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All right So with the release of War Zone Mobile, there is going to be a new gun system, so we're going to go ahead and talk about the guns, the gunsmith, as well as a fast way to level up your guns. Now the gun system is very similar to Call of Duty Mobile, but there are going to be some more changes to it, so we're going to actually have to go a little more in depth on that.

The first thing you have to do is hit the gear up, and that's where you're going to be able to access your loadout. Once you're there, you're going to have multiple loadouts you have, either for War Zone or for multiplayer. In this situation, I'm going to go to multiplayer. Then you just click on whatever you want, and that's where you can see all the guns, so there are going to be a whole lot of guns available to you.

There's going to be some from Modern Warfare 2 as well as some from Modern Warfare 3. You'll see that some of them will be locked and some of them will be unlocked; most notably, you'll unlock guns at the beginning of the game. You'll probably also have the MF since that's going to be a pre-registration reward, and unlocking the guns is actually very easy.

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There are a few ways to do it. The main one is just leveling up. As you level up, you'll get higher levels and unlock more and more guns. You can also unlock some of them from the battle pass, so I believe that every season there's going to be new guns coming out with the new battle pass, so that's actually very cool, and finally, there's the Arsenal store.

This is probably the best way to unlock guns right now and get the ones that you want, so essentially, what you're going to do is play games, and then you'll get Arsenal points. Once you do that, all you have to do is go to the store, and in the Arsenal stores, there's going to be a bunch of weapons you can buy.

You can get them from Modern Warfare 3 or you can also get them from Modern Warfare 2, but some of them are going to be more expensive than others, so you can go ahead and buy whatever you want and try them out in this situation. I do need this because I need one of the attachments. So we're going to talk about the attachments as well in a second, but let's buy this for now and show you guys how this works.

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Goes keep in mind that this game is cross-progression, so if you do play on PC, you'll be able to grind the guns out in War Zone Mobile, but there is sometimes going to be War Zone exclusive stuff, such as skins and maybe even guns. Now let's talk about the gunsmith. It's very easy; all you have to do is take the wrench button on the right side of the gun, and then you'll have access to the gunsmith.

Now this is where it's a little bit unique: these guns will not max out at like level 54 like in Call of Duty Mobile; there's actually a limit, usually a lot of time, around the 20 mark. You see this Ram 7even, which I think is one of the best ARS in the game, Attack the 29th level. Now, this is very important because, yes, you will unlock.

You can see there is a progression bar. You will unlock a bunch of attachments and stuff like that in this game. Not all attachments are going to be available to you; you have to unlock them with different guns, so that's why you saw I bought the other gun earlier because one of the suppressors is the one I want to get.

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You can see there's a bunch of attachments, and you can actually share attachments within the same class, so ARS can share with AR SMG canare SMG shotguns, and so on. As a matter of fact, there must be some exclusive to specific guns, but as of now, you guys can see that this is the one that I'm trying to get; it goes with the DG58, and that gets unlocked at level 9.


So in this game you actually have to grind out multiple guns and it's actually really easy to grind out the guns it's just play the game and if you have any XP cards it's super fast get kills or even if you want to if you play the regular war zone mobile Maps you'll be able to unlock these gun just by killing with them however if you want to be more focused you pick the guns you want to use playing in multiplayers, usually within 30 minutes you're able to max out one of these guns so it's very easy and simple but like I mentioned you have to go ahead and take a look which one you want and what I do recommend, is in the beginning of the game start with whatever guns you have level them up and then take a look at what attachments you can potentially level up some of them is going to be tough because some guns are not unlocked till later on for example the MCW.

The one that we showed you a little bit earlier, let me go ahead and go back there, like the MCW doesn't unlock to level 4, for so a lot of these guns you don't have access to unless you play the game more and more, which means you will actually be getting quite a few XP cards in the beginning, especially if you get the battle pass.

The battle pass gives you a lot of XP cards, and there's also sometimes those Doritos. XP things, they will actually work as well, so keep an eye on those, and that's going to help you out and grind, and honestly, we're lucky that we don't have the older version of Gunsmith, the one from Mod Warfare 2 that was a little bit more complicated.


It's the same thing as this, but there was leveling guns and then unlocking guns from leveling another gun. It was just a whole thing, but I think this is the easiest way. It's very simple to understand, but it's probably the best way. Let's actually give you guys some tips and tricks on how to actually level up the gun super fast.

I just want to let you guys know it's going to be a struggle for the first game because there are no attachments on these guns, and some of these guns are actually terrible, but the best way for you to level up these guns, to be honest, right now as the game is releasing, is to be playing these shooter ships.

Shooter Ship is great because whenever you get a shipment, you can level up the guns like this, and in addition, it makes it even faster because a lot of people are actually playing that game. If you also have these XP cards, as you can see right here, I would recommend using the weapon XP cards. I have a 7-hour one left, but I'm not going to use it right now because I'm not going to be playing for an hour.


Also, if you want to get guns faster, make sure to check out these XP cards; that's where the XP cards or XP tokens will be, and a lot of them are very useful. honestly, I probably would hold off the battle pass ones if you have any, then wait for next season. But that's just me, and we're going to show you guys how to play.

Just go ahead and play the game, unlock the guns, and get this attachment all right. So we did get a shipment, so we kind of got lucky, so hopefully we can at least get this up to level six. These games get pretty long, to be honest. So, we have to kill that. Yeah, all you want to do is just. What's it called?

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