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Eight metag guns you need to use in war zone mobile HRM 9 This is currently the number-one SMG in War Zone Mobile. Mobility is really fast and kills surprisingly decently at mid-range. This is the loadout you want to use if you're more of an aggressive player and just want the upper hand in close range engagement for the loadout for the muzzle.

You want the shadow strike suppressor rest for the underbarrel, and you want the Dr6 hand stop magazine. The 50-round drum rear grip of the PS90, assault grip, and finally stock—you want the folding stock. Ruin MK9 This is one of the best lmgs in my personal favorite gun to use at medium to long range.

It has nearly zero recoil and a whole lot of ammo, so there is no need to reload mid-gunfight now. Besides the mobility, this is 100% a gun loadout that you need to have for the optic you want, the Coro Eagle Eye. 2.5x; for the muzzle, you want the VT7 spirit fire suppressor; for the underbarrel, you want the Bruin; for the magazine, you want the 60-round mag; and finally, the rear grip.

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The stip 40 grip Ram 7 This is currently the number one AR in War Zone Mobile. It's a high-damage AR that's perfect for medium and long-range gunfights, plus you aren't being dragged down with the mobility like you would with the Bruin. For the loadout, you want the HBS, 3.4, pad; for the barrel, you want the Cronin headwind long barrel; for the muzzle, you want the cases break; for the underbarrel, you want the Bruin heavy support grip; and then for the magazine, you want the 60-round drum McPr 300.

This is the number-one sniper in War Zone Mobile. This gun has a one-shot headshot potential up to 200 M. Even though the mobility isn't really the greatest with this gun, it's a must-have sniper inside of your Loadout for the load out for the optic. You want the forg Tac Delta 4 for the laser, the FSS OB laser, the barrel, the 22 omx.

456, the muzzle, the nil sound 90, and then for the bolt, the Cronin smooth bolt amr9. This is easily my second favorite SMG to use in war zone mobile, but it is very different compared to the HRM 9. This gun has an extremely fast firing rate, so it can only be used effectively up close compared to the HRM 9, which can be used at both up close and medium range, regardless.

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It's incredible fast time to kill gun if used appropriately, and I can see this being a lot of people's favorite for the load out for the optics, you want the slate reflector for the barrel, you want the tectonic micro-integral suppressor, for the underbarrel, you want the DR6, hand stop for the magazine, you want the 50-round mag, and then finally the rear grip.

Phantom grip Ram 9 This is another meta-SMG that's a mixture between the HRM and the AMR. It has really good damage and a fast firing rate, and it can be used somewhat effectively at medium range for the load-out of the stock you have in the HS. 3.4, For the muzzle, you have the ZON 35 compensated flash hider, and for the underbarrel, you have the DR6.

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Hand stop for the magazine, the 50-round magag, and finally the rear grip, the retort 90 grip tape, SBA, 545. This is my personal favorite AR to use in War Zone Mobile. I feel like the recoil is so much easier to control than compared to the ram 7, making it more of a noob-friendly gun, but with that said, the ram 7 does have higher damage, so if you're noticing that your recoil control isn't really the greatest, the spba is the perfect gun here for you for the load out for the optic you want: the Coro Eagle Eye, 2.5x.

For the barrel, you want the STV; for the muzzle, you want the VT7. Spirit fire suppressor for the underbarrel; you want the Bruin heavy support grip; and then find the magazine. 60-round mag-xrk, stalker fast ads High mobility, high damage sniper I don't even consider myself to be a good sniper, but I was able to do some insane flicks here with this build, and I also noticed that the aim assist was really strong with this build here too.

For the load-out for the laser, you want the Coro La. 44 b3, and for the barrel, you want the vision. 60 barrels for the muzzle, the Sonic suppressor XL for the ammunition you want, the 50-cal high-grain rounds, and then finally the bolt, the XRK. Stalker, and light bolt Now let's talk about tactical lethal and perks.

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My favorite tactical weapon is easily the smoke grenade. There's so many powerful uses, such as using the smoke grenade whenever your teammate's down so you could do a nice little revive. If you're planning on pushing an enemy team, you can toss out some smoke grenades just for added protection from the lethal I love using the throwing knife solely for the purpose of once you down an enemy player, throwing it right at them rather than having to spend an extra three plus seconds fully finishing them off here with your gun.

This is more for a sweatier type of play style, so if you're not that type of person, just go for a regular frag grenade. Finally, for the perks, there's five different perk packages: support, Dead Eye Scout Sentinel, and Warden. My two personal favorite perk packages just for my play style have to be Dead Eyes in Warden.


Dead Eye offers scavenger resupply ammo and an extra plate from dead players. A strong arm throws equipment farther; fast hands, with which you can reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster, which is so clutch; and probably the most overpowered thing is the high alert, in which vision pulses when spotted by an enemy player outside of view.

You're able to know whether or not enemy players are looking at you and from what direction, and then for Warden This is for more of that aggressive type of play style where you have double time, which doubles the duration of tactical Sprint increases Crouch movement speed by 30% wrong arm throw equipment farther, fast hands reload, use equipment and swap weapons faster, and then finally Quick Fix Killing players or inserting a plate immediately starts health regeneration.

Just an overall overpowering class If you are one of those types of really aggressive players and you like going up against multiple enemies at one time and you're able to just regen your health quicker, it just can be so clutch. If you found this article helpful, be sure to give it a like. If you're new, be sure to go and subscribe for more War Zone mobile articles.

Have an awesome rest of your day here today, and I'll talk to you guys in the next article.

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