News - Warzone Update Fixed The Fps On Ashika And Vondel


You may have noticed that my channel does quite a few performance tests for War Zone in particular, and it's because it's the main game I play and the game I enjoy testing most. Now, one thing I love to do is, at the start of every single season, jump in and test the performance of all the maps, and the reason I do this is so at a later date I can just go onto the article and see exactly what the performance during the start of a season was, and what you may notice is that I indeed do have the War Zone 2 Season 6 performance numbers within a YouTube article, and I do also have the War Zone 1 of the integration with Modern Warfare 3 performance numbers, and I have some really good news to show you guys, so first things first, let's talk about the performance numbers of season 6.

During this period, we spoke about how Vondel had a big issue with the resizable bar turned on when you looked at the center map. You're seeing massive, massive dips in performance that were pretty much incomprehensibly bad. Now what you're seeing right here is a resizable bar turned on. You'll notice that I'm currently getting about 180 FPS in this exact spot-looking center map with the resizable bar turned off, which is right here, so the next frame we just jumped into his resizable bar, and the performance improved drastically within Vondo.


You may indeed notice that even though the performance improved, the GPU usage only sat at about 62%. Moving on to the very next frame of the article, the 360 FPS with 307 in the lows is what you're seeing when I started looking to the right-hand side rather than directly at the middle of the map, so basically there's sort of a bug with the game where looking to the middle of the map, or at least there used to be a bug, would hit your FPS drastically versus looking off to the sides.

All right, we are here in War Zone season 1 integration of Modern Warfare 3, and we're going to test that exact same spot and see how the performance defers, in which you may notice that with resizable bar disabled also, which mind you, before was better than resize bar on, one to one it's getting about 80 more FPS, which in itself is absolutely amazing, not to mention the 1% lows are incredibly solid.

This area with the resize bar on in War Zone season 6 was only getting 180 FPS on the exact same rig looking over to the right-hand side, which before showed us about 350 to 360 FPS. You may notice that now it is about 380 to 390. FPS, which is an absolutely incredible improvement; it's as if you just upgraded your computer, but you didn't, and it came out of a freaking update, so for you guys that are complaining that the game looks worse, it does at least have the benefit of performing significantly better on the CPU and GPU side of things.


You may notice that now the GPU usage is about 85 to 86%. As before, we were looking between 60 and 65% in the best-case scenario, so the flexible resizable bar after the integration performs incredibly well, and I'd even argue and say that it's fixed fully in terms of performance. Just because I know some of you may be curious.

I also decided to enable the resizable bar for Fondal and do the exact same test, and as you may notice, with the resizable bar on, you do actually get a little less performance-looking center map in one, albeit not by a substantial amount, but less is less, and I thought I'd let you know that looking off to the side, the story is about the same.

It's pretty much identical to rebar turned off on the sides, but it's usually the center of the map that gets hit the hardest with resizable bar turned on, so theoretically, turning off resizable bar is still better, but you're not going to want to just be turning it on and off depending on what map you're playing; you're going to want to have one on.


And basically, that is just up to you. The differences are very small, so you could also just leave a resizable bar on and call it a day, and you might be wondering what about Shika Island. Well. I haven't really covered this map much because it was one of the better functioning maps that didn't need much coverage, but I do have a article from a couple months back about three or so where I had a 335 FPS average with 1% lows of.

263, mind you, this is with a 7950.x3d, not with a 7800.x3d, so the results do defer to a certain degree. These are not going to be one-to-one scientific. I'm just letting you know. But you may see that the resizable bar at the time was better on Aika Island than the resizable bar off, and we'll have to verify that too right now to see if, after the Modern Warfare 3 integration, that has changed and to see how the performance defers.


As we jump into the Shika match. I wanted to mention one very important thing: Shika used to have a problem, just like Vondal, where in specific spots you would get lower FPS, and I'm going to go over those spots and double check to see if they still do actually have that issue. I don't have footage to show the issue, sadly, because I never really bothered to go through specific literal spots and look at them just to see what the problem is, but basically, we're going to double check and see if that's fixed along with the FPS.

All right, we're going to be doing the exact same run that I did in the article a couple months ago, specifically to see how the FPS holds. I basically just run across Shika Castle while I'm muted, attempting not to get my cheeks clapped by the guys to my right. This is the resizable bar turned off.


Yes, you heard that right PR sizable bar turned completely off. We are 100% GPU bound at 360, plus FPS, up from 310 with the resizable bar off prior to the integration, Holy. Molly, that is absolutely amazing. I'm being hunted so we're going to have to do this quickly but basically you're going to have to take my word for it when I say that when you used to look exactly at this spy station from here and you'd be running towards the center of the map from the outside, the FPS would drop to about 200 so yes very low from the usual asika stuff and you may notice that simply does not happen anywhere in the general vicinity of the middle of the map anymore it's a consistent 300 plus down the lows and then if you look on the outskirts, it's a lot a lot more but then again going from 400 to 300 is far more plausible than going from 300 to 200 so it's yet again absolutely massive gains for Aika island with resizable bar turned off I'm now going to turn on the second sizable bar and see exactly what the differences are versus it being off.

Hello all! Today we are taking a look at the FPS performance of Ashika and Vondel after the MW3 integration and comparing it with prior results. Full System Specs Overclock Details. AMD Main PC.
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