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Let's not waste time; let's get straight into it. Let's get straight to it. Hey here are the top five best classes to use in COD right now. Starting off with number five, for all my snipers out there, we have the cat AMR. This is the only one-shot sniper at any range, so if you're a sniper, listen up to this class.

I like to pair the cat AMR with the bass B. It's the perfect sniper support gun. It has great damage to help compete with other SMGs when close up, and it also beams to help with those medium-range fights. You just have to trust me if you're going to snipe; you're going to want to run this class.

It is the perfect combo. They just complement each other so well for any scenario. The class works on the big map; it works on the resurgence maps, the asika vond. Del ekan, it doesn't matter what map; it is a perfect combo all right for the muzzle. Go ahead and equip the Sonic suppressor XL for the laser.

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Go ahead and equip the FSS, OV laser, tactical stock pad, and EPO. I still don't know how to say this epiro quickbolt and the Cal Spire Point are all right, so the perfect sniper support to run with this gun I already made a article on it, and y'all are actually showing a lot of love to it right now, so thanks that sniper support is the bass B, but the SMG version for the most Go ahead and run the 4490.

But it's up to you. I would try both because they're both really good, and then just use whatever you want with the kamimura. Run whatever vertical grip, and lastly, the 45-round mag I'm telling you if you guys are going to snipe, you guys are going to want to use this cat class, and you're going to want to use this bass B class.

Both of these classes combine. Perfect combo; just trust, go ahead, and use it all right for the next class setup. You can honestly pair up any close range gun with any long range gun, so I'm going to just go over all the long range first and then go over the best close range guns, bass B. This gun is the best to use for medium range out of all the guns.

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I wouldn't really rely on it for long range, so if you're going to use it on zikan, don't Chow from Super Long; it has a lot of bounce compared to the other guns on this list, but for Von Del Nika, it's one of the best guns to use, hands down for the muzzle. I run the lock shot KT 85, ruin the Venom long barrel, ruin the heavy support grip 45-round mag, and for me personally, I like the Coro Eagle Eye, but you could use a mop.

The slate, whatever you want, really for whatever occasion, but for me personally, the Eagle Eye is the best sight. Hands down, I already gave you all the SMG version, so here's the long-range version. All right in third place is the broken DMR. It's only the third because they nerfed it a bit. Don't get me wrong; the gun is still really good.

cod 3 best loadout

I mean, it went from a four-shot I mean, it went from a three-shot to a four-shot. If you and your squad all run this gun and all shoot at the same guy at once, you'll kill him in the blink of an eye. This gun is better to use in duos, TRS, and quads on any map, but for solos and in a 1v1 scenario, they're just better guns to use.

Honestly, all is right. suppressor Spitfire suppressor L MTZ long shot Pro Barrel I like the coro's Eagle Eye; y'all can use whatever you want, whatever it might be, MCW or Blackjack for the stock. The 20-round mag is in second place, and we got the Tack Eradicator. This gun is so good. I don't know why many people don't use it.

This gun actually has no recoil. The gun does do this weird thing though where it has like a really fast fire rate and then it slows down after a second, but even when the fire rate slows down, the gun is still great all right for the muzzle. I run the VT7, the Spitfire suppressor, and the conquer.

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70-long barrel Brewing a heavy support grip High-grain rounds, and for the last attachment, the TAC vert core stock in first place. We got the ply moth plymoth; whatever it's called this lmg, this gun is godly. No recoil, fast mobility for an LMG, quick ads. It's perfect for every scenario, big or small, close or long range, any mode, dual solo quad like the Mag It has a big mag-pause you can use for any mode you want.

The damage is amazing. This gun is easily the best gun in the game right now and the most versatile. You could use this gun for anything. I run the VT7 Spitfire suppressor, the Jack Annihilator long barrel Hound 9g grip, and the Coro Eagleye 2.5x. You could use Amop on whatever site you want, but this is the site I use.

Yeah, in order for you to get the lawn barrel, you got to equip this aftermarket part all right now for the SMGs. Third place goes to the striker. It's one of the best SMGs in the game. It's really fun to use, and it has great movement and damage. It's probably the best SMG for mid-range fights up close.


When it kind of falls off, you'll notice you'll get killed a lot by, like, other faster-killing SMGs. Overall, though not a bad gun, I run the Sonic suppressor Striker Recon long barrel auto. High-grain rounds, 60-round mag, and this assault stalk I don't know how to say that first, either. RB assault stock—that's the one I use all right.

Y'all probably saw this pistol going around Tik Tok; it apparently has the fastest ttk up close, faster than the W. W wsp swarm i don't know how to feel about this gun. It's amazing in solos, but the mag just isn't big enough. Pause for anything more than solos, like trios, duos, whatever it's; it's a love-hate relationship every game.

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting absolutely drunk, and the gun is terrible. Other times, the gun turns into the best gun in the game. All right, for the suppressor, I use a C930, and I do run the. Whatever this conversion kit is, the aftermarket part is what makes it into an SMG 40-round mag. I run the dynamic Precision stock, and for the site, I use a Nidar Modal 2023.

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You could use whatever site you want again, just preference; you could use a slate; you could use a. I don't know; just because I use this one, the best SMG in the game right now is the WSP. Warm, this gun is amazing for any map, any mode, and close mid-range. In my opinion, this gun is the most reliable and easiest to use.

Here are the Best META Guns in WARZONE RIGHT NOW! I listed the top 5 best classes to use in Modern warfare 3. I got all the class setups you need to for any scenario, sniper, BasB, Swarm, Striker, all the best gun class setups.
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