News - Warzone Close Range Meta Overview After Renetti Nerf

What determines the meta?

What determines the meta?

So Brenet is nerfed, so we got to go to Ahad and talk about the new close-range meta, and a lot of people have been talking about some sleepers that were kind of mentioned months ago, but no one's really used to them, and it started coming to the forefront. At least from a fun gimmicky side but I'll go Ahad and talk a little bit about my thought process when it comes to building The Meta because there will always be questions about what about this gun what about this gun the things that are most important at least in my opinion kind of an order one of the most importants for close range is fast, ttk.

But obviously, that's not the most important thing. If that were the only most important thing, we'd all be using the tiers single fire with the fastest trigger because you can get like 130 or 150 milliseconds. But that's not everything; obviously, that is important, though the other part is consistency.


There are a lot of guns that have consistency issues because maybe their damage per mag, which equates to damage per down, isn't all that great if you only have like a 20-round mag, which is probably not that good in some scenarios versus a 6-round mag on top of shot placement. If you land, you have to land a head shot, and we'll hear this a lot of times when people talk about guns.

Have you tried this if you do this and if this and that? Well, probably if you use a lot of ifs in your description of the gun, it's probably not that consistent. If you go against a solo, if you use it in solos, if they're not PL, if their back is turned, you know those types of things, or if you have to hit a head shot or if you can't hit a limb shot.

If you only hit chest shots, this thing kills fast, so it's kind of a red flag. Sometimes that doesn't mean that those guns can't be good; it's just when I'm recommending a gun that's kind of like the all-around best option but has consistency issues. It's probably going to be a red flag. The other part is ease of use.

best mwiii console settings

This is the one I think a lot of people struggle with, specifically good players, like the best players. A lot of times, if a gun is easy to use for them because they're a top Zer point 0–1%, they might recommend this gun to their casual audience, even an average viewer, or slightly above or slightly below average viewer.

And the reality is, they know full well that if you go take that gun out there, you're not going to get even close to the results of the gun because maybe it has too much recoil, too much damage per mag, or other issues with consistency. That doesn't make up for its fast ttk. The other part, once you've kind of figured all that out, is whether the gun is fun to use or gimmicky.

Sometimes, if a gun is super fun and gimmicky, it might outweigh some of these to use on occasion to kind of mix it up and have fun with, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be the meta. The reality is that a lot of times, if I factored in all of these, it would only come down to one or two guns, but that's kind of boring, so I like to try and give you a little bit more options because not everyone fits into a cookie cutter box, so although right now we kind of have one gun , there are other weapons that step outside of that.

Ttk compared snapshot close range meta

Ttk compared snapshot close range meta

I updated this snapshot about the TTK to kind of give a general idea when we talk about these weapons. As you can see. HRM sits kind of at the top; that's pretty much the main meta for the vast majority in the vast majority of situations, which is okay, but we've been using it already for a couple seasons.

Hopefully, other things get buffed to kind of take their shine away. Obviously, we had the retti for about three weeks or so where it was kind of broken, AMR got nerfed, and kind of to the ground. The Horus is okay; if you get that one head shot, you'll get a 610 ttk. Retti, if you get a leg shot now, any leg shot drops the ttk down to 700, which isn't all that great, so that kind of gets dings on its consistency.

Ram 9 only has a 10-meter range. You might as well go ahead and use the WSP 9, which, although it's fire slower, you're practically getting the same ttk for a little bit further range, and that can be pushed out further with the barrel. Same thing with the striker; you could bump this out beyond the 11-meter range.

The movement makes up a little bit for it, like I said, though the HRM is the jack of all trades. Or maybe they don't offer as much consistency because, although this core 45 can fire insanely fast, the reality is that tracking might suffer, so you might miss more bullets. So that's where the consistency comes in, but if you're an above-average player, you might be able to take advantage of its ttk.

Mcw conversion best class setup

Mcw conversion best class setup

In a reliable sense, so that's kind of of how that part sits, so instead of only giving you one loadout because I know people are really curious about that. I'll give you a few different loadouts. Like I said, there are people who'll skip this part if they miss out on the explanation. But the main thing here is that we'll go ahead and talk about these solo MCW builds.

This build is like 4 months old, and again, these sometimes gimmicky builds could be fun to play around with, especially if you play in specific modes, as you can see right here for this particular one. Overall, it's not too bad. I think this is pretty solid sniper support. Its consistency to be able to kill at 600 milliseconds is also pretty nice, but the problem is the 40 rounds per mag; it just doesn't really push it all that far; it's able to barely hang in there, but like I said, in lower game modes, you can kind of get away with it, but slide of hand's probably one of those mandatory things.

Cor-45 conversion best class setup

best mwiii settings

Then we get into the core 45, and one of the biggest issues with this gun, in my opinion, is that its fire rate is a little bit wonky, and what I mean by that is that right here it says 800 RPM. And that assumes you have perfect timing on the 400. I think if you have too fast of a trigger finger, it actually messes up with the trigger, and sometimes you'll get these little skips if you've used a gun already.

We've used it a couple months ago, and then we used it back in December, so we've had a little bit, and then we've tried it more recently, and overall it always has that weird gimmicky feel that some isn't right and you'll be pulling the trigger. And all of a sudden you get these little stops in there that kind of really feel like you throw it off, but overall, pretty solid.

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