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Today we're going to be talking about some new slide dive behavior mechanics added to season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 as well as War Zone. We had to tap to slide and tap to dive back in Modern Warfare 2. Then, when Modern Warfare 3 dropped, they added slide-only and dive-only, which added a ton of different issues.

If you were on slide only, it felt more responsive, but then you would accidentally dive sometimes, so they had to kind of patch that out. But to solve for that, they've introduced a new one, which we'll talk about, and that is hybrid, so we'll go through each of them and explain how each of them works and how they respond.

Responsiveness works, meaning that when you press the button, how fast does it actually do the action versus holding it? How long does that take? So the first one we'll go ahead and take a look at is the tap to slide mechanic, so this should be a tap to slide and then a hold to dive, and pretty much how this one works is that when I tap the button, it takes 150 milliseconds.

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Between me pressing the button for the action to take place, which is relatively slow when we compare it to the other options, other than holding so pretty much, you can slide, just by tapping the button here and there, and you just go, and you can come out of that by tapping the jump button, and that's how you do a slide cancellation.

You slide, you jump, you slide, you jump, but that 150 seconds kind of slows you down if you're used to spamming the button, and that's why slide only got so popular because it cuts down on that time, and we'll get to that. Then we got a dive, which takes 300 milliseconds, which is super long. That's double the length of time that it takes to do the other one, so you're going to end up where it's not responsive, but it does give you a clear way to do both of those actions.

You'll never accidentally slide, and you'll never accidentally dive. You'll do both of them when you want to, but they will feel less responsive. Tap to dive. I don't think this is ever game popularity, but it's the exact same thing but flipped. It takes 150 milliseconds to do the dive, and it takes 300 to do the slide.

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Very slow you're probably not going to slide cancel with the hold like that; it'll be very awkward. Then we get to slide only, so slide only is super responsive. When you press the button, it takes approximately 50 milliseconds. Give or take a frame or something, probably 67 milliseconds or something like that, but overall, it is very responsive.

Then, when we get into the dive, everything works very much the same. 50 milliseconds is very fast—a third of the time to do the animation. Very responsive, but now you can no longer slide, so you're not going to be slide canceling with this one, but it is so responsive that when you press the button, it will do the dive, and then that brings us to the last one, which is the best of both when I go ahead and tap to slide.

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It does it in 50 milliseconds. I get that super-fast responsiveness; if you press R3 a lot, this one will piss you off because you'll accidentally dive when you're not trying to dive like I'm. I'm diving, and diving is, guess what, super responsive as well; it'll give you the fastest responsiveness to slide and to dive, so it's basically giving you slide-only and dive-only speeds, but you can do both of them, so for the second part, it says tap while holding Sprint input to dive, and this is one way to make it work, but there's actually an additional way, so it's pretty much if you go ahead and press L3, or whatever your Sprint is if you tap it beforehand, so hopefully maybe we get used to it or they can fix it so it makes sure that you have to be holding L3 to dive.

So right here, if I hold L3, I will dive. It works exactly the way you think I'm holding it. I dive i'm on auto-sprint. I'm holding it, and then I just press dive on my pedal, holding it, and I press circle to dive. It will dive every single time. If I'm sprinting and not doing that, what you'll see right here is that we'll go ahead and sprint, and then I'm sliding.

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Now that the actions work that way, the part where it gets super tricky is, let's say, if I want a slide, cancel, or snake, I don't know; maybe you get the issue there. I don't know; if you hold it, you get the dive. It's just that you have to rework your mind to get used to this because it works the way it says it works, and both are super responsive, so in a perfect world, when you learn how to use this one and get this one into your muscle memory, it is the best of all of their scenarios.

Will you accidentally dive when you don't want to? Will you accidentally slide, possibly when you don't want to initially? Yes, from user error. So if you don't, if you don't want to get used to it, and if you just like slides, this one still gives you the advantage of being able to slide and dive when you want, especially in a war zone.

If I wanted to dive off a building, I could just dive like that, and I would get the dive I wanted if I wanted to slide. I appreciate all your support. As always, have a great day.

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