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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. Now we saw a handful of buffs and nerfs in the recent patch, and honestly, the close-range meta is pretty close. There's not like one single gun that's way above the rest in these top five; they all kind of have their own strengths and weaknesses, and I'm going to be covering them based on four main categories.

Number one is time to kill; number two is recoil, or how easy the gun is to use; number three is its overall movement speed; and number four is the both aim down sight and sprint to fire times of each gun.


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Lachmann sub

Lachmann sub

So now let's get into it and start with the fastest time to kill an SMG in War Zone 2 currently and then see what Lochman, aka the MP5, has to offer. The Finnick used to hold this title, but it was nerfed into oblivion, and it's just not that great anymore. The lockman's close range ttk is 525.

Up to 9 meters makes it king of close range, but when looking at its time to kill in the mid-range area around 10 to 20 meters, there are several others ahead of it, so I would not recommend using it as a sniper support since it struggles at mid-range. The build that I use has relatively low recoil, and I would consider this an easy-to-use SMG.

The Lochman did receive a very small nerf to its movement speed in Season 2 Reloaded, but it's barely noticeable. One downside to the lockman, though, is that its sprint to fire time is actually the slowest of the five options today, although it's still decently fast. This difference can mean you lose a gunfight if you're caught sprinting.

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It does have a relatively quick aim down sight speed time though, so as long as you aren't sprinting, it does great in close quarters. Alright, guys, let's cover the lockman subloadout. Now you will see some similarities in the way I build these SMGs. I love the F-TAC Castle Comp muzzle because it really smooths out the recoil, which primarily focuses on that horizontal recoil, which really smooths out that gun.

The Falcon Barrel is going to help someone with that movement speed. The VOK laser is basically a go-to on all of my SMGs because it helps with aim-down size speed and sprint fire time, which are very important at close quarters. Quarters The only downside is that the laser is visible with this one 40-round magazine, which is what I like to use on the MP5.

Now I will say the 50-round magazine is a great option, but just know it's going to really hurt ability, and heard our aim down site speed sum, so a great option in Trio is required to run that, but the 40 still has a good amount of ammo capacity, and lastly, that Lockman TCG grip helps with the recoil and control.

Now, the MP5 or Lockman is one of the few SMGs. It doesn't have an option where we can make a faster sprint to fire time here; I like to use that instead, so instead we're going to go with this and give it very low recoil.



Now the second fastest time to kill an SMG is the vasnav. The very small gap behind the lockman, only 14 milliseconds, is slower, coming in at 539 milliseconds.

Up to 10 meters, the vasnav is similar to the lockman when it comes to its mid-range strength, so again, I don't think it's a great sniper support option. I would also consider the Vasnav, which has very low recoil and is very easy to use now. The biggest strength of the vasnav compared to the lockman is its faster sprint to fire time, and this can really make up for that small gap in its ttk.

It does have just a tad slower movement speed compared to the lock bin, but not by much, and this build overall still has good mobility. So for the Vazden loadout, you're going to see it's pretty similar again going with that F-Tech Castle comp for that recoil control. I don't run a barrel on this one just because the only one that's really worth running is this one that adds range, but this one really hurts our aim-down speed, so I don't think it's necessarily worth it.

FSS, the Olav laser is basically the same thing as the VLK again; it helps with those ads, and having Sprint fire a 45-round mag is a must. You definitely need that extra ammo and the true attack grip. This is the one that I mentioned before; it helps our Sprint pirates aim down sight speed. I think this is more important overall for that kind of snappier handling.

And then for the stock. I do like this Marquee stock, and this actually helps our sprinting speed and aim down sight speed a good bit with almost no real loss of recoil control; it really helps the mobility of the gun overall.



Now if you enjoyed strafe and built for more Zone 1, this PDSW, aka the P90, is amazing, and honestly, it's my personal favorite.

AKA Strafe speed, this can be used to make your opponents miss as you strafe left and right while shooting, or you can aim walk very fast and not make a noise as you come into a building, but the pdsw also has great movement speed in general, and this combination is what I absolutely love about it now.

Its close-range ttk of 594 milliseconds is decent but not great, but it maintains the ctk all the way up to 18 meters, making it the best option for mid-range and a great sniper support if you'd like to use one. I would say with the strafe build, its recoil is moderate and probably the most out of the five options today, so for a beginner level player, it may be difficult to hit shots at longer range.

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Its only major downside is its aim-down sight speed and sprint-to-fire times, which are slower than the other five SMGs. But again, with how fast you can aim and walk, I recommend trying to pre-aim around corners as much as possible when using this build, and kind of taking that out of the equation.

So if you've already watched my 36-kill PR game, this is the exact same loadout that I use, and you're going to see that this one is built differently than the others because we are building it for max straight speed just because the P90 has certain attachments to one eye that allow it to have such a fast strafe speed.

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