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best ar warzone

If I sound different or the gameplay is laggy, it's because I'm on a laptop in Europe, but let's begin with the number one loadout to replace the RPK and Fennec. The first gun is going to be the second, and this is the build I use in the background. The thing has no recoil, it has insane damage, and it comes with a hundred-round magazine as the default, so you don't even have to worry about wasting an attachment slot on a magazine, and that's something I love about this gun.

Now there are a couple things you can change about the build if you think the kick is too much; you can take off the laser and add something else if you don't like the site; feel free to change it, but if you're looking for that RPK replacement on the first couple days. I would look no further than the second.

The SMG you pair it with is going to be one of the most important things, and that's why I'm going to recommend the Vasnav 9K. The Vasnav was one of the most slept on SMGs even before this patch came out, but I think after the patch, once defendant gets nerfed, this thing is going to dominate. It has good mid-range damage and good close-range damage; great mobility; easy recoil to control; and I honestly kind of find it the best SMG.

best ar warzone 2

Overall. When the game first came out, no one really knew the RPK and Fenik were going to dominate like they did. Okay, well, people knew that fennec was going to dominate, but the RPK really surprised people, and I think we have a similar situation here, so the second class I'm going to talk about is the cast of 762.

With the Lochman MP5. Hands-down, the 762 is the best assault rifle in the entire game if you can control the recoil, and that's a big "if." If I'm being honest, when the RPK was dominant. I spent a lot of time learning the cast of the 762. I really enjoyed using this gun, and it dominated. I would win 1v1s against anyone with an RPK.

It felt and performed amazing. The only tough part is actually controlling the recoil, but if you can tune it for yourself and your own personal preferences, it can dominate. As I said before, the only other downside is the 40-round magazine, but if I'm being honest, that's really not that big of a deal.

best loadouts warzone season 2

So moving on from there, let's talk about the SMG I pair it with, which is also meant for more aggressive players. This whole class is meant more for aggressive players. The high-skilled players, the MP5 for example, have great mobility and do great damage, but it doesn't have the easiest recoil to control.

I really built it to focus on the mobility aspect, and I think a lot of people have to be aware of that. This whole class, as I said before, is meant for aggressive players, and I think that's where it really shines, and, if I'm being honest. I think this might be the best class for the new Rebirth map because, when you look at the distances and the way Rebirth maps usually work, you're going to want something that's more aggressive than you would have on Al Mazda because that's a much bigger map with much longer engagements.

I think this class is perfect for the new Rebirth map, so let's move into the third class, and this is where it is meant for solos and duos, and this is going to be the Lochman 556, paired with the MX9. I really appreciate about this class that it's one of the few that feels like it can do it all, and when you're in solos and duos, I think that's really important.

best smg warzone

When I'm playing trios or something, I can almost guarantee I'll have multiple people. The MX9 has insane strafe speed. It has great damage, good mobility, and low recoil. The only thing holding it back is that 32-round magazine, and that's why I think it's absolutely perfect. I really want to clarify, guys: I didn't talk about snipers because I'm going to make a sniper support article in two to three days, and I'm really hoping we're going to see some One-Shot Sniper changes that are going to make snipers meta now.

It's been Ryan. I hope you have a good day,

Hey guys, Ryan here, if you're looking for the Warzone 2 meta the first week of the season, then this is the video for you. I'm going to cover what I consider the best ARs, the best SMGs, the best builds for them and why I think you should use each one. I hope you're excited for the release of the new rebirth map, season 2 of Warzone and I hope you're excited overall for all of the new content we're going to get this season! I hope you guys enjoy the video and I hope you have a good day.
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