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So in today's article.

Signal 50

Signal 50

At any distance, in my honest opinion, I feel like the best sniper that you can possibly use in War Zone 2 at the moment is the Signal 50. If I'm going to use the signal 50. I'm probably going to pair it with the 70 for you as my secondary because the AK-74u has very good time to kill up close and can maintain pretty good damage range accuracy.

The biggest reason I'm putting the Signal 50 over all the other snipers is because you can reach the shots incredibly quickly, and it doesn't really have that bad of an AD speed either. For the secondary in this loadout, I was really considering whether or not I would do the AK-70. For you or maybe the Chimera, because the Chimera is also a very good cyber support weapon, but I feel like it's only really good if you're consistently hitting headshots on the enemy for this article of course I'm using the weapon specials per package so I can have Overkill and show you both the guns in the same class so the two pair of packages that I usually use the most on most of my loadouts, is either scowl or Recon but yeah so if you're looking for a good sniper class to run the signal 50 is definitely going to be your go In the 74U, it will actually outperform the Fennec in certain scenarios; it just has a little bit less mobility.

Moving on to number four in this list, I'm going to cover an assault rifle, which is the Attack 56, not to be confused with the better version of it, which is the Attack V. The TAC 56 is less powerful than the TAC V, but it is incredibly easy to control when you have the right attachments on it. But in my opinion, I really feel like it's honestly probably the easiest to control AR that's in the entire game. I guess one plus for the attack 36 is that you can run a 60-round magazine, which I'm aware most of the arrows do have that option, but it's pretty nice to have, especially in squad-based modes, and then of course the secondary that I would pair the attack 56 with would be the Fennec, an SMG.

Fennec 45

Fennec 45

I don't really think I need to explain much about the fennec, but obviously it has the fastest time to kill out of all the SMGs right now, and when built right, it also has some of the best mobility speed. As well, all these weapons combined in the same water are a pretty good combination, mainly because the attack 56 is good at medium and long range while the fennec is primarily good at close range, so you're really not putting yourself at much of a disadvantage when running these two weapons together.

The only thing that you might need to watch out for is that the rpk might be able to beat me from further away distances than the attack 56 can, but on the plus side, the attack 36, considering it being an AR, does have a lot better mobility and reload speed than the rpk. Coming up at number three on the list, I wanted to talk about an AR that not a lot of people are really talking about, although it's really good.

The AR, of course, is the 762 assault rifle. So, the 762 is basically the chunky version of the AK-47. There's also the Tascon 545. But it's not nearly as good as the 726, and just like most guns on this list, one was built right. This thing has virtually no recoil whatsoever, and its damage range is actually comparable to the RPK's.

Damage Ring I think the biggest reason why many people might not be using the Casio 762 is because it only has a 40-round magazine option, which of course in squad-based game modes might not really be ideal but would be perfect in all the other modes. Of course, with all the long-range weapons on this list, this weapon is very good when paired with an authentic, but I wanted to showcase another underdog SMG that's still not something a lot of people are mentioning , and that underdog SMG is the Lachman.

Lachmann sub

Lachmann sub

Now the setup that I use has an incredibly fast ADS speed but is maybe a little bit harder to control at distance, so of course you can't build it differently than the one that I prefer, but the one that I use has very, very fast ADS and mobility, and in a game like War Zones, where the time to kill is so quick and instantaneous.

I feel like your reaction speed paired with your ads speed and movement definitely means the most because using this build for the Lachman sub you can actually ads and get your first shot off on an opponent that may be using the Fennig or other SMGs. Of course, I'll be sewing the builds and tuning both of these weapons like I have been.

I'm going to do the attack V paired with the P890 and pistols now, so I figured I would at least put the pistols in the article. Once, even though they did get nerfed a while ago, they are still incredibly good, and attack V has a time to kill that's almost better than the RPK; actually, it's just a lot harder to control when it comes to epistles.

best loadout in warzone 2

I feel like there's not really much of a reason to grab them anymore because you can get your close range or long range gun alone from the buy station, and then you can do a strong hold or just wait for the free one out to get your primary and perks, but nonetheless, even though that is a thing, the pistols are still a very viable secondary; they just don't have much range obviously with them being a Kimbo, and like I mentioned prior, the attack via is probably one of the most broken wand range guns in the game I think if they buff the recoiler.

I think it made it a little bit easier to control. I think that would be the new meta after the RPK inevitably gets nerfed, but if you're pretty good at controlling recoil and you can hit your shots pretty well at long distances with guns that have a lot of recoil, attack V is definitely your go-to.

best loadouts in warzone 2

I guess the only real problem with running these two weapons together would be that you wouldn't really have many guns that work for medium range. One out is going to be the RPG okay paired with the Fennec; now, this meta has basically been meta since the day War Zone 2 came out, and we're not really expecting to see a different meta all the way until February 15th with the launch of season 2.

But as many of you guys know, the RPK is both one of the easiest guns to control and use, has the best damage range ever, is pretty decently priced, has fast reload speed for an LMG, and also has one of the fastest TTKs. For you to kill that person unless you're also using a panic yourself. I will say there are some long-range weapons that it will be able to do a little bit better than the rpk-like attack we had mentioned earlier, but the recoil pattern on attack via is so hard to control that the rpk is most likely going to outgun you by the time you land all the shots needed to get it down.

These 5 Loadouts are the BEST you can use in Warzone 2. Hope you all enjoy the Video.
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