; it's always going to be super fast because it's in the 2030s, whereas some of the SMGs are in the 100 or so, so this was always going to get that first shot off when you're running pretty much, and then we want to look at the hipfire spread.

Max, it could be tempting to go with the minimum, but the minimum is generally when you're standing still, not mobile. Even if you crouch, you can get a little bit tighter sometimes, but when you jump, when you move, when you slide, the crosshair spreads out, and when you fire the weapon, the crosshair spreads out, so we're really trying to solve the hipfire spread.

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